Even an experienced mushroom picker "deer horns" can plunge into perplexity. At first glance, you can not even say that the object of "quiet hunting" is before you. Rather, the building is like a coral, which, by some kind of quirk, grew up in the middle of the forest. Because of the exotic appearance, few people realize that the mushrooms "deer horns" are edible. Meanwhile, they not only will not cause harm to the body, but they will also give pleasure to the eater - true, if young specimens are collected. The old ones start to get bitter, although this is fixable (if, of course, you know how it is done).

What is "horns"

This is the second name, under which the mushroom "deer horns" is known. It is also often called coral, and it is understandable why. He can grow to weight in kilograms, so that he is able to feed a whole family alone. Worms for some reason avoid "horns," so that from this side of disappointment should not be expected. The smell of them is quite attractive, except for very age-old "individuals". Poisonous imitators of the fungus in nature do not exist, which is also nice. To mix up with anything unsuitable for food is impossible - for this you need to thank the non-standard appearance that "deer horns" have. Mushrooms how to cook, too, is easy to understand: all recipes concerning the bulk of forest counterparts are suitable for "slingshot".

On the first: a mushroom soup

So, suppose you brought mushrooms from the forest "deer horns". Preparation of lunch will begin with their preparation. Collected "corals" (a third of a kilo) are washed several times, certainly under running water, because of the tortuous structure of dirt and debris from them leave reluctantly. After they are half an hour cooked in a not too large saucepan. The broth pours out, because, despite all the efforts, still contains a certain amount of dirt. The mushrooms are washed again, filled with clean water, and the cooking is repeated, but only a third of an hour. We repeat all manipulations, and, finally, the mushroom "deer horns" is ready for further processing in the first approximation. In the cold water, the small pieces of two potatoes fall, followed by mugs of a half of a large carrot. A leaf of a laurushka - and on fire. When vegetables are half welded, they are peppered with mushrooms and a small piece of butter is put. In about ten minutes, chopped onion and a pair of garlic cloves are added. After boiling, the soup is served with salt, pepper, greens, and the fire is extinguished immediately. The soup, based on the mushroom "deer horns", is good both hot and cold. And if you add a spoonful of sour cream to the plate - you can swallow the tongue in general!

On the second: potatoes with mushrooms

Favorite tubers will go both in fried form, and in the form of mashed potatoes. For both side dishes the mushroom "deer horns", washed as diligently as possible, is cooked for no longer than five minutes in slightly gurgling water. If it boils hard, it just beats the key, "corals" will become sluggish and will creep away. The rejected "slingshots" are cut randomly and fried with onions in butter. Then you can go in different ways:

  1. Almost until ready to fry potatoes in another pan, attach to it also almost ready mushroom "deer horns" and put out a little under the lid.
  2. Traditional mashed potatoes are made with milk, butter and air. It is laid out on plates, and on top is laid out a mushroom roast, brought to the final readiness.

And the one and the other - awesome delicious!

For snacks: salted mushrooms

Few will refuse salinity in the winter cold months. And mushrooms in this quality remain unsurpassed! Salinize without difficulty and can mushroom "deer horns." It is advisable before salting it not to wash, so as not to drink excess moisture. Usually to remove the litter fairly stripping brush. After a fairly large cut corn flakes are densely packed into a fairly spacious container with a spillage of layers of salt (grams of forty for each kilogram of "corals"). Next, the bucket is covered with a clean gauze or a thin cloth, and on top is a weighty yoke. Spices will be superfluous - they will kill a pleasant natural mushroom flavor. Store the salted salad directly, in the refrigerator or, for the lucky ones, in the available subfield.

Let's smoke: mushroom sauce for all occasions

Sauces, sauces and ketchup can turn into a masterpiece even the most miserable dish. If you like offal, boiled meat, and eggs prefer to be supplemented with pleasant substances, you should like a sauce, the basis for which will serve as a mushroom "deer horns". Grams 200 horns are cooked according to the rules already described. In three spoons of melted butter, the same amount of flour is fried until golden. Further, with intensive stirring, milk is poured (one and a half cups). After obtaining a fairly thick but homogeneous mass, half a glass of milk is added, in which two yolks and a glass of broth are loosened (I would like a mushroom, but you can take meat) plus spices with salt. After boiling, the sauce is removed from the fire, supplemented with half a cup of milk and chopped mushrooms. A quarter of an hour of extinguishment, a spoon of butter - and a sauce will conquer you forever.