Aries (male), Gemini (female) are energetic, emotional and freedom-loving personalities. The romance of this pair can be endless. They know how to build relationships where feelings, friendship and respect will always be present.

Gemini - woman and Aries - man: compatibility in love

This couple is romantic, they almost always have a good mood. Aries man will easily win the heart of a woman. He can love faithfully throughout his life. About him, many say that he is Monogamous.

Twins (female) will easily win a man. She knows how to find an approach where she needs to cheat and her lover will be with her as much as she needs. However, Gemini (women) always keep a distance with a partner.

Compatibility horoscope: Aries - male, Gemini

Both Gemini and Aries will love long and selflessly. They dissolve in their partner and do everything possible to make the second half happy. For the sake of a loved one, the couple will go to any scam if need be.

Aries like women who are energetic, cheerful, with a soft character. Therefore, Gemini can be his companion. She always finds a way out of any situation, no matter how difficult it is. Aries (man), Gemini (woman) - the perfect couple in love. They love novelty, thrills and do not aspire to a new relationship.

Gemini - woman and Aries - man: compatibility in sex

Such a couple does not know fatigue and loves an active image. Aries male sex leader. However, thanks to the ingenuity of the Twins, the couple better learns the habits of the partner. Therefore, they have constant diversity in sex, close contact.

Both Gemini and Aries eventually become rectilinear and forget about shyness. Such sex like both signs. With it, the pair relaxes. The twins come up with a variety of performances, where a lot of beautiful erotica. Aries will be amazed, but he will like such sex.

If Gemini and Aries are in intimate intimateness for a long time, over time they lose their activity and ingenuity. Household and financial problems destroy the idyll of partners. Then the man and woman must try to the maximum, so that the second half did not resort to adultery.

Perfectly compatible pair of Aries (male), Gemini (female). Sex means a lot to them. However, the couple is not completely fixated on this. They understand that there are other hobbies in life.

Friend Compatibility

Aries man, female Gemini know how to be friends and trust. They feel good together and calm. Both signs are cheerful, energetic, purposeful. They are similar in character. Understand your friend with one word and look. They can entrust any secret to their friend.

Aries (male), Gemini (female) get along well. They know how to appreciate and cherish friendship. The Gemini woman sees in a man Aries an impulsive and passionate man who will always come to the rescue.

After the friendship, Gemini and Aries are hard to indulge in love. If this happens, both feel sorry. After all, friendship begins to fade away and a strong passion appears, which absorbs them completely.

Aries man is happy that he has such a devoted friend who will not leave in trouble. The Gemini woman does not seek to remake it and impose its opinion. If something advises, then from a pure heart. This bright, cheerful and cheerful person will cheer up Aries. That is the behavior of a friend suits a man.

Gemini - woman and Aries - man: compatibility in marriage

This is the perfect horoscope. Aries man, female Gemini sociable, intelligent and funny. They are well together to spend time free from the family routine. Both signs always have a lot of friends, they are invited wherever the couple happily comes.

In any company, the pair turns into a leader. They can take the initiative not only in words. Any holiday will be able to draw in the best colors. However, without the help of Gemini can not do. After all, they love to invent something new, unusual, to surprise others.

Aries man, female Gemini devotees, therefore, if they met a friend, they will do everything possible not to lose him.

Aries gives all her warmly beloved, and she pays him the same. A couple is happily married, because both signs have won the very partner with whom they feel good, comfortable and fun. To miss together they just do not have to.

Virtues of marriage

As soon as the couple got married, they open a new breath. They are again like teenagers in love, young and careless. Not enough parents with a belt. Aries and Gemini are happy to have crossed the threshold of marriage. Now they are not only husband and wife, but also good friends and passionate lovers. They lacked all this.

The Gemini woman loves her father's house, but often they did not understand the girl. Therefore, when she finally got married, she believed that she had gained freedom. She and her husband are well, comfortable and calm. Tries for his beloved as he can. In time to feed him and sleep lay.

Aries man happy with such a wife. She is fun, she easily waves longing. Always tell and help with practical advice. It is about such a wife that Aries dreams. For him, love is very important, but also appreciates friendship. Therefore, in the beloved she is looking for a good and faithful friend, and not just a wife. Aries man knows that with the chosen one he will have fun both at home and away. She is intelligent, inventive, sociable. Friends will appreciate the spouse.

Cons of union

This is the perfect compatibility signs of the zodiac. Aries man, female Gemini get along well with their second half. However, sometimes there are difficulties.

This couple has differences. Both signs rush to make rash conclusions, which leads to serious quarrels. Often they have differences due to the upbringing of children. Aries tries to be more strict parent, Gemini is soft and docile. Sometimes children do not know what exactly adults want from them. Mom and dad express their demands and requests in different ways.

The hasty conclusions of each sign make the marriage unbearable. If the Twins begin to advise something, Aries, before they hear it out to the end, say the opposite.

Such a misunderstanding in the pair leads to serious consequences. Such an attitude towards your loved one leads to divorce and separation. Marriage can be saved, but for this you need to try both signs.

How to make marriage perfect? Tips

They get along well and fit together. So says horoscope compatibility. Aries man, female Twins are not vindictive. Therefore, any disagreement between them will quickly be forgotten. Both signs quickly forgive your loved one any errors. Therefore, if they quarreled, you must immediately put up.

The twins try not to pay attention to what happened, and Aries quickly move away from the scandal. It is important for him to be alone for 5 minutes in order to “cool down”. Both Aries and Gemini need to learn to listen to their partner to the end, without interrupting.

A Gemini woman is hot-tempered and during a disagreement she can tell a lot of rash words, which she later regrets. She needs to learn to control herself. After all, she always wants to hurt her beloved.

If both learn to listen to their chosen one, do not interrupt, make a compromise, then they will make a perfect pair. Together they will live a happy family life.