Autumn blues - is an integral part of the life of modern man. Today's rhythm of life can sometimes be called so active that the body of some people just do not have time to adapt to changing conditions. Here and there are various "failures", manifested in a depressed mood, reduced overall health and well-being. This article examines the causes of the blues, gives effective advice on how to deal with it. If desired, each person can win in his obsessive sadness, which does not lead to anything good.

Essence of the concept

Distemper is a condition characterized by a reduced emotional background, despondency, and a reluctance to do anything about a particular situation. Often, people suffering with blues, feel powerlessness and fatigue, even after a short emotional excitement. This condition does not occur in one day. It has the peculiarity of accumulating and going out of control. This usually happens when a person is most susceptible to negative conditions.

Distemper - what is it?

Sometimes it is enough to watch a sad film so that the first symptoms of the coming sadness appear. The mood is increasingly spoiled at the most inopportune moment. People exposed to these symptoms have the habit of exaggerating all the troubles that occur to them, and almost do not notice the joyful events.

Causes of

Distemper is a state of emotional mental disorder. It certainly has its cause. Among the main factors should be noted the lack of positive emotions, constant oppression. Notice, sad, most often those people who do not have enough joyful events and good impressions. Exposure to depression arises in a person who values ​​little of his or her own individuality, does not seek self-development, and has no prospects for further growth in a career or in the sphere of personal relationships.

The reason for the appearance of the blues always indicates the area where the personality is required to change their attitude. Say, if you are tormented by a feeling of inferiority, it means you need to make peace with yourself. Find your own individual way you want to go. No need to adapt to the opinions of others and try to meet their expectations. Each person is unique and individual, therefore has the right to differ from others.

Form of expression

The symptoms of emotional fatigue are very specific and indicative. They can not be confused with anything else. Distemper makes itself felt through frequent irritability (and without reason), a change of mood that occurs several times a day, a feeling of anxiety about your own health or appearance. Sometimes people are so immersed in their own experiences that they are ready to make a problem out of a trifle, greatly exaggerating its significance.

No matter how manifest the blues, it is important to recognize it at the very beginning, so as not to give it time to develop into a syndrome of chronic fatigue and dissatisfaction with itself. Most often, a state of internal discontent appears in the autumn period. This is due to the fact that the summer heat gradually goes away, solar energy no longer warms. That is why it is precisely at this time that the existing chronic diseases become aggravated, physical ailments occur.

How to deal with it?

Distemper is a very unpleasant phenomenon. It often seems to us that problems are insurmountable and extremely complex. To solve the existing contradictions, you need to want to change. First of all, we must try to look into the depths of themselves. As soon as you feel that you are overwhelmed by a state of prolonged anxiety, try not to dive into it. Switching attention will help reduce the growing alarm. If you are focused on one object, then just do some useful work. Exercise is best suited. Excellent and meditative practice, yoga, only not all people strive for spiritual development.

What is definitely not worth doing is worsening your position with constant reflections on your imaginary inferiority. Thus, you will not help yourself in any way, but on the contrary, you will make it worse. The best way is to analyze your own condition and temporary distraction. It is very good if during this period a person has a new occupation, which will please and give a charge of positive energy.

The origins and consequences of the spleen of Onegin

Probably everyone remembers the mysterious character of Alexander Pushkin. Eugene missed out on social events, his upcoming meetings at the balls. He found all the Upper Light predictable and gloomy. He did not find the reason for this attitude, considering that the shortcomings of other people contribute to this. In fact, the causes of Onegin’s blues were hidden in him.

This hero is so lost that he did not know in which direction he should move, what to strive for. Nothing really interested him, nothing fascinated, he lived for a long time just for his own sake. The consequences of such a worldview are very sad: he missed his soul mate (the love of a woman who was ready for everything for him), was left rejected and alone at the end of the work. He too greatly glorified his own freedom and independence, therefore in his life there was no place for anything else.

Instead of conclusion

Distemper is a special state of consciousness. Being in sadness, the person is not able to see their own perspectives and make plans. Tendency to a melancholic hand-restraint does not allow to fully enjoy life.