Gymnastic rings - a fairly simple shell, the design of which provides for several rings mounted on a strong suspension cables. Training on the rings contribute to the overall physical development and provide an opportunity to prepare for serious competitions.

What abilities do lessons on rings develop?

Gymnastic rings - an effective tool for strength trainingTraining with the use of sports equipment improves coordination of movements, increases strength, agility and flexibility. Regular classes provide an opportunity to feel complete control over your own body and get a good base for practicing various sports.

Gymnastic rings belong to the category of universal fixtures. They not only effectively replace the horizontal bar, but give superiority in certain indicators.

The advantage of the projectile - the effect of instability, which is created by the suspension system, which allows you to receive additional power load when performing exercises. Since the gymnastic rings are mobile in all directions, the muscles have to work more actively.

Periodic exercises with the use of sports equipment contribute to the active build-up of muscle mass in the upper limbs and the entire shoulder girdle. Use gymnastic rings can be used for the development of abdominal muscles when lifting the legs.

Wood or plastic?

In gymnastics gymnastic wooden rings were originally used. However, due to the growing popularity of fitness, lightweight plastic models are widely used.

In fact, there are no defining differences between these manufacturing materials. However, some features are still there, and they deserve attention.

The sensations experienced by the athlete during workouts come out on top. The surface of the plastic is rough, which increases grip when in contact with hands. In contrast, wood products contain a smooth lacquered finish. Both specifications are attributed by individual athletes to both advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on personal goals and needs.

If plastic rings have an ideal circumference, then a shell made of wood has an oval shape. This difference affects the ease of capture when performing certain exercises.

Children's gymnastic rings

Many parents are interested in how old you can do on a sports equipment for a child, and how useful it is for healthy physical development. Since the training on the rings are a kind of strength and are quite similar with the use of bars and a horizontal bar, kids can join them from a very early age.

The advantage of rings for children is as follows:

  1. Unlike the same horizontal bars, the shell is unstable. Accordingly, physical development is faster.
  2. Training on the rings are of particular diversity, which does not allow children to get bored. This moment becomes extremely important in cases when it is necessary to interest the baby with monotonous workouts.

Gymnastic rings do it yourself

For home training it is not necessary to buy ready-made, expensive projectile. With a great desire, the availability of tools and materials, you can personally make quite effective rings.

The main thing in the assembly of the projectile is not so much a strong suspension, as the presence of a reliable attachment on which the structure will be placed. Alternatively, you can hang rings on a thick branch of a tree, securing it on a good rope. It is desirable that such a crossbar was straight, parallel to the ground and withstand the weight of each family member who plans to use the device.

Self-assembly of gymnastic rings involves the execution of works in several successive stages:

  1. Ropes are thrown over a branch and wrapped around several times. Suspensions should be located at a distance of approximately 50 cm from each other.
  2. The endings are fixed carbines, which should be designed for a certain weight with some margin.
  3. Wooden or plastic rings are wrapped with fabric tape, which reduces the effect of sliding.
  4. Rings are connected with carbines with chains.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the opportunity to buy ready-made gymnastic rings. Therefore, their assembly at home from scrap materials looks like an excellent option for organizing regular strength training.