Each master knows that before proceeding to the painting of any products, they must be pre-treated with a primer. On the modern market there is a huge range of products that are used for this purpose, but today we will pay attention to the composition of GF-021. The primer of this type belongs to the group of the most demanded materials for repair, and what are its features, where it can be used and how to properly apply, we will describe in this article.

General product characteristics

The basis of the primer GF-021 is a pentaphthalic lacquer with the addition of mineral fillers and pigments. In addition, the composition of the solution includes various solvents, stabilizing additives and components that inhibit the development of corrosion. The product belongs to the group of alkyd solutions, therefore it creates an even protective layer on the surface, without penetrating into the structure of the material.GF-021 (primer): technical characteristics, features and reviews

High quality of the composition is achieved by strict control over the process of its production. For these purposes, an official document has been developed that regulates the formulation and manufacturing technology of such a composition as the primer GF-021 - GOST 25129. It clearly states what raw materials a manufacturer can use, in what sequence and proportions to combine components and what qualities the finished product should have . That is why at the exit the buyer receives a composition that fully meets all the norms and requirements.

An additional guarantee of product quality is a certificate. The primer GF-021 goes on sale with a set of all necessary documentation, which can be found by any buyer.

Scope of application

First of all, the above-mentioned primer is intended for application under enamel paints and specialized industrial solutions. As an independent protective coating, you can also use the composition of the GF-021. The primer of this type is considered to be a universal product, as it can be used on wooden, plastic and metal surfaces.

Processing can be performed on products that are operated both inside and outside the premises. Most often, the tool is used to prevent rust on metal structures that are temporarily not in use or just being built.

Primer GF-021: technical characteristics and product properties

Each primer manufacturer indicates the basic characteristics of the material on its packaging. Depending on the brand of composition, these indicators may vary slightly, but on average they are as follows:

• drying time of the coating to the third degree (at a temperature of +20 degrees) - 12 hours;

• thickness of one layer is 15-20 microns;

• the amount of non-volatile substances in the composition - 54-60;

• film bending strength - up to 1 mm;

• strength of the film with a strong mechanical action - 50 cm;

• coating hardness - no more than 35 srvc. unit;

• coating adhesion - no more than 1 point;

• resistance to the effects of mineral oils - 48 hours;

• resistance to sodium chloride - 24 hours.

In the construction market, the composition is found in three colors, looking at which you can determine how this primer GF-021 was made. GOST regulates the production of only red-brown products, and products of gray and white hue are made according to specifications.

Advantages and disadvantages of the solution

Judging by the reviews, this tool is especially valued for its ability to reliably protect metal surfaces from rust. In addition, the soil of this brand improves the adhesion between the material being processed and the finishing coating.

It is also important that when using the primer GF-021 the consumption of paints and varnishes is significantly reduced, since they are not absorbed into the surface structure. Another great advantage is the ability of the tool to withstand temperature fluctuations in the range from -45 to +60 degrees, which greatly expands the scope of its application.

Before starting work, special attention should be paid to the disadvantages of the primer GF-021. Technical characteristics of the product indicate that the drying time of one layer is 24 hours, but reviews say that this process takes much more time, which is the main disadvantage of this tool.

It is also important to take into account that the product does not belong to the group of deeply penetrating agents; therefore, it is not able to bond loose and fragile surfaces.

What are the features of the use of the composition?

Most often, the work on the priming of surfaces does not cause any difficulties for anyone, but still you should know some of the features of such a composition as the primer GF-021. Characteristics of the manufacturer, located on the packaging of the composition, suggest that it should be properly prepared before starting work.

Since the shelf life of the mixture reaches 1 year, a thick film may form on its surface, which must be carefully removed. Next, the mixture is diluted to the desired consistency using special tools. White spirit, xylene, petroleum solvent and similar solvents can be used for this purpose. It is strictly not recommended to mix the primer with varnishes and other coloring compositions.

Surface preparation for applying the composition

Before starting to apply the primer, the surface to be treated should be properly prepared.

If the base was previously coated with varnish or paint, the outer layer must be completely removed. In cases where the solution GF-021 (primer) is applied to a metal object, it should be well cleaned from dust and various contaminants. If there are already rusty spots on the surface, they are cleaned with sandpaper or a sanding machine.

In the next step, the product should be washed with water and degreased with the solution that was used to dilute the primer. This will allow to achieve maximum setting of the composition with the surface. When the base is completely dry, you can begin to apply a protective agent.

Solution GF-021 (primer) can be applied with a brush, roller, spray gun or jet method. Work should be carried out with smooth movements of the tool, avoiding sharp strokes. In most cases, the treatment is carried out in 2 steps, while after applying each layer a break of 40-60 minutes is maintained.

After drying, the treated base becomes matte. Before applying the paint it is re-treated with sandpaper.

If the work is done indoors, you should take care of reliable ventilation in advance, as the product has a strong odor. Instructions for applying soil recommends the use of a protective mask and rubber gloves. The liquid composition is quite dangerous for the skin and mucous membranes, so you should not neglect safety precautions.

The primer GF-021, the price of which attracts many buyers, belongs to combustible materials, therefore it is strictly prohibited to carry out processing near fire. In addition, the manufacturer does not recommend working at temperatures below -5 degrees, as this significantly reduces the overall characteristics of the product.

The cost of the protective compound GF-021

Before making a decision on the use of this product, many will want to understand how much is the cost of the primer GF-021. The price of this tool depends on the reliability of the brand and the volume of the container.

On the market and in stores, you can purchase both retail packaging (0.9 and 2.5 liters each) and wholesale (25, 50, and 250 kg buckets). In the latter case, the price will be much lower. For example, a small can of primer (2.5 liters) will cost about 390 rubles, while a 25 kg bucket of the same product can be purchased for 2100-2500 rubles. A liter anti-rust pot costs about 150-170 rubles.


The highest technical characteristics and reasonable cost allow the product GF-021 to be on top of its popularity (reviews confirm this). For this reason, a lot of low-grade products (fakes) appear in the markets, which do not comply with the mandatory requirements. The only guarantee that you acquire a qualitative composition is a certificate. The primer GF-021, made in accordance with GOST, always has a quality certificate, so before you buy, make sure that all the documents from the seller are available.