General Konstantin Petrov started his activity back in Soviet times. He is known in the political sphere and as a public figure, a member of the military academy, a candidate of technical sciences. Petrov rose to the rank of Major-General. From the Armed Forces was dismissed early, in 1995. For a long time he was chairman of the party "The Course of Truth and Union". Before his death he became a pagan, an admirer of the beliefs of the ancient Slavs and took the name of Meragor.

short biography

General Petrov Konstantin Pavlovich was born in an ordinary Soviet working family in August 1945. His father after the war worked at the factory as a steelmaker, and his mother as a weaver at a factory. In 1967 he graduated from the school of missile forces. And in 1976 - the faculty of the Dzerzhinsky Academy. He served in the military-space forces. He began his career immediately from the post of chief. First he headed the headquarters of the fourth center, and then the fourth center of the Baikonur cosmodrome. Then he continued to work as deputy head of flight control in the Military Space Academy of Mozhaisk. He took an active part in the development of the "Energy-Buran" system, and then directly in its tests.

Major-General Petrov was married only once. On the Russian girl - Anna Pavlovna Petrova (in the nee Chibisova). In a marriage three children were born: two daughters-twins and a son. Petrov had become a grandfather of two grandchildren.

He received the rank of Major-General in 1993. The order was personally signed by Russian President Boris Yeltsin. General Petrov was awarded such honorary titles, orders and medals as:

  • honorary title "Honored Tester of Baikonur Cosmodrome";
  • honorary title "Honored Communications Officer of the Russian Federation";
  • order of the second and third degree "For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR";
  • medals of the first, second and third degrees "For impeccable service";
  • medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the USSR";
  • medal "For military valor";
  • a number of medals from the Federation of Cosmonautics of the USSR and the Russian Federation.

Politics and the transition to paganism

Beginning in 1991, Major-General Petrov began to actively pursue politics, trying to convey his views on the BER (Public Security Concept). He was dismissed from the Armed Forces ahead of schedule, in November 1995, by Yeltsin's decree. The order was signed by Grachev. The reason for his dismissal was his political views and convictions. He openly opposed the collapse of Russia and "extraneous scientific work," which could not please the then leadership, which actively established ties with America and invited foreign scientists to get acquainted with the objects closed in the USSR.

A little later, General Petrov was carried away by the idea of ​​paganism. She captured him so much that he even went through the so-called ritual of "breaking up," after which he was called Magah Meragor. This happened in the temple of Jambo in 2005, and in 2009 Petrov died.

Social activity

General Petrov traveled with lectures throughout Russia, often performed in universities. On them he talked about secrets previously hidden from the public. Revealed the essence of the international program "Golden Billion", the essence of which - in the planned destruction of half the world's population. He completely opened this topic in his book, which aroused great interest.

He was one of the first to unveil key moments from the program "Golden Billion". It began to be prepared in the West almost immediately after the war with fascism was over. Petrov believed that the water shortage to the world became the basis for a world conspiracy. And since Russia has a large reserve, aggression will be mainly directed to it. Then another book was written: "The Mystery of Conceptual Power." In it he raised many topical and today questions.

All his lectures were informative and interesting. For example, "Types of worldviews", "Global historical process", "Description of the work of intelligence", "On the management of supersystems", "Macroeconomics", "Global Evolution", "Egregors" and many others.

In 1997, the congress of the National Collective Security Treaty (All-Russian People's Movement) was held. In this party, Petrov served as chairman of the council. The general organized several congresses in different cities of Russia, taking an active part in public activities.

Mysterious death

Suddenly, in 2009, always buzzing with health and unbending General Petrov dies. His supporters are sure that he was killed, although officially he died of pneumonia. However, friends and relatives claim that the general's health was excellent, and he practically never got colds.

There are many versions of his death. One of them - he was killed by the CIA agents. And there are reasons for it. Before his death, Petrov met with three Americans, who introduced themselves as journalists and asked for an interview. After that, after a while, the general suddenly fell ill and died suddenly. Supporters of his suggest that these three can be implicated in some way to his death.