In our society, it is generally accepted that hetero is right. Any other sexual orientation, homo or bi, is strongly condemned both by representatives of religious denominations and ordinary people. After all, the main mission of mankind is to actively reproduce and continue the human race. And only the relationship between a man and a woman can ensure the birth of offspring.

Meaning of term

He was suggested to use the famous psychologist Richard von Kraft-Ebing. The book of the scientist "Sexual psychopathy", which saw the world in 1886, conveyed to the wider audience the essence of heterosexuality and its main purpose. According to the expert, it is an innate instinct whose main purpose is the continuation of the species. By the way, the word itself consists of two parts: translated from Greek, hetero is “the other.” In a word, the term means platonic, emotional, love, sexual and other attraction to persons of the opposite sex.

Hetero is the right and natural sexual orientation.Heterosexual relationships are considered normal among the animal and human world. When a man and a woman reach out to one another, this is sustained and praised. At the state level, special programs are being created to help young people build families and acquire numerous offspring. No man would ever think to hide or hide if he is heterosexual. This is considered the only correct orientation from both physiological and mental points of view.

Heterosexuality and other orientations

People who have connections with members of the opposite sex are called straights. Or heterosexuals. Their sexual orientation fits into the framework of morality and refers to the concept of the norm. All other types of love games are usually considered deviations. First of all, we are talking about homosexuals who prefer sex with their own kind or bisexuals, who are attracted to both the representatives of their own sex, and to individuals of the opposite.

Some modern researchers who support the democratic tendencies of the West attribute all three orientations to natural and positive ones. In their opinion, any manifestation of human love is a normal and natural process. After all, the object of the senses is not as important as they are. Although the vast majority of specialists in Russia are skeptical of such a bold statement. They are sure that a discharge from hetero is a biological or mental deviation. In the first case, the basis is considered a violation at the genetic level or in the work of the brain structures, in the second - problem childhood and improper education.

Formation of sexual orientation

It occurs in deep childhood, when a boy or girl begins to identify with one or another gender, feeling at the same time an interest in the opposite or in her own. For example, a young man feels craving for delicate creatures in lace dresses and bows, feeling embarrassment, attraction, fear, curiosity at their sight. In short, this is a normal process of excitement, experienced with the desired object. By the way, even at such a young age, he has sexual overtones. If the boy is interested in the representatives of his sex, he is on a subconscious level reaching for his own kind, trying once again to experience physical and spiritual intimacy: to touch a friend or spend more time in his company.

Biologist Alfred Kinsey was convinced that people’s attraction could be represented as a continuum, at one end of which is heterosexual sexual orientation, at the other - pure homosexuality, and in the middle - bisexuality, expressed in varying degrees. However, he argued that the choice does not depend on the person. The question of the origin and direction of attraction still remains controversial. Those people who doubt their preferences, the expert recommended to take a test for heterosexuality in the laboratory.

Sexuality in ancient times

Since the word “hetero” has Greek roots, when we pronounce it, we immediately recall Ancient Hellas. Sculptures of the time, made in the form of naked people with exposed sexual organs, say that in ancient times, humanity had a cult of sexuality. Argued that most of the ancestors led a depraved life, deriving pleasure exclusively from homosexual relationships.

In fact, in antiquity, most people were bisexual. The venerable fathers of families took care of the continuation of the clan, therefore they married ordinary girls and lived with them an active sex life. But for a change, because of curiosity or for other reasons, they did not disdain to have intimate relationships with men. This position was popular not only in Greece in the ancient era, but also in many other countries at different times. It was just in Hellas that homo and bisexualism was not persecuted, that is why so many legends and works of art have survived to our times that they propagate not quite traditional relations.

Why heterosexuality is recognized only


As already mentioned, Kinsey saw people bisexual. Sigmund Freud was of the same opinion. Scientists said that we are born with an equally developed burden to men and women: only in the process of upbringing and maturity does our desire go to the necessary direction. These factors make us socialized. If you discard moral and spiritual qualities, fundamental convictions and life experience, knowledge and thinking, culture and achievements of civilization, we will become real animals. This is the main answer to the question of the correct orientation.

Let's pay attention to the same animals: in their world, manifestations of homosexuality are almost never met. Representatives of the same sex do not feel attracted to each other; on the contrary, their relationships can develop extremely aggressively. After all, they are in an eternal state of struggle for the best partner for the continuation of the race. Therefore, we can conclude that hetero is the correct orientation, since it is embedded in each of us by Mother Nature herself.

In nature, homosexuality is completely natural and occurs very often. I will not list all, but homosexuality is documented in more than 1500 species of animals, and this is only documented. And no, this is not due to the lack of partners of the opposite sex and not just for one intercourse. Swans, dolphins, seagulls and many other representatives of the fauna of our world create strong homosexual couples for life, but here in all species in different ways. And this, again, is not a disease, in some cases homosexuality plays into the hands of nature. What-that, and the nature in naturalness is better understood than people.

Yeah. Orientations on education do not depend. So this is exactly from birth is laid. Since homosexuals are a minority, it is logical to assume that the overwhelming majority of families are hetero, but this does not prevent homo-children from being born in such families, despite (ahem) the “right” upbringing. So in the family, homo-couples do not necessarily grow homo, firstly because such parents, of course, are more tolerant than families with a "traditional" view of the diversity of orientations (especially in Russia), and will not persecute and correct their child if will pull to the opposite sex. Homosexuals can not be raised heterosexuals or reeducated, as well as straight gay does not blind. This is all laid down at the gene level. And no, this is not one gene passed on through generations. There are alleles that affect sexual orientation. So there is no propaganda of homosexuality. But there is a large-scale propaganda of homophobia.

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