Modern society is so open to receiving very different information that most people today read a horoscope, not even believing in it. And in vain, because it is, you can say, the wisdom of centuries and the long observations of our ancestors. And it is worth noting that you can not completely deny the truthfulness of horoscopes. After all, if all this was not true, people would simply not read them. So, the year of the Monkey: a characteristic of people born in this period.

Year of the Monkey - characteristic

It is necessary to start from the sources. It is worth noting that the Monkey itself refers to the animals of the Yin group. This is the ninth sign of the zodiacal circle. The best time and activity period for people born this year is from 15 to 17 hours. The maximum comfort they reach in the summer, the peak is in August. If you compare two horoscopes, then the Monkey corresponds to the Lion. Other useful information about the sign:

  • The fixed element is metal.
  • The color of luck is purple.
  • Plants that maximally favorably affect the monkeys - sandalwood and elderberry.
  • Ideal for living and recreation of the country - Egypt, Portugal, USA, Cambodia, Vietnam.

A Brief Characteristic of Monkeys

We consider further the year of the Monkey. Characteristics of people born at this time, is this: they skillfully coexist two kinds of energy - Yin and Yang, that is, the female and masculine. In such people, the mind is skillfully combined with savvy, as well as cunning and - sometimes - dishonesty.

The Chinese, however, believe that the Monkey can live a couple of centuries. And all because, according to legend, the lady of the West treated her with peaches of immortality. Also they are sure: over the years this animal - a representative of the zodiacal circle - is only improving. The most pleasant for communication is the old Monkey, which is full of wisdom and tranquility. After all, gradually it turns into a big baboon, who loves people and is ready at any moment to come to the rescue.

Also worth noting that the monkey can not be called evil. Rather, she is a dodger who can fool and puzzle everyone. It skillfully coexists the whole gamut of feelings with which another person sometimes simply can not cope. This is easily compared with the leap of monkeys on lianas: it is also easy for the representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope to cope with their emotional storms.

Monkey: the opinion of the peoples of the world

We consider further the year of the Monkey. The characteristics of people born this year are slightly different. And everything here depends on the country, the features of thinking and culture of a certain community. So, the Chinese consider monkeys to be children of marriage between Heaven and Earth. That is, this is the best thing that could happen in the case of such an unusual love. In a country like India, the Monkey is called Hanuman. She is a servant of God. That is, it has a certain power, which it spends only for good deeds. Asians, however, compare this animal with the western wind. That is, such people suddenly appear and just disappear quickly. And they can leave behind themselves as pleasant sensations, and complete ruin in hearts and souls.

On the life of the monkeys: childhood

People of the year Monkeys are generally lucky. However, their life path is not always equal. As a child, kids are almost always happy. They are cheerful, carefree, in good spirits. And this is not surprising. After all at this time, representatives of this sign can do whatever they want without looking at the prohibitions and restrictions. Further, in the adolescent period, the first problems begin. And most often this is due to the thirst for something new, changes. Getting the desired teens is not so easy. At the same time, the first heart experiences and even dramas can occur. And this very much hurts the representatives of this sign.

Adult years

The main problems begin already in adulthood, after about 30 years. Monkeys want to behave like a child, but this can not afford. There is an internal conflict, the completion of which can be very different.

Success and comfort return to such people at an older age. Closer to the offensive of this period comes the desired calmness, wisdom. But by this time not all monkeys have a family. Often they meet old age in solitude, because in youth, not all are able to withstand their difficult nature. Statistics say that most often such people die from an accident.

Positive aspects of the character of the Monkeys

Now I want to consider the various qualities of the Monkey: both positive and negative. It is better to start with a good one. Initially, it should be noted that these are people with a very unusual set of qualities. They are unique in their way. Such individuals are distinguished by a lively mind, a cheerful character and a positive outlook on life.

  • Monkeys are capable of making wise decisions. This is happening to them by themselves. Such a gift in them is inherent in nature itself.
  • These are very sociable people. They produce the most positive impression on any person. They always have many friends and comrades who are able at any time to come to the rescue.
  • Monkeys are intellectuals. They are very intelligent and developed personalities who can support any conversation. After all, they know a lot and are guided practically in all matters.
  • Representatives of this sign perfectly control their emotions. They will never show people what is going on in their hearts.
  • Originality and ingenuity - this is the so-called "chip" representatives of this sign. Such people will never go standard. They know how to beautifully get out of the situation.
  • Monkeys are very generous. They are able to share all their wealth. However, later they will ask for this, asking for something special in return.
  • And the last thing I want to say about: Monkeys have a great sense of humor. Therefore, there are always a lot of people around them.

Negative side of character

So, the year of the Monkey. Characteristic of the negative aspects of the nature of such people is also important, which is something to be told. Initially, it should be noted that these are the players. Of course, this quality can be attributed to the category of positive. It seems like such people are not afraid to take risks, thanks to which they often win. However, not all so simple. To get something, the Monkey needs to lose a lot. And often it ends with the fact that representatives of this sign are at the very bottom of life. However, from there they are most often selected. But at this moment they basically lose all their loved ones and even their own people.

  • Monkeys are selfish. And although they are able to give, but still will never miss it.
  • Narcissism is a character trait of representatives of this sign. Monkeys are confident in their irresistibility and they want the people around to understand this too.
  • Representatives of this sign do not trust people. And their friends are often thought of much worse than it might even seem at first glance.
  • From the previous paragraph, the following follows smoothly: Monkeys lie. They are cunning and resourceful. Often say what they want to hear from them, and not what they really think.
  • Arrogance is another negative feature of such people. Representatives of this sign easily adapt to receive from the surrounding benefits.

About men

What kind of man is he, born in the year of the Monkey? Initially, it should be noted that such guys do not like inaccuracy. They are also bored with boredom. Their lives must be filled with events. Therefore, it is not easy for such husbands to endure: they can boo with comrades regardless of someone's desire.

Guys-Monkey is not very jealous. But they are annoyed when their mate interacts with members of the opposite sex. And although they do not roll on this occasion scandals, but revenge – that's for sure. Most likely will do the same in relation to his beloved.

It is very difficult for men to forget love grievances. They have a long time worrying about parting. And if this happens too early (that is, at an early age), then at all, then they may not marry.

To earn such men are able. However, their work will almost always involve risk. Boring routine work is not for them. It's worth remembering a lady who is going to marry a Monkey. After all, if today it can be expected wealth, then tomorrow it risks to be on a certain time at the broken trough.

Fathers of such men are not very good. And although the monkey-dad will give all his savings to his kids, but he will most likely deprive them of attention.

About women

What is the difference between a woman who was born in the year of the monkey? Initially, it is worth noting that such ladies are very often disappointed in men. Also, they should remember that you can not be so open. It is this weakness of the Monkey girls that people often use for their own mercenary purposes.

Concerning marriage. Here, too, everything is not so simple. Representatives of this sign are very freedom-loving. They want to lead in the family, although in extreme cases they can give this place to their partner. Often they try to drive their husbands "under the heel". And if they succeed, they remain as pleased as possible.

It is impossible not to say that the representatives of this sign love everything beautiful. The year of the birth of the Monkeys is the most prolific in this case. That is, it should be noted that the wardrobe of such a woman will be full of beautiful and expensive things. After all, otherwise the Monkey simply will not be able to shine. It should also be noted that due to this quality, the family budget of the couple, where the wife is a representative of this sign, often suffers.

These are good, but not too economic and thrifty wives. Mothers of these women are good. But the trouble is: they give too little attention to their children, preferring to compensate for this with the material side.

What kind of child is this? In the year of the Monkey, good kind children are born, who at an early age practically do not bring problems to their parents. They are calm, reasonable and cheerful. However, they need a share of freedom. If her parents give it - excellent. Otherwise, such babies can become uncontrollable and even somewhat irritable.

These children have a lot of friends and comrades, they are never neglected. Not greedy, they are able to share their things. But, if necessary, can also stand up for not only themselves, but also for the honor of a friend. It's in the Monkeys in the blood.


What other question should I cover when I look at the monkeys born in the year? Compatibility with other signs of the zodiac.

  1. Rat. This is the most favorable union. The rat will do everything to make these relations, by the way, very friendly, always been afloat.
  2. Bull. Here, a positive outcome is possible only if there is complete mutual understanding in the pair. The bull can seem monkey to the boring, however it will attract the decency and hard work of such a person.
  3. Tiger. This is a complex relationship, weighed down by conflicts and constant disassembly in a pair.
  4. Rabbit. They are good friends, but disgusting partners in life. It is better for such people not to enter into business relations.
  5. The Dragon. This is a good alliance. However, everything that happens in the pair will depend precisely on the Monkey.
  6. Snake. To all was well, the Monkey will have to give up frivolity, and Snake - from pride.
  7. Horse. The union is completely unfavorable. Especially if 1980 is the year of birth of one member of the pair. Such people can not stay close to each other for a long time. Friendship will also not be long.
  8. Goat. Such a marriage will, rather, be created "by calculation." Goat will try to take advantage of all the blessings of the Monkey. And if she lets her, there are relationships.
  9. A monkey. Such people easily get along with each other. Union will be successful.
  10. Cock. Explosive alliance. Get on with such personalities will be extremely difficult. And if they succeed, their life expects a struggle.
  11. Dog. The union is doubtful. It is only possible if both members of the pair will yield to each other.
  12. Pig. Such people are very different. A monkey can accept such a partner, but will try to fool him and get the maximum benefit for himself.

Compatibility horoscopes

Finally, I would also like to consider the compatibility of the Chinese and more familiar horoscope - the zodiac.

  1. Aries. It's not just a monkey - it's a gorilla. Everything in such a person is increased at times: both positive and negative aspects of the character.
  2. Taurus. Such a Monkey is a very sweet and harmless creature. However, there is a negative side: such people are often defenseless.
  3. Twins. This is a very cunning monkey, who wants to get the maximum benefit from everything and everyone. And often she succeeds.
  4. Cancer. It is also a kind and calm Monkey. However, without a good friend it will be difficult for her to follow the path of life.
  5. What is it, lion? It should be noted that this is a very emotional and passionate people. They tend to grab the luck by the tail, not afraid of anything. Also, the lion is a very intelligent person, who tries to show it to others.
  6. Virgo. This is a good worker. But such people are suitable for work low-skilled, simple, and not intellectual.
  7. Libra. Very risky people who are able to "walk on the blade of a knife." But still often win.
  8. Scorpio. Such monkeys always get their way. However, most often cunning and stubbornness.
  9. Sagittarius. Such people can wait their years for their happiness. And often thanks to this, they are either at the very top or at the very bottom of life.
  10. Capricorn. It's very difficult to unravel such a person, because he is very secretive and does not look like the rest, discovered by the soul of Monkeys.
  11. Aquarius. These are people who do not like to reveal their cards until a certain moment. The so-called gray cardinals.
  12. And what is related to the sign Pisces Monkey woman? It will be very tricky. Also, it will be inherent ingenuity. The main thing for such people – a coincidence. In this case, all of them will be great.

We are all different. Lions, Libra, Capricorns, Pisces. A monkey - a woman or a man, is not important - has both positive and negative sides of character. As well as people born in the year of any other animal. But all this is just relative data. After all, do not forget that all people are individual and have their own characteristics.