On a warm summer day, I want to go to the nearest park and spend time with my friends there, resting from worries. An excellent solution will be a novelty in the world of modern technology - gyroscope, reviews about which leave people of different sex and age. The so-called mini-cigey is most often used as an unusual and convenient means of transportation.Gyroskooter: reviews, model, characteristics, rating

What it is

Not all modern people know how much a gyroscope is worth and what it is in general. This name received a new type of street transport, which is ideal for leisurely walks. Outwardly it looks like a two-wheeled board not too large, moving with a pair of electric motors on batteries. The driver of this vehicle does not need to have a good vestibular device, which is necessary for skateboards and bicycles, since it has special sensors that create balance and enable the person to maintain balance during movement.

Such an unusual form of transport, as girosculator, reviews have more positive, because there are really many advantages in it:

  1. Compact and light. Any model gyroskutera without any problems will replace the bike due to small dimensions, as well as relative ease. Its weight does not exceed 10 kilograms, so transporting it in public transport or in the trunk of your own car will not be a problem.
  2. Speed. Even a children's gyroscope (for girls and boys) can develop a speed that will significantly exceed the speed of a simple pedestrian. And models for adults can accelerate to 15-17 km / h.
  3. Economical. Thanks to batteries, transport of this type does not require additional fuel, it is enough only regular charging from the network. The total charging time does not exceed 1.5 hours, and the expense per kilometer is minimal.
  4. Versatility. Gyroskutter can withstand a large enough weight - up to 120 kilograms, which is its versatility. It is suitable for both children and adults, and most importantly - people of different builds.
  5. Simple operation. In order to start the movement, you do not need to strain your arms and legs, mostly the torso will work.
  6. Sufficient power reserve. The two-wheel platform makes it possible to use it for quite a long period of time. Some models work without any problems without recharging for about 3-4 hours or with overcoming the distance to 20-25 kilometers.

In addition to the advantages of this vehicle has some disadvantages, although their number is actually much smaller.Among them:

  1. Minimum load on the legs. This point will be preferential only for those who already during the day receive a sufficient load on their feet. But people with a sedentary lifestyle can bring some problems. For example, it will contribute to the appearance of excess weight, as walks on the gyroscope will replace the necessary walking tours.
  2. Inconvenience of charging. Unfortunately, for such a type of transport in cities there are not yet special gas stations, so during the walk it will not be possible to charge the gyro-controller at least a little to get home.
  3. Problems on the road. A new vehicle can not guarantee safety on the road, which is intended solely for motor vehicles. Moving there on the gyroscope is not only dangerous, but also prohibited by the rules of the road.
  4. Limited space. A suitable place for a walk is not so easy to find, and even off-road it is better not to even try to ride. Even the smallest pits and the absence of asphalt can contribute to the breakdown of a new generation of vehicles.


In order to choose the most suitable model for yourself, you need to have at least a general idea of ​​the characteristics of such a transport, as girosculator. For children and adults, there are both general characteristics and individual characteristics. Therefore, it is recommended to deal with them more carefully.The main points that should be considered:

  1. The diameter of the wheel. This is the first point, which is worth paying attention to when choosing girosculator. The diameter ranges from 3 to 20 inches. Consequently, the larger the wheel, the more powerful and faster the device will be. For a room, the most suitable is a 6-inch diameter, but to overcome large obstacles, consider options for 10 or more inches. For example, the gyroscope Smart Balance (10 inches) has always been a leader and enjoyed great popularity.
  2. The maximum speed. Some large models are able to develop a sufficiently high speed - about 30 km / h. In fact, this indicator is very high, so this means of transportation can be used for active walks.
  3. Permissible load. Each gyroscope has its own weight limitations, but basically the permissible load limit varies within the range of 60-120 kilograms. This factor must be taken into account when buying the device, because incorrectly selected load can easily contribute to rapid wear and breakage.
  4. Power. No less important parameter, learn about which can be based on data on the weight category of transport and its speed. If these figures are high enough, then the engine is powerful.
  5. Elevation angle. This characteristic is only additional, since not all people set as their goal to overcome any elevations on the gyroscope. But lovers of extreme sports should consider this point in more detail.
  6. The presence of the helm. All people have long been accustomed to the fact that gyroskutter is just a board on two wheels, without any additions. In fact, there are devices with a steering wheel. Such models are usually much more powerful than others.

Diameter of wheels

Often, people are wondering about how much a gyro pacemeter is, if there are different diameters of the wheels. Their price is not very different, although this parameter can not be left without special attention:

  1. Miniature girls and teenagers are ideally suited gyroskooter with a wheel diameter of 4.5 inches. In general, the range of travel in these models is about 20 km, and the load - up to 65 kg.
  2. Wheels of 6.5 inches are usually chosen by adults who have never used such a vehicle. They can withstand loads up to 130 kg, and the range of travel - up to 20 km.
  3. The average format is a gyroscope (8 inches), which will suit absolutely anyone. On the parameters it is very similar to the previous version, but the pleasure of traveling on it will be much more.
  4. 10 and more inches buyers choose especially for difficult roads, for example, snow or sand. The range of the trip is about 25 km, and the load is up to 125 kg.

Top brands

Firms from which you can buy gyroskouter, reviews also have a variety. At the moment, the buyers identified several best manufacturers, whose products are really of high quality:

Negative feedback about these firms does not exist, since they indeed provide a diverse assortment, which includes different models. Among them, any buyer will be able to choose a suitable gyroscope and enjoy walks in any weather.

Variety of models

As already mentioned above, in the modern world there are many different models, among which there are both expensive and cheap gyro pacemakers. For those who very carefully choose a vehicle for themselves, below is a list of leading models, the price of which is not too high, but the quality is at a sufficient level.

Leading gyro pacemakers

So, the list of the best models includes:

  1. Smart Balance Wheel Transformers is an 8-inch gyro sensor with an excellent design and a Bluetooth module that allows you to listen to your favorite music during a walk.
  2. Smart Balance Wheel - a model with a wheel diameter of 6.5 inches. It charges quite quickly, after which it can travel about 20 km without stopping. It is often viewed as a mini gyroscope for children.
  3. Wmotion WM8 - a good option with LED-backlight and relatively fast charging, withstand weight up to 100 kg.
  4. Crossway Smart - the main advantage of this gyroscope is the availability of a variety of colors and minimum weight (10 kg).

Gyroscope Smart Balance (10 inches)

This model is singled out by many buyers, because there are more than enough advantages in it. This SUV is designed for real men who like to travel long distances and difficult roads. Not many models giroskutera could compete with him, as this leader is not so easy to replace. Its main advantages include:

  1. All-terrain vehicles.
  2. Minimal vibration.
  3. Sturdy construction.
  4. Equipping with speakers.
  5. Can be attributed to the category of "quality and cheap giroskutery."

Positive reviews

To the advantages of buyers usually include compactness, ease of management, the availability of some models of speakers. For children and adults, gyro pacemakers have long become something interesting and unusual, so the popularity of these devices increases daily, despite their long existence.

People who first saw giroscuater, for a long time could not understand what it is and how it moves, holding a person. But a little later, when such an incredible device appeared in the house, all the negative opinions about it disappeared.

Teenagers who ride well on roller, bicycle or skateboard will have no difficulty learning how to balance on a two-wheeled board, that's why this category of buyers expresses their positive emotions most of all.

Adult people evaluate new-fangled devices a little from a different point of view, because at first they find it more difficult to adapt to them and generally understand why they are needed. Evening walks on the gyroscope help to get rid of all the negatives accumulated during a hard working day, and recharge with energy and positive emotions.

Many people even argue that gyroskouter will not be replaced by any other novelty. Monoblock, segway or any other newfangled vehicle can not compare with the leader. Of course, any gyroscope reviews are different, so you should consider and cons.

Negative feedback

In general, the most common negative response is price. After all, even a mini gyroscope for children can get along with parents in a tidy sum, although the child will get a lot of pleasure from such a gift. In the rest, the buyers are satisfied with such vehicles, and finding out the minuses in them every day is more difficult.