Geghard Musashi is a professional fighter from Iran, who acts in the style of mixed martial arts. In addition to wrestling, he also engages in other sports, such as kickboxing and judo. He acts in several weight categories: medium and light heavy. Gegard is known and loved by fans of the fight from around the world. He is in the top five best fighters in the middleweight category in the UFC, and is also one of the best sportsmen in the world in the style of mixed martial arts.

Geghard Musashi - one of the best professional fighters

short biography

The wrestler was born in Iran. August 1, 1985 began his biography. Geghard Musashi was born in an Armenian family during the war between Iran and Iraq. When he was four years old, they moved with their family to the Netherlands, where they settled in the city of Leiden. Geghard began to be interested in sports from a young age. At the age of eight, he had already begun to learn the technique of judo, but his martial arts did not end there. At the age of fifteen, he decided to box. Geghard turned out to be a very talented young man. Just one year after the start of the training, he won the title among boxing fans in Holland. At the tournament he spent twelve fights, nine of which won, knocking out rivals. After a while, the young athlete went into kickboxing, but interest in other styles of fighting did not fade. As a result, Geghard Musashi began to engage in mixed martial arts.

The beginning of the path to success and glory

Having recommended himself as an excellent boxer in the Netherlands, Geghard was able to sign a contract with the world famous Pride FC organization. He faced fights with legends and champions of martial arts. Makoto Takimoto was the first strong and famous opponent of Geghard. But he fell victim to Musashi in the first round. Geghard won with a technical knockout. The next opponent of the fighter was Akihiro Gono, whom the world knows as the legend of MMA in Japan. In this battle Gegard was much less fortunate. He lost to the opponent in the second round. After this defeat, the athlete was facing an important fight with Hector Lombardo, a fighter from Cuba, who later became champion of Bellator. Geghard Musashi seriously prepared for the fight and won. The judges gave him a unanimous decision.

Champion titles and worldwide fame

2006 was significant for Musashi. He defeated Gregory Buchelaghem at the very beginning of the fight and won the Cage Warriors Fighting Championship. After this event, he spent five more fights, all of which won. He was noticed by representatives of a large organization Dream in Japan. Geghard, without much hesitation, signed a contract with them. Here Musashi held several important for his sports career fights. He defeated Denis Kang, who was a master of the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, took precedence over Yun Dok Sikom, knocked out veteran K-1 Melvin Manhuf in the ring. In the final of the tournament, his opponent was Ronaldo Souza, who was excellent in jiu-jitsu. But in the first round, Geghard Musashi knocked him out and became champion Dream. Further the fighter acted even in a category of heavy weight. His opponent in the ring was Mark Hunt, whose weight is 20 kg more than that of Geghard. But Musashi won a victory over this opponent, inflicting him an exact direct blow to the right. After this battle, the American organization Strikeforce invited the athlete to hold a title fight in their promotion.

Strikeforce and UFC are the best fights