Among the fans of "quiet hunting" are not very popular mushroom valui. How to prepare them, know a few, but everyone is aware that they have a pronounced bitterness, which spoils the prepared dish with terrible force. However, those who know how to overcome the taste characteristics of puffing, collect it willingly and assure that, competently prepared, it does not concede to other, beloved and revered, brethren.


The fungus grows quite large, has a smooth, slightly mucous cap, in youth, like a fist. With age, it straightens and takes the form of a concave disc, which often grows to a 15-centimeter diameter. In addition to the bitter pulp, puffer can "boast" a specific, not too pleasant smell, similar to the flavor of rancid butter. In addition, often the mushrooms turn out to be wormy, and in adults the leg becomes brittle and crumbles even with a slight touch. It would seem, and attention should not be paid to the mushrooms of the valui: how to cook, it is unclear, to run into the worm is simple, smell, bitter ... However, they also have pleasant features: the hat is dense, and remains so even after treatment. The only condition: to collect only young specimens so-called fists.

Valuy-mushroom: how to salt hot method

Salting is the most popular and correct way of processing "bull". In this form, it can quite compete with mushrooms and gingerbread, and some like even more of these. First you need to thoroughly rinse the mushrooms of the valui. How to cook them - cleaned or not - are disputes, but most cooks are inclined to the fact that the skin from the hats should be removed. Moreover, she slazits without any difficulties. Mushrooms are cooked; After boiling should pass at least a quarter of an hour, during this time will go to the notorious bitterness. When the valouis cool down, they fold into an opaque vessel (for example, in an enameled pan) and a coarse salt is sprinkled with rough salt - one and a half cups per 10-liter container. From above, a load is placed on the rammed level with the margins of the valui; under his weight, bitter juice will flow through the top. From time to time, for ingress of oxygen, pierce the fungi to the bottom. When the juice stops flowing, oppression is removed, spices are placed on top (for example, black currant foliage, horseradish and dill), the pan is covered with a cloth and left for 40 days. After the valouis are packed with herbs along sterile cans and hide in the basement.

Cold salting

There is another way to conserve the valui mushroom. How to salt hot way, we have already figured out, consider now the cold. The extraction is washed and poured with cool water for at least two days. At least three times a day it changes - so the bitterness is washed away. Then the water is filtered completely, the valouis are poured with salt (about 50 grams per kilogram of fungi), and left for 2 months. Further - the layout of sterile banks and hiding in the basement.

Marinated mushrooms

This method of treatment also gives excellent results. Before pickling mushrooms, they are soaked like in cold salting, after cooking for about a third of an hour and rinsing. The marinade is cooked: a liter of water takes one and a half tablespoons of a large salt, the same amount of sugar - and boils. In the brine for twenty minutes, the valouis are boiled; before turning off poured the essence of vinegar (the same one and a half spoons per liter of marinade). Pepper-peas and fragrant, laurel, mustard in seeds and cloves are spread on the banks, afterwards - mushrooms with pickle. We roll it up, turn it around and wrap it up to natural cooling.

Mushroom Caviar

Unfortunately, when the mushrooms of the Valuai are on their hands, the recipes are not pleased with the special variety. Pickling, marinating are the main ways to prepare them deliciously. An alternative can be caviar, which from the paddocks turns out simply delicious. It can be made not only from fresh, but also from previously salted or pickled mushrooms. Fresh soaked in the above described way, after cooling from them, a stuffing is made, which is sent to a skillet to onion roast. Together they will stew for about fifteen minutes; You can cook caviar at your discretion.

Do not ignore the mushrooms of the valwee! How to cook from them a variety of goodies, we told. It remains only to try and make sure that this mushroom junk is not at all.