Recently, various home-made tools have become very popular. After all, the purchase of special equipment is not always possible. In this case, the bending machine is no exception. This device is simply indispensable in the household, especially when carrying out landscaping of the household plot and house. Having such devices available, it is possible to create ideal products for gable trimming, roofing, wind strips, original fencing designs. It should be noted that the finished material does not differ from that produced in production.Bending machine: what is it

What is it for?

The bending machine is usually used for cutting and bending sheet metal, as well as strips of various thickness and shape. Such equipment is ideal for the manufacture of parts from metal profiles.

By means of the bending machine it is possible to bend sheet metal practically at any angle. You can not be afraid for a violation of flatness. Such equipment allows you to quickly process aluminum, copper, brass, steel. The thickness of the material should be no more than 0.8 millimeter. The thickness of the sheet may be 40 - 250 centimeters. The height of the shelf is usually 20 millimeters. From a piece you can cut off strips of 8 - 40 centimeters.

What should be the machine

Sheet metal bending machines should be not only reliable, but also thoughtful. When working with such equipment on the foldable side of the material, there are no deformations that necessarily occur if you use mallets and mandrels. This is a clear advantage. Due to this quality, the bending machine can be used to manufacture products that will not differ in quality from industrial ones. If the equipment will be used to bend the colored material, then the bending beam should be equipped with a silicone insert.

In the manufacture of the machine do not forget the main rule. Qualitatively made equipment allows you to make bends, even painted material without deformation.

What is the bending machine for metal

In order to independently manufacture such equipment, it is necessary to clearly understand what it consists of. The bending machine for profile pipe or sheet metal consists of the following parts:

  1. Roller knife This part must be made of extremely high quality durable steel. In this case, the knife must have a sufficiently large functional resource. In addition, the part must be reliable and sharp. It should be noted that during operation of the machine, the knife will need to be sharpened more than once.
  2. Back table. This part is designed to accommodate sheet material so that it can be moved in the desired direction. In addition, a flexor and a cutter are mounted on the rear table supports.
  3. Wooden stand This part of the bending machine is necessary to accommodate the desktop. This is necessary so that the sheet bending machine does not slide. Such a stand, if necessary, can be adjusted in height.
  4. Front stops. These parts allow you to adjust the width of the cut.
  5. Measuring plate and angle bend stop. These pieces are also important. With the help of the last detail you can easily set the desired angle, but that's not all. Bending can be performed if necessary at any angle arbitrarily.

Sheet metal bending machines: varieties

The equipment that is produced on an industrial scale can be divided by type of drive. Today, manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electromechanical and mechanical machines are manufactured.

Equipment can also be classified by mobility. There are mobile and stationary models.

Bending machine of any type can be used for the manufacture of products from steel sheets. The equipment differs according to the method of material processing:

  1. Pressed with punch and die.
  2. Swivel, equipped with a bending beam.
  3. Rational. During the work with which rolls are used. The thickness of the material should not exceed three millimeters.

Principle of operation

Sheet metal bending machines are quite easy to use. The principle of operation of such equipment is to fix the necessary workpiece clamp on the table. After that, the metal bends. For this purpose, a pivoting beam with the required angle is used. Such equipment allows you to make a bend with a maximum angle of 135 °, and dogib - up to 180 °. As for the maximum thickness of the sheet, it directly depends on the power that the hold-down frame of the device has.

Very simple machine design ensures its reliability and reliability. But these are not all the advantages of such equipment. The design feature of this equipment is the supply of sheet metal of any length.