Autumn Blues is an integral part of modern life. Today's pace of life sometimes can be called so active that the body some people just do not have time to adapt to changing conditions. Here and there various "failures" manifested in a depressed mood, decline in overall health and well-being. This article considers the causes of depression, gives effective advice on how to deal with it. If desired, each person can overcome the haunting sadness that does not lead to anything good.

The essence of the concept

The Blues is a condition characterized by reduced emotional background, depression and unwillingness to do anything about a particular situation. Often people suffering from depression, you feel weakness and tiredness even after a brief mental disturbance. This condition does not occur in one day. It tends to accumulate and spiral out of control. This happens usually just when people are most sensitive to adverse conditions.

Spleen - what is it?

Sometimes it is enough to watch a sad movie to the first symptoms of the coming sadness. Mood often deteriorates at the most inopportune moment. People who suffer from these symptoms, I have the habit to exaggerate all the trouble that happen with them, and almost not notice happy events.

The Blues is a state of emotional disorder. It is, of course, has its reason. Among the main factors should be noted the lack of positive emotions, the constant oppression. Mind you, sad, often those people who do not have enough happy events and good memories. The vulnerability to depression arises from that person who not only appreciate their own individuality, not committed to self-development and has no prospects for further growth in career or in personal relationships.

The reason for the appearance of the spleen always indicates the region where the person want to change their attitude. For example, if you suffer from a sense of inferiority, so, we need to make peace with yourself. Find your individual path to where you want to go. No need to adapt the opinions of others and try to meet their expectations. Each person is unique and individual therefore has the right to be different.

A form of expression

The symptoms of emotional fatigue is very specific and revealing. They cannot be confused with anything else. Melancholy makes itself felt through frequent irritability (and without cause), the change of mood that occurs several times a day, the emergence of a sense of anxiety about their health or appearance. Sometimes people get so immersed in my own experiences that it is willing to make an issue out of nothing, greatly exaggerated its significance.

No matter how experienced depression, it is important to recognize at the outset not to give her time to develop into a syndrome chronic fatigue and dissatisfaction. Most often, the state of inner discontent appears in the autumn. This is due to the fact that the summer heat is gradually disappearing, solar energy is no longer warm. That's why at this time aggravated existing chronic disease, physical ailments arise.

How to deal with it?

The Blues is a very unpleasant phenomenon. We often think that the problems are insurmountable and extremely complex. To solve the contradictions, you need to want to change. First of all, we must try to look deeply into themselves. As soon as you feel that you have mastered the state of prolonged anxiety, try not to take in it. To reduce the growing anxiety will help switching. If you focus on one object, then just do some useful work. Best suited physical exercises. Great help and practice of meditation, yoga, but not all people seek spiritual development.

What exactly should not do is to aggravate their situation by constant reflection about their alleged inferiority. Thus, you can not help yourself, but instead make things worse. The best way is to analyze your own condition and the temporary distraction. Very well, if at this period the person will be a new activity that will please and give positive energy.

The origins and consequences of spleen Onegin

Probably everyone remembers the enigmatic character of Alexander Pushkin. Eugene was bored at social events, it weighed upcoming meetings on the balls. He found all the high society predictable and gloomy. The reason for this attitude he did not find, believing that the faults of others contribute to this. In fact, the causes of spleen Onegin was hidden in him.

This hero was so lost I didn't know which way he should go, something to strive for. Its nothing really, not interested, not exciting, he lived just for himself alone. The consequences of such a worldview very sad to have missed their soul mate (the love of a woman, which was ready for him at all), had become withdrawn and lonely at the end of the work. He too has glorified their freedom and independence, and therefore his life was no place for anything else.

Instead of a conclusion

The Blues is a special state of consciousness. When in sadness, the person is not able to see their own prospects and plans. A penchant for melancholy the spleen does not completely enjoy life.