The East has always been famous for its worldly wisdom, longevity of the inhabitants, the secrets of health and, of course, the unique cultural elements reflected in the philosophy and approach to interior decoration: Oriental spices, aromatic oils, exotic fruits, the secrets of massage and relaxation. Association arising from the utterance of the word – soft warm tones, exquisite mosaics, the domes of the mosques and palaces of sheikhs. Elements of this culture spread around the world. All countries use its components as something luxurious that delivers the benefit, pleasure and relaxation. One of these elements is the Turkish bath Hamam.

Features Turkish baths

Eastern people know to hurry anywhere does not make sense. They are always aware of the importance of philosophical reasoning, talking, thinking. Hamam – what it is for the Eastern peoples? This is the place where you can spend time with benefits for physical health, but at the same time to bring order to psychological balance. What can you say about Hamam? It is an institution in which there is no space for counting the seconds. All the components correctly set up the Hamam, relaxation, suspension from the outside world and its difficulties. How does it work? Comfortable temperature, not burning but warming up the whole body, aromatic oils, herbal teas, massage with olive oil, ambient aesthetic beauty. All this together gives an amazing experience and the location to the entire culture of the East.

Interior of hamam

Traditional Hamam – what it is, what makes it different from a regular bath? The Turkish Hamam is a circular room. At its center is the dome. When finishing a quest for luxury, perfection and aesthetics. The whole complex is presented as a work of art. Is marble. The floors and beds shall be heated to not feel the cold of the stone after the pair. The optimum temperature of the bath is much lower than in a regular sauna that allows you to stay in it for hours. In this case, all the body is very well heated. Time in the Hammam is a long relaxed conversation, a distraction from pressing issues and just getting pleasure from a pleasant and useful procedure.

The beneficial properties of a Turkish bath

Healing qualities for the body of the bath has long been known to the world. They are mostly in cleansing the body of toxins, which are excreted with sweat. A fruitful influence on the joints and the whole locomotor apparatus in General. Decreases pain syndrome in diseases of bones and joints, clears the skin, is acne. An undeniable advantage for women is the opportunity to lose weight. The difference in temperature (from hot sauna to cold swimming pool) enhances immunity and resistance before colds. These are General properties common to all types of baths and saunas. A Hamam? What does this mean for our health? In addition to the above positive effects on the human body, it has a number of other properties. Turkish bath Hamam is famous for its aromatic oil. They have a relaxing effect on the nervous system. Massages promote blood circulation and metabolism in tissues. Comfortable temperature does not cause the body stress. This Hamam in Turkey differs from the Russian bath.

Contraindications to bathing

The bath has positive effects on the body, but there are also contraindications. You should not go to the bath for people suffering from various kinds of skin diseases (eczema, ulcerative lesions of the external integuments of the skin). Open wounds and injuries – a significant reason for rejection of such events. Lesions of the respiratory tract metastases and serious diseases, inflammation of the joints, intestines and stomach ulcer. As for mochevyvodjashie system of the body, you should not go to the bath people with urolithiasis. Any inflammatory processes in the body are contraindications to the sauna.

Hamam in Russia

Not every inhabitant of our country can afford to build the Hamam in your private house or dacha. The construction and design of such facilities is expensive. Special steam generators, heaters, flooring and beds, laying of pipes – all this is a complex technical process that requires the infusion of large sums of money. However, fans of Hammam service is provided public or private baths. Hamam in Moscow, for example, is not uncommon. Entrepreneurs equip facilities in the best style of Oriental culture and offer their services to those who would like to touch her traditions. Hamam in Moscow offers more than a hundred baths and saunas. So, of course, there is a choice where to repair your body after a hard and tense working days.

Traditional hammam

It would not have sought other countries to implement on its territory the atmosphere of the Hamam, that feeling, as the historic homeland of this bath, you will not get. Tourist rest in Turkey will allow you to experience a real Hamam, not detached from the environment. It remains to be seen how much Hamam. Price varies from 900 to 4000 rubles per hour stay in the bath. In Turkey you will pay for this procedure is about $ 40, that is, prices on average the same. In any case, it is worth to enjoy a traditional Hammam, surrounded by his native environment, when you go on leave. Time you'll lose.