Aries (man), Gemini (woman) is energetic, affectionate and freedom-loving personality. The novel of this pair can be endless. They know how to build relationships where there will always be feelings, friendship and respect.

Gemini woman and Aries man compatibility in love

This pair of romantic, they have almost always in a good mood. Male Aries will easily win over the heart of a woman. He can love faithfully throughout life. About him people say that he is monogamous.

Gemini (woman) will easily win over a man. She knows how to find approach, where you have to cheat and beloved will be with her as much as she needs. However, Gemini (women) always keep a distance with the partner.

Horoscope compatibility: Aries man Gemini

How Gemini and Aries love will be long and selflessly. Dissolve in your partner and do everything possible to make the second half was happy. For the sake of a loved one, the pair will go to any Scam, if need be.

Aries likes women energetic, cheerful, with soft character. So his companion could be Twins. She always finds a way out of any situation, no matter how difficult she may be. Aries (male) Twins (female) – the ideal couple in love. I love the newness, the thrill and are not seeking a new relationship.

Gemini woman and Aries man compatibility sex

This couple never gets tired and likes an active way. Male Aries sex leader. However, thanks to the ingenuity of a pair of Twins better recognize the habits of the partner. So they have sex standing diversity, close contact.

How Gemini and Aries eventually become straight and forget about shyness. About sex love both signs. With his help the pair liberating. The twins come up with a variety performances, where many beautiful erotica. Aries would be amazed but he was the kind of sex you like.

If Gemini and Aries for a long time in intimacy over time they lose their activity and inventiveness. Domestic and financial problems are destroying the idyll of the partners. Then the man and the woman need to try to the maximum to the second half is not resorted to treachery.

Fine compatible pair of Aries (male) Twins (female). Sex for them means a lot. However, the pair is not fixated on it completely. They understand that there are other passions in life.

Compatibility in friendship

Male Aries female Gemini know how to make friends and trust. They are good together and calm. Both signs are fun, energetic, purposeful. They are similar in nature. Understand each single word and glance. Can trust any secrets to his friend.

Aries (male) Twins (female) get along well. Know how to appreciate and value friendship. Gemini woman sees in a man Aries is impulsive and passionate man who will always come to the rescue.

After friendship Gemini and Aries are hard to love. If that happens, you both regret. After all, the friendship begins to fade and there is a strong passion that absorbs them completely.

Male Aries happy that he has such a devoted friend who will not leave in trouble. The Gemini woman does not seek to alter it and impose its position. If something advises from the heart. This bright, fun and cheerful personality will cheer up the RAM. It is the behavior of a friend is having a man.

Gemini - woman and Aries - man: compatibility in marriage

This is the perfect horoscope. Male Aries female Gemini is sociable, smart and funny. They are well along to routine family time. Both signs have many friends, they are invited everywhere, where the couple will be happy.

In any company the couple transformed into a leader. They can take the initiative not just with words. Any occasion will be able to get in the best colours. However, without the help of the Twins is not enough. Because they like to invent something new, unusual, to surprise others.

Male Aries female Gemini devotees, so if they met a friend, will do my best to not to lose it.

Aries gives his beloved warmth, and she pays him the same. Couple happy in marriage, because both signs have won the right partner with whom they feel good, comfortable and fun. Bored together, they just do not have.

The dignity of marriage

Once the couple married, they opened a new breath. They were again like teenagers in love, young and carefree. Not enough parents with the belt. Aries and Gemini are happy that we crossed the threshold of marriage. Now they not only husband and wife, but also good friends and passionate lovers. Them just was not enough.

Female Gemini loves father's house, but often the girl did not understand. So when she finally got married, believes that their freedom. Her husband and well, cozy and quiet. Trying to favorite as it can. In time it will feed and bed.

Male Aries satisfied with this wife. She's fun, she easily waves melancholy. Always prompt and ready to help practical advice. It is about a wife wants Aries. For him love is very important but also appreciates the friendship. Therefore beloved looking for a good and faithful friend and not just a wife. Male Aries knows what choice he will be fun both at home and away. She's smart, resourceful, communicative. Friends will appreciate spouse on merit.

The shortcomings of the Union

It's the perfect zodiac sign compatibility. Male Aries female Gemini get along well with his second half. However, there are difficulties.

The couple has disagreements. Both signs are in a hurry to make hasty conclusions, which leads to serious quarrels. They are often disagreements over child rearing. Aries tries to be more strict parent, Gemini soft and flexible. Sometimes children don't know what they want from adults. Mom and dad Express demands and requests in different ways.

Conclusions each sign makes the marriage unbearable. If the Twins start to advise, Aries, without waiting until the end, say the opposite.

What kind of misunderstanding in the couple can lead to serious consequences. This attitude to your beloved person leads to divorce and separation. The marriage can be saved, but you need to try both signs.

How to make a marriage perfect? Tips

They get along well and fit each other. So says the horoscope compatibility. Male Aries female Gemini is not vindictive. Therefore, any disagreement between them will quickly forget. Both signs are quick to forgive your loved one of any errors. So if they argued, should be tolerated.

Gemini try not to pay attention to what happened, and the Rams quickly move away from scandal. It is important for him 5 minutes alone to "cool off". As for Aries and Gemini must learn to listen to your partner till the end without interrupting.

Woman Gemini temper during disagreements can say a lot of thoughtless words that you later regret. She needs to learn to control yourself. After all, she's always loved to push my buttons.

If both learn to listen to the elect, not to interrupt, to compromise, then they'd make the perfect couple. Together they live a happy family life.