Ramensky children's hospital – establishment of the old model, where recently new methods were introduced to the doctor. What ways of talking about this will be discussed below. Also learn the address of the organization, and what the doctors there take.

General information

Children's clinic Ramenskoye located at the address: Moscow region, St. Macha, 19.

Time of work: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00, Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00, Sunday the day off.

Is Ramensky children's clinic in the building of the city hospital, where both adults and children. It is a multiprofile treatment centre which includes outpatient services, maternity, hospital, and ancillary and diagnostic services.

There is also a branch of the children's hospital: Ramenskoye, Sovetskaya St., 17. Work schedule is similar to the facility that is located at the address: str Macha, 19.

Children's clinic in Ramensky has a staff of doctors:

– Surgeon. Examines and treats problems such as phimosis, hydrocele, balanoposthitis, orchitis, inguinal hernia, eliminates various tumors etc.

The otolaryngologist. Cures diseases such as rhinitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, nasal polyps. Eliminates cerumen. Removes foreign objects from ears, nose, throat.

– Optometrist. Corrects the eyesight, helps to pick up a prescription for glasses. Treats strabismus, myopia, amblyopia, eye infection. Gets rid of styes, nevi, cysts.

– Pediatric endocrinology. Treats different issues related to the improper functioning of the thyroid gland in children: a frequent feeling of weakness, poor condition of nails and hair, feeling of depression, lack of appetite, a sharp jump in weight in any direction, increased sweating, tremors in the extremities, palpitations, rapid unexplained fatigue, hair loss or excess growth, impaired concentration of attention.

– Cardiologist. Parents turn to this pediatric specialist in case of detection, their children have problems such as a heart murmur, arrhythmia, high or low blood pressure, heart disease, inflammation of the heart muscle, myocardial dystrophy, cardiodilatin.

– Dentist. Treats various diseases of the teeth: pulpitis, dental caries, periodontitis, abscess, cyst. Eliminates anomalies of the dentition, correct bite.

– Neurologist. Diagnoses and treats diseases of the nervous system. To contact this specialist is necessary, if parents noticed that their child sleeps badly, his shaking limbs, he twitches, not enough, gets tired quickly, often irritated.

– The traumatologist–the orthopedist. Treats problems with the spine and posture, flat feet, bone tumors, fractures, bruises, sprains, dislocations, defects of joints, bones, cartilage.

– The allergist–immunologist. Treats allergic dermatitis, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, bronchial asthma, pollinosis, urticaria, angioedema.

– Infectious disease. Treats various infectious diseases, including whooping cough, scarlet fever, polio, dysentery, etc. Advises the adult population about the importance of vaccination for children.

– Nephrologist. Treats diseases of the kidneys: pyelonephritis, amyloidosis, nephropathy, urolithiasis, etc.

Treatment rooms

Children's clinic, Ramenskoe district accepts young residents of their region for special massage, physiotherapy activities and also for physical therapy. The facility has all the necessary equipment in order to quickly help the child to cope with his illness.

Physiotherapy, for example, is often used for quick rehabilitation after neurological, trauma and cardiac ailments.

Physical therapy helps with pain, the elimination of many respiratory problems, enuresis, etc. In the children's clinic used ultrasound, magnetic, UHF-therapy, ultraviolet radiation, electrical stimulation.

Professional massage is performed for full development, a better digestive system, musculoskeletal. Most often this procedure is written to correct such defects in children as clubfoot, flat feet and torticollis.

What are some ways to get to the doctor?

Entry to the children's clinic in Moscow is carried out by 3 methods:

1. Via the Internet.

2. Through the information kiosk.

3. By personal call to the reception Desk.

Entry via the Internet

Ramensky children's hospital – the institution in which put into action the self-service on reception to doctors via the Internet. To do this, go to the website portal of the State of health, to choose from a list of Ramenskiy district, and subsequently to do everything according to instructions that will be displayed on the monitor.

The entry through the information kiosk

In order to make their data this way, you need to select the monitor item "appointments to the doctor." Then follow the instructions that appears on the screen. The user receives a coupon, which will be marked with the date and time of doctor visit.

If for some reason the parents with the child cannot come to the specified in the pass time, they need to report it to the registry. This is to ensure that the doctor has not left the window, and he was able to accept you instead of another patient.

You should also know that Tuesday and Thursday in the clinic – the days of a healthy child. To record on these days only kids up to 1 year.

Entry by personal call to the reception Desk

This method is also relevant, and it is used in that case, if the individual fails to get on the two described above ways. If you cannot register via the Internet or through a kiosk, it means that the database of the institution there is no information on the specific child. Then parents need to go to the reception area. Subject adult must have health insurance, and birth certificate of the child.

Medina (Ramenskoye): children's clinic. Description

If you want your child was examined and received treatment at a modern medical facility, or perhaps you, too, kid has to visit the clinic on the questions, then it can be done in the new private organization "Medina". This clinic every day, 7 days a week, from 8 am to 8 PM. Ask for help here are both adults and children, because there is a doctor for all categories of the population. Also, this clinic has modern laboratory, diagnostic center, where you can go to such research:

– MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

Also the clinic has its own pharmacy, which sells drugs for a fairly low price.

Reviews of people

According to parents, this is a good institution, which provide quality care for girls and boys. The doctors in this organization – good people. However, they have constantly a large flow of people because there is not enough in this clinic the required number of doctors. You have to redeploy people from one area to another.

About the job registry, people tend to write that the service there is terrible. First, there is unrealistic to call someone "hanging" on the wire. And secondly, the staff is always rude, answers questions reluctantly, to doctors to enroll at all unrealistic, because the coupons never have. So as not to contact with the receptionists and get your pass, people better get a doctor's appointment via the Internet. Then the patient is guaranteed to be delivered at the appointed time and date to the correct specialist.

Ramensky children's hospital – an institution that is a public hospital Ramensky district. In this organization are doctors of various profiles: from pediatrician to ophthalmologist. Get professional help in the clinic can book there in advance through the Internet, information kiosk or regular method – through a personal appeal. It is better to use the first two ways, because you do not have to wait in a big queue, and to communicate with the not always friendly staff of the registry.