This stone has several "names" assigned to it at different times in different countries. But the most formidable of them is a bloodstone. To understand where the "bloody" spots on the stone "body" originated, one should turn to geology: heliotrope is a quartz stone, when it forms, it can "let in" foreign minerals that, when hardened, form a multicolored divorce.

Heliotrope (stone)

Red, scarlet and yellow are nothing but inclusions of oxidized hematite, a stone even more "bloody" (the term "blood" is present even in its name, if translated from Greek).

And what about heliotrope? The stone by the same Greeks is called the sun-rot and is revered as a powerful protective talisman and a remedy for several serious diseases connected, by the way, with the circulatory system.

physical characteristics

The opacity and dullness of the heliotrope makes one think of it as a rather dull mineral. But you can not always trust your eyes. Although the first assessment is still the visual characteristics.

Heliotrope - the stone is quite solid and strong, with a characteristic glass shine, which is unrealistic to recreate in the laboratory. It is by the brilliance of the experts recognize the natural stone - artificially created "remakes" do not have such "brilliance".

When splitting a heliotrope, it is impossible to achieve the formation of smooth planes. The unevenness of the fracture is a distinguishing feature of all quartz ones. Due to this disobedience in processing, very stylish look products, which jewelers leave a bit of naturalness and do not grind them too much.

"Son" of the volcano

Nature has decided that all the quartz will be born in a hot volcanic avalanche. Bloody jasper (this is another known name for heliotrope), being formed in lava flows, requires cool water for its appearance to the world.

Sticking to the slopes, the magma gradually cools, solidifies, and its contact with water is a guarantee that valuable heliotrope will appear in the voids of the magma.

Knowing the peculiarities of the appearance of eastern jasper to light, geologists are looking for it near the places of modern volcanic activity or where volcanoes raged in ancient times. The found old heliotrope is a stone, the price of which automatically increases several times.

As an example: the cost of jewelry from the eastern jasper, formed several decades ago (necklace and bracelet), is about two thousand dollars, including work and brand.

The most famous deposits

Most often, heliotrope was found in ancient Egypt and Indian Calcutta. But the millennium of geological "raids" has markedly depleted the mineral reserves, and now the most popular addresses for which it can still be found are the Urals (Russia), China, Brazil, the United States and several Central Asian countries, particularly Bukhara.

Heliotrope and religions, cults, professions

In the Orthodox Church, Heliotrope has been used for a long time, a stone whose properties are not publicly discussed by the Holy Fathers, but, as useful, are valued.

Mineral in the processed form can be seen on the church bowls, on the vestments of the fathers, on the monsters and crosses. And who knows if they would let the heliotrope into the temples without the scarlet inclusions associated with believers with Christ's blood on it?

Shamans, alchemists, physicians and scientists also consider mine as their own mineral. All because heliotrope heals, helps obsessed with the idea of ​​achieving its embodiment, activates energy flows.

Astronomers also claim this stone as a talisman: firstly, there is the sun (helios) in its name, secondly, it is able to predict the period of eclipses; thirdly, being in a vessel with water, it can refract and change the direction of solar rays. Agree, a very interesting mineral - the widest field for research.

History and magic

The first mention of the amazing mineral dates back to the first millennium BC. The description, found among the ancient Egyptian papyri, claims that the heliotrope is one of the greatest and most powerful stones that one can find: carrying such a talisman will not get a refusal in anything, no matter how huge his requests are; heliotrope softens the hearts of rulers of all ranks and makes people believe everything that the owner of the stone says; and if you cut out your name on it and pronounce it, then all the doors will open before you.

Impressive characteristic! Verify its plausibility can only be the owner of the mineral, although the whole world is convinced that the heliotrope is a stone whose magical properties are beyond doubt.

From time immemorial, it is customary to regard magic as something inexplicable and mysterious, and if you take a little time into the nature of this kind of quartz, then an explanation of its properties will be found, and the magic will be a little pushed ...

A stone that emerges from the depths of the earth has such a strong chemical composition that it can normalize the general state of the body, especially beneficial for the circulatory system, slowing the flow of blood. For this he is highly respected by athletes who during the competition are important to stay and are concentrated, and active, and cold-blooded at the same time.

Heliotrope activates mental activity, it is shown to people engaged in intellectual work, and to those who conceived a great discovery.

With infection and the threat of poisoning, too, eastern jasper is used: the stone perfectly stimulates the immune system, helping the body fight infection and toxins. And to win - it's unconditional!

Occultism and alternative medicine have long used heliotrope as an auxiliary. Stone, properties, the sign of the Zodiac, fortune-telling cards - all this is presented by representatives of esotericism as a mystery of secrets. But geology and mineralogy are trying to pull a veil of excessive mystery from the heliotrope.

Who cares for a stone and how to wear it

Those born under the signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Sagittarius can applaud: heliotrope is their stone. Representatives of these zodiacal signs will be protected by the mineral, fueled and practically lead through life. But if he gets to Leo, Taurus or Scorpio, then his action will be absolutely opposite.

Heliotrope is not a stone for everyone. Although for all other signs it can turn out to be a usual decoration, not carrying any influence.

Products from the eastern jasper are mostly massive and even somewhat rude, that's why not everybody likes them. But if the stone has pleased, it should be selected the appropriate frame. And this is not gold! Metals are simpler - nickel-plated steel, brass and iron - enhance the effect of the heliotrope.