In the center of the capital works a unique jewelry center called "Golden Gross". In the translation, this phrase means "Golden Big." This title accurately reflects the main concept of this institution - the largest selection of jewelry from expensive metals and precious stones. The shop "Golden Gross" occupies three floors and has a total area of ​​6000 square meters. Yes, the size is surprising and inspiring. In such an enclave there are about a hundred jewelry pavilions from various suppliers and firms, both Russian and foreign. Many consumers are familiar with the salons located here: "Gold Harmony", "Golden Dynasty", "Engraving Workshop", "Aquamarine", "Golden Lights", Avanti, "Zircon", "Czech Pomegranate", "Our Silver", etc.Golden Gross - the largest jewelry center in Moscow: address, opening hours, reviews

Paradise for connoisseurs of jewelry

Convenient and in a big way

In addition to sales in the center are engaged in the manufacture of jewelry to order, repair watch and jewelry, engraving, valuing the goods. In the center there is a service of the duty administration, where experienced workers will always give the necessary guidance. For the convenience of customers, many ATMs operate on the territory of the center.

The convenience of the "Golden Gross" store is considered by many to be its location. The building of the center is an 8-minute walk from the Kurskaya metro station, near the Garden Ring. What can you see by walking in the center:

  • laser engraving workshop;
  • gift collections from rhodium silver of 925 tests;
  • studio for 3-D modeling of ornaments;
  • salon with bronze products.

"Golden Gross" (Moscow) - is the union of many popular salons, here no one visitor will remain without a worthy choice.

The magical power of the rings

An original and stylish decoration, which speaks of the buyer's image, is an elite ring. The assortment of rings in "Goden Gross" is simply huge. Here you can buy classic models, as well as copies of your own sketch. Since ancient times this decoration has been attributed to magical power, in some tales heroes rub their rings, and they fulfill their most cherished desires. For today it is the most widespread kind of ornaments. And in the center on Kursk there are models for every taste and purse:

  • of white gold, inlaid with diamonds;
  • palladium models with rubies;
  • of high-grade gold with amethysts;
  • products with topaz, chrysolite, opals;
  • wedding rings;
  • engagement models;
  • rings with zircons;
  • massive men's rings;
  • large models with agates, garnets.

Elegance of bracelets

Nothing can decorate a woman's or man's hand like a jewelry bracelet. Elite bracelets are an excellent addition to the evening toilet, together with a dress they create a single and unique ensemble. In "Golden Gross" there is a huge selection of these accessories for every taste and size. The most common are gold and silver models. There are also platinum and palladium models. The forms of these products are also different: chains, weaving, decorated with stones, straps. The store is widely represented both women's and men's bracelets.

Jewelry of your dreams

The collection "Golden Gross" is widely represented by a variety of pendants, brooches, cuff links, crosses, incense. Pendant is a universal decoration worn by women and men. Often they become talismans. This kind of amulets charges its owner with positive energy, gives luck and success. The original talisman pendant will be a good gift for a birthday or for another solemn occasion.

In the center of "Golden Gross" gold and silver brooches with chrysolites, amethysts, diamonds, zircons, emeralds, and crystals are widely represented. There are models in the form of a small wreath, a gentle twig, a heart, roses.

For men in the center you can get smart cufflinks for shirts. The sale of luxury options with diamonds, emeralds, amethysts.

Each one can emphasize his involvement in faith and piety with the help of a jewelry cross. There are four-pointed, six- and eight-pointed models on sale. The most common are crosses with four rays. Very popular are silver crosses. Sometimes they are decorated with enamel and stones. For young girls fit crosses with cubic zirkonia and blue topaz. A very common model is a cross, strewn with small cubic zirkonia or garnets. Castings of silver and gold are particularly strong.

A reliable protection for a person is a jewelry icon or an incense. Also in the assortment of the store "Golden Gross" there are cameos with icons, iconostases, arched images, icons for cars, weddings. Every believer wants to receive an icon as a gift. She is an amulet for the child, an intercessor in the way, a keeper of the family hearth. Icons with gilding and blackening are on sale. They are decorated with precious stones, original patterns and reliefs.

Elite Earrings

Rich and successful women choose elite earrings. The most common metal for making these ornaments is yellow and white gold. In the caskets of modern women there are expensive models with diamonds, small carnations with crystals, rings, hanging earrings. In "Golden Gross" there are earrings with diamonds, topazes, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, garnets, pearls. In general, the range for every taste and wallet! The most exclusive models are represented by the following jewelry houses: Bulgari, Gartier, Tiffany, Harry Winston. At the counter of the jewelry center in Kursk there are no fakes, only original models with international certificates are here.

"Golden Gross": business hours and address

To get to the famous jewelry salon is very easy, first you need to come to Kurskaya or Chkalovskaya metro station. The center is located at: ul. Upper Syromyatnicheskaya, 2. "Golden Gross" operates daily from 10:00 to 21:00 Moscow time. In the center, various actions are regularly held, when you can buy products with a significant discount. In December, there are New Year discounts, and in February - before March 8.

"Golden Gross": reviews

Many buyers leave grateful comments about the work of "Golden Gross". The biggest praise is that this center eliminates the need to run around a huge number of small shops. Here you can find all the collections. Any visitor can make a purchase in the showroom, because there are models with different prices here. Some people like that you can engrave a small inscription in the workshop. Any experienced buyer and polite salesperson respond to any customer question.

All pavilions in the cabin are very compact, everything can be tried on, there are no queues. Many buyers noted a wide choice of models, there are products from the most beautiful pink gold. Buying jewelry in the "Golden Gross", you can save time, money and nervous system!