He is the Twin she-Twin is a very extravagant pair. Perhaps one of the most interesting unions that only can be found. Well, it is necessary to consider the difficulties will have to face these people, if they want to become a happy couple.

Horoscope compatibility: he is a Twin, she

Before you begin to consider the compatibility of couples, “he is a Twin and she-Twin”, is to talk about the nature of the people belonging to this zodiac sign. So, this is a very knowledgeable and energetic person with a broad Outlook and a love of travel and disputes. Plus, they are distinguished not very good quality, even two – inconstancy and levity. By the way, it is worth noting one interesting fact. Many mistakenly believe that people belonging to this zodiac sign, double-faced. But in fact it is not. Gemini, on the contrary, honest and straightforward. They will never conceal what you want to say. For this they are loved by many.

It should be noted that the Twins are very attentive to their surroundings. They will never admit into his heart the first comer. But since these individuals differ remarkable curiosity and interest in new people, they would be happy to explore another friends and comrades. However, to become another Twin, have to try.

General characteristics

So, what will tell about the compatibility of these two zodiac personalities horoscope? It is, he's a Gemini is a Union of two well understand each other. Plus, they have common interests and views on life. However, some problems because of this similarity they might have. The fact that he is a Twin and she-Twin is the people who loves freedom and independence in the relationship. Especially strongly it manifests itself in their initial stage. But if the relationship needs both, then eventually they will get used to this. And, frankly, after a certain time period they will understand that they do not need this independence because the two of them so well.

Another thing to note about their compatibility. She-Gemini, it-the Twins – is Union, which is not so much love as friendship. These are the people that are not characteristic of emotional attachment. But a strong friendship just for them.

Finding soul mate

In fact a couple of them will be good. A man belonging to this zodiac sign, will find its companion, just the perfect woman. She will not be jealous of his work, interests and friends, no need to be home at nine. The girl, incidentally, will be as easy as her chosen one. It is interesting to the man as a person, friend, comrade, partner. He won't pressure her to try to fix it. Even created a cosiness and comfort in the house it is not too inspiring, although, admittedly, the girl Twin is doing great at it.

When creating a family, they will not get hung up on each other. They continued to visit different companies, go to parties, on hikes, go to resorts. In General, they were not familiar with the word “routine”. And it's wonderful.

The emotional highlight of the Twins

Well, like everywhere else, and in this case, has its disadvantages. Emotion – this is a weak spot of these two. If they both are on edge, it is better to stay away from them. This is the most that neither is a real storm of passion, feelings, emotions and complaints. As the showdown with swords drawn, tantrums, insults and scandals – the usual case for some couples, consisting of two Twins. As mentioned above, they are those people that love to argue. Because they will end up to prove his innocence. So, one such argument may be delayed for several hours.

What destroys relationships

The hardest part of any alliances is to preserve the freshness of feelings and emotionally cool down. A disaster that will smash to smithereens the relations of the two Twins is routine, boredom and a complete lack of new positive experiences. It would seem nonsense, but often it leads to complete disorder. For example, if female Twins gave birth to a child and forced to forget about the rest – it just knocks out of the rut. She will be herself not like. While the male Twin, suffering from such a disposition and not finding a entertainment, instead of supporting your mate, go in search of something to help him relax. The result is often disastrous: an empty novels, useless hobby, dubious acquaintances. Changing not only a pastime, but also character. All this is certainly not a positive impact on the relations of the two Twins.

The beginning of a relationship

The emergence of a new couple is always exciting. How to make “the Union of he-Twin, it's Twin” was not doomed to failure and success? First, it should be noted that the main role in the good relationship in the pair given to the woman. She is much more optimism, and a sense of humor is better developed – all of which help to withstand the difficulties that will be faced. Also she had the strength to find a common hobby. It is, by the way, will be those that will support their work. There will be additional topics of conversation.

Yet it is worth noting that starting this relationship, usually girls. Slowly but surely they win your man. Image, appearance, demeanor. To look at the guy's Twin, the girl must constantly something to surprise him. It is also important to know what it is, something to talk about. She should always keep in mind a couple of interesting stories that would amuse him. New and exciting that are guaranteed to appeal to such a man. If he sees that the girl is yet unknown generator of ideas and a repository of interesting stories, any of that away.

He is the Twin she-lion

Perhaps one of the most interesting couples that can be. And all because their compatibility is very complicated. The fact that all Lionesses consider your man's personal property. But, as mentioned earlier, Gemini love freedom and independence in the relationship. These radically different views – the first problem of this pair. This girl will be very difficult to bind to a Twin. But it is possible. Really have to try. The Union “he is the Twin she-lion” will have a right to exist, if the girl will show your uniqueness and originality. But what it shows? And that she can do anything to fix the faucet, to wash the floors, lay down in the grass and is always to be Queen. Cultural manners, elegant appearance, beautiful speech is all about her. But in order to attract the attention of the Twin, it should become a universal companion, comrade, ready to go anywhere at any time, and a loyal friend.

Harmony in relationships

And now we should talk about this pair as “he-Twins – she-Aquarius”. The key word to describe this Union of harmony. They belong to the same element – Air. So the understanding is the second key word of their relationship. Marriage people like “he is the Twin she-Aquarius” will be very original and interesting. They have people constantly has some unusual ideas, plans and idea. Sometimes it even seems that these two seemed to be designed one for the other. And love, by the way, between flashes with the first views. And these two have just a great sexual compatibility. Plus, they have similar views on life. And this greatly simplifies their relationship.

Even their Union is good that the Gemini and Aquarius will get bored. They even rest together. Just a man and a woman in the pair perfectly complement each other. The male Twin is vital to learn something new, and the girl-Aquarius is able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Almost perfect pair

Another Union, which can not deprive the attention is a pair of “he-Libra – she's a Gemini”. Their work may even be ideal if they both will try to do this.

What is so unusual in a couple of “he-Libra – she-Gemini”? The man will always be to please his mistress, to carry her in his arms and do everything to make her happy. The fact is that if Libra love, they do so with full force. Girl Twins, starting relationship with Libra, will want to own this man completely. And he must say, would not especially mind. Since the Scales are exactly the same owners. Of course, they will never allow you to infringe on their freedom and the right to be left alone. However, the girl-Twin it does not need because she understands what the right to personal space. Although sometimes it may slip through jealousy, but to make amends for the conflict with the ability of Scales to find a compromise will be fast. In General, if a guy wants to be the boss in your family – will have to try. This will be achieved, but with time. As they say, slowly but surely. For this to work, you must make it clear to his beloved that she is all he needs.

Complex Union – a strong friendship

Perhaps one of the most unfortunate unions can be considered as a pair, as “he-a – virgin- she-Twins”. Nervous boy and cheerful girl – the mind boggles how they could ever be together. This surprised not only the people watching their relationship, but even scientists who not a year watching similar pairs. Too different in their personalities, views on life, morals.

To be together, they will have to change – and as one, and another. But, despite the fact that in most cases the Union in terms of marriage is doomed to fail, in friendship and business, it will be a success. These people are able to keep each other in tone, as if poglavlja heat in their partnership.

Love at first sight

Well, finally I would like to say a few words about this Union as “he is the Twin she-Fish”. Pretty promising might be a couple. This girl immediately conquers guy-Twin with its mystery. He instantly notices it some flavor, which wants to solve. Some dreamy charming young lady just can not attract the attention of the Twins who loves new and unknown. He will not rest until I unravel the secrecy and mystery of this girl. But most importantly, she's not overdone with its mystery – otherwise, it will bring the young man into a frenzy. And nothing good such relationships will not end. It is worth remembering that the Gemini people who appreciate the truth. And mystery of secrecy, they can simply perceive as a lie and the unwillingness to trust. And who needs such a relationship?