One of the main archetypal symbols, along with the tree, round and the sea is, of course, the mountain. Its deep symbolism rooted in prehistoric times, appears in various myths mentioned in the Bible and in modern psychology. In the latter case, the mountain is especially interesting as a dreamlike image. In this article we will consider as understood and as interpreted at different times, this symbol, which refer to the various dream books.
Mountain dream interpretation

Base value

It is important to say that there are basic values that somehow manifested in the majority of collections on the interpretation of dreams. First, if the dream mountain, dream interpretation is almost always interpret the story about the position on it of the dreamer. If it is at the foot of the hill is understood as an obstacle. But if he sees himself to have conquered the summit, respectively, the dream foretells victory in any case, achieve, or suddenly opened new horizons. If man descends from the mountains, it usually portends trouble and loss.

The American dream

Simple mountain in a dream, according to this dream book, it means the future, the ability to achieve something. In addition, it indicates that the inspiration and encouragement. Spiritual development and inner growth – it is also what promises the dream. To climb the mountain, according to him, confirmation of correctness of the choice made in any circumstances, is the right direction. But the descent, on the contrary, it suggests that something you are doing wrong and your goal moves away from you.

English dream interpretation

English dream book, oddly enough, fundamentally contradicts the American. Hard work, unceasing challenges and the enormous difficulties associated with grief, – so interprets the mountain this dream. To climb the mountain, according to him, is to embark on the road leading to disappointments and failures and possibly failures in undertakings.

Oriental dream book

With regard to this tradition, transition mountain peaks it is interpreted as the overcoming of problematic circumstances. On the other hand, heavy lifting up can be regarded as a harbinger of future suffering. If you dream that you are up and down from the top, it also explains the dreams. To get down the mountain in a dream means to come to the end of a difficult stage in life, by the end of the black strip and problematic period.

Children's dream book

In relation to children's dreams the mountains are interpreted as a sign. Its meaning is to remind the child about the need to think about other people and care only about yourself. In addition, if you dream a great mountain, dream book interprets this as a need to summarize the old life and begin a new period, pre-making plans and setting goals.

Ancient Persian dream book Tatlisi

This interpreter of dreams considers interesting nuance. Namely, he considers this circumstance as a personal possession of the mountain. So if you had a dream in which you were the recipient of such a natural site, this dream predicts you support in the Affairs of powerful people. If suddenly the plot of the dream you decide to level your property with land, this means that within yourself you have decided, or at least going to break the bond with your patron. Well, or at least to a certain claim. As the availability of patronage from the high person of this dream interpretation also interprets the beautiful mountains in the dream that you dare to live or are already living, even if they do not belong to you. This is a very good omen, promising a rapid ascent up the career ladder. But the fall from the mountain symbolic of the loss of your privileged position – so it understands Persian dream. To climb a mountain is a story that can mean as failures, and, on the contrary, the success. It all depends on whether it was climbing hard and exhausting or easy and joyful. Not paid attention to this collection of interpretations and such a variant as just staying on top of a cliff. If you had to stand on the mountain in a dream are a good sign. The exception is the plot, the mountain which is painted black. In this case, the dream plays the role of warnings indicating danger to life. If and the mountain itself, and you are bathed in bright lights and literally bathed in the rays of light, it portends good luck and luck in business. The loss of freedom, imprisonment or even death could mean a dream in which you see yourself standing in a valley surrounded by high peaks.

Idiomatic dream book

In this collection, is also important mountain. Dream interpretation this, among other things, neglects and portable meaning of the word, when a large pile of something internally associated with the mountain. In this sense, the dream is interpreted as the imminent end of the problem. In the literal value of the mountain acts as a forerunner of a speedy promotion through the ranks or simply success. If you dream of not just rock formations and an active volcano, it speaks about your anxiety, stress and unwanted emotions.

Imperial dream book

Highest mountain, according to this dream interpretation, is a measure of the ambivalence of the human person. On the one hand, it indicates the force of gravity, inertia and the frailty, or to the ambition, the desire to break up and rise to the heavens. If you thought you saw is not the whole mountain as a whole, and only the top of the mountain peak, it means that you have reached the highest possible point of development, possibilities and applications of the force in any significant personal or business situation. If in the dream appeared a person in grief, it is like withdrawal, internal, and external isolation, a period of introspection and reassessment.

Snow mountains, you are not going to overcome, is a representation of your own fears, complexes and psychological blocks. This means that your condition destabilized, you break contradictions. If you dream that you begin your ascent on a hilly terrain, and then turn around and go down, this suggests that internally you gave up and retreated under the reaction force of circumstances or people. Accordingly, such a dream means and all the consequences of such a step: the breakup of a relationship, loss of contact, and so on. High mountain, just contemplate you with rapture and awe, is a sign that you have set yourself an interesting and promising task and begin the path to achieve them.

Difficult passage of the steep ascent – a situation that weighs heavily on you and in which you do not wish to be. This dream shows the desire of sleep to overcome it and find solutions on the other, new side of how to look at things from the top of the review, holistically – so understands this dream. To go uphill in it is interpreted as a process of development and overcome the devastating effects. If you night see myself looking for a hill with the intention to climb it, it can be interpreted in two ways: firstly, as a desire to overestimate its own value, and second, as attempts to neutralize external circumstances or someone else's intended effect, it turns out not in your favor. To climb the mountain and enjoy its conquest symbolizes a huge success. So that explains the dream. Mountains to see and thus to perceive them as a source of danger or even to take among them death is an alarming sign, advising you to change your life and possibly see a doctor.

Icelandic dream book

Climb up the slope that characterizes colcount as a symbol, heralding the hard work. On the other hand, the descent of the same slope – a very good sign, talking about the release from under any burden.

Italian dream

On the pages of Italian dream interpretation pays little attention to this way as the mountains. The interpretation of dreams it is more dependent on the actions of the dreamer or a dream. For example, the other person on the mountain is a symbol of the inaccessibility of this person at this time. It can have a literal meaning, as, for example, the inability of meetings, and portable – for example, unsuccessful attempts to establish a dialogue and internal communication, to get on the same wavelength. If someone goes down (no matter how) from the mountain, the dream has exactly the inverse: success in establishing contact and reach people. If the dreamer sees descending from the hill itself, it is a bad warning sign about the loss of something- good luck, good health, status, and so on. The top of a mountain that sleeping in whatever was required to overcome, says persistent attempts to realize themselves and, probably, about some complex associated with this circumstance. The rise of the hill, the Italian dream, is a symbol of complacency, as well as some internal development and progress.

Moon dream

Here everything is simple. Uphill is about luck. Accordingly, the descent from it means bad luck.

Small dream book of Veles

In contrast, this compilation is somewhat more suitable to the interpretation of such a symbol, like a mountain. Dream interpretation this says that the hilly terrain tells about the difficulties, troubles, troubles and worries. If on the mountain in the dream there were no figures, you should pay attention to the nature of its surface. So, Lysa Hora says about anxiety, and the surface is covered by forest and shrubs, predicts the betrayal. Drop down from the top is a sign of imminent misfortune. The same applies to simple trigger. But the rise could be understood as a good character, and as an adverse. So it can mean either goal achievement, healing and so on, or vanity, meaningless, and hard work.

Muslim dream interpretation

According to traditional Islamic beliefs, the dream, the semantic centre of which was the mountain, symbolizes the power and influence of a man with composure and exhibiting the traits of callousness. Predvidenie soon as the career is considered high, maybe even snowy mountains, on top of which goes the dreamer.

The newest dream book

This dream book says that mountains are a symbol of the enormous effort and difficulties that would need to be overcome in order to achieve the desired result.

Psychoanalytic dream book

By themselves, the mountains, from the point of view of psychoanalysis, are an allegorical representation of hostile circumstances and adverse conditions, which play the role of a social call. Can also be interpreted as part of the body. Mountain peak in this cut is the goal, a symbol of ambition and desire for success. The peak symbolizes the first part of life, which boil down to, to overcome difficulties and to achieve the maximum in its development. Peak in this case is a symbol of individuation. Downhill – second part of life's journey.

Russian folk dream interpretation

This dream book interprets the mountain in the dream, as lofty goal, a cherished dream or as the obstacle to its implementation.

The Russian dream book

If you are climbing on a steep slope, the Russian dream book invites you to understand how the upcoming difficulties and possibly failure. Accordingly, the downhill will mean success, easy goal, good health and good profit.


By itself, the mountain, if you believe tolkovykh is a spoke in the wheels of your business. As an empty labor that do not bring results, discusses the rise in sleep on a slope. It can also mean unwanted or unexpected journey.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to the interpretation offered by this collection, seen in a dream the hill is a sign of the hard work that you have. But the snowy mountains he interpretered as obstacles that may negate all your efforts and jeopardize your initiative. If you dream you climb a mountain and fear, this story promises you a good career change in the near future. If you see yourself falling down the cliff, you foreshadowed luck in all Affairs. Well, if you just run on a mountain trail down, this should be understood as freedom from threats and dangers. A symptom of chance is considered if you see yourself living on the highest peak. A simple walk in such places speaks about the high probability of fast profits. The peak is considered the dream as a signal to the body to pay attention to their health. If you had a bald mountain, devoid of any vegetation, be aware that you may trying to cheat. This is especially true for females – they recommended a more cautious attitude to others, especially if we are talking about the suitors.

Dream of the future

Beyond the usual interpretations (the upcoming hard work), this interpreterpath dream mountains in the dream as the image of difficult and complicated situations.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

The high hill in your dreams is, alas, the problem is probably insurmountable in nature, and therefore the risk to nullify all your efforts. However, if the top of it covered with snow, it says that all obstacles can be overcome, and you just need to gather my forces and conquer this height. If you dream that you climb a mountain, in reality, can expect rewards for its work and a quick realization of its goal. If you already saw myself standing at the top, it is a sign that promises you a quick changing lifestyles. In a good or in a bad way, but expect radical changes. If you suddenly saw myself wounded, and bleeding is a warning to be careful in your dealings. It is possible that you are moving in the deadlock direction. A tempting offer can turn into a dream in which you find in the mountains of gem, or any treasure. But if you are travelling in dreams on the mountain tops, found a river or a waterfall, it suggests that in reality you need to see yourself or exciting things from the other side.