Would you like to get money for free? 90% of the population would answer this question positively, while the remaining 10% would leave in doubt the receipt of money for nothing, guided by the saying that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. But a person by nature is such that he is drawn to everything that is free, and the desire to get a lot of money for free will not stop him with almost nothing. And what does the concept “for free” mean? This means getting something (in this case, money) for nothing, free of charge or with a minimum of effort.

Where to get money for free?

It is unlikely that you will ever meet a person who is ready to give you your hard-earned money, if, of course, God's grace has not descended on him. But it is possible to allocate some not expensive expenses in the physical and financial plan of earnings.

Earnings in social networks

Where to get money for free? Where to get money for free

Now many sites offer to earn extra money for schoolchildren or students in their free time. How exactly? Some people pay just for putting a Like under any post, blog, or photo - this is necessary for the sake of raising the rating. Others will ask you to join the group, make a repost and invite friends.

Fans of spending time on the Internet can earn, albeit small, but still money. On going to the cinema, a cafe just enough. And if you have at least some skills in the question of how to "unleash" this or that group, you can take a freelancer. Now this is all available, unlike the capabilities of a decade ago.

Freelance sites

As you can see, the Internet is not limited. The global network is teeming with special sites for remote activities. To work on such resources it is not necessary to have professional skills, personal experience is enough. Although there are some projects where you simply cannot do without special knowledge. For example, 3D modeling. Here, everyone understands that without certain skills with the task can not cope.

Such employment does not require presence in the office, at the workplace. It is possible to work in a homely atmosphere. Having tried such a rhythm of work, you no longer want to return to the atmosphere of your colleagues “devouring” each other and all the time of disgruntled leadership. As a freelancer, you are your own boss. But to perform the work you need to be approached with all the responsibility, otherwise there is a chance to establish itself as a poor-quality performer. Accordingly, customers will bypass you. For some, such work becomes the main source of income. In the first month you will be able to receive about 15 thousand rubles, and having filled your hand - twice as much. This option is not a way to get money for free, but with a little effort, you can earn a tidy sum.

Copywriting exchange

This is another possibility of remote work, which is in the sphere of freelancing, but this industry can be distinguished separately. If you have a more or less competent speech, know how to think logically, then this is the job for you. Availability of training is not mandatory, but will be a huge plus.

Such exchanges are designed to write articles to order on the Internet. A huge number of proposals will not leave you out of work. Initially, writing articles will remind rewriting - correspondence of the finished text in your own words, but then, when you get the experience, you will write the articles yourself. The minimum wage can be 6-7 thousand rubles per month.

If you are faced with the question of where to get money for free, you can try to borrow them from the bank. However, it is difficult to call this method free. We must be prepared for the fact that just because creditors will not lag behind you. The bank, when the monthly payment is delayed, will start “getting” you with calls and SMS from morning to evening - this is at best. Further, the credit institution will send your case to the court if the loan amount is large enough. As a rule, banks do not sue the debtor if the debt is less than 100-150 thousand rubles, although the principles are different for everyone.

If the court meets the requirements of the lender, your property may be withdrawn from the auction. If all this has not happened, then your debt will be bought by a collection agency. And again calls start, but from private individuals. There have been cases of use and physical force for knocking out debts. In the event of a threat, immediately contact the law enforcement authorities, as the law is on your side.

But this material does not encourage you to do this way - not to return the loan. Contacting the bank is one of the options in case you don’t know where to get money urgently.

Credit cards

Having several credit cards will allow you not to think about where to get money for free. Each bank has credit cards with a grace period. The interest-free period of each bank is different, but on average is about 50 days.

How does the system work, where can I get money for free? In different credit organizations, get a few credit cards. Their registration usually requires a passport and a second document (passport or insurance certificate). Apply for a credit card in one day for all banks. It is better if they will be 3-4. When filling out an application for a credit card, banks are not as strict in analyzing your solvency as in a conventional loan, so it is much easier to get it.

We give an example of how to use these cards. You take one credit card with an interest-free period of 50 days, withdraw the entire amount from it, and during these 50 days use money at your discretion. On the 49th day, withdraw the required amount from the second card and pay off the debts on the previous credit card. After 50 days, withdraw money from the first card and put it on the second one.

And so in a circle. If you have another card, let it be in case there is no money to replenish the credit card. This article is not a guide to action, but answers the question: “If you need money, where to get it?”

Credit Card Features

1. Not all credit cards have a grace period, and if there is one, then each bank has its own. As a rule, it ranges from 30 to 56 days.

2. Some banks omit the opportunity to use the interest-free period for cash issuance, and give such a right only if the cashless payment: the purchase of products, household appliances, furniture, etc. If you decide to use cash, interest will start from the very first day of withdrawal of money.

3. There is a fee for cash withdrawals, it usually reaches 5% of the withdrawn amount. If you have two cards with a limit of 50 thousand rubles, you will need to withdraw less to cover the costs from the second card.

But in practice, having learned where to get money for free, many could not stop at the temptation to withdraw funds from all cards at once and got bogged down in debt.

Execution of orders on the Internet

These tasks are intended for those who do not know how, but really want to earn. Specialized sites offer young users the performance of tasks assigned by their superiors, wearing clothes promoting one company or another, converting an audio file to a text format, etc. The last task is often ordered by large companies involved in analyzing messages, negotiations, polls.

Where to get money for an apartment?

Buying an apartment is not only exciting, but also expensive. The money issue is acute in all families, especially in young ones. But where to get money for an apartment, if it would seem, there is no place to take it at all?

Relatives help

A significant proportion of the population in this difficult issue help relatives. Buying a home together with them will greatly ease the financial burden. Moreover, relatives out of the goodness of their soul usually do not give money at interest, and sometimes they even provide it free of charge. If you are wondering where to get money without a bank, this is probably one of the few solutions to a problem.

Mortgage credit lending

This way to get money for an apartment is becoming more and more popular. Almost all banks today offer favorable mortgage terms. Credit institutions are more willing to approve mortgage lending, as opposed to a conventional loan, because the property you are going to buy is automatically pledged to the bank. This will protect all participants in the transaction in case of delay. Do not forget that banks always require a down payment, and the more this deposit is, the more profitable the loan terms will be.

Currency mortgages are always cheaper, with a lower interest rate than ruble ones. But due to the rise of the ruble exchange rate since the fall of 2014, the population that has issued a mortgage in foreign currency has been misled. There are many cases when people had to part with their real estate because they could not pay twice the amount of the loan. Appeals to the court do not help. The law in such cases is on the side of the lender.

Trying to get a mortgage, always strictly follow the golden rule: take a loan only in the currency in which you receive your main income.

Social programs

Many people wonder, “Why is the government not helping me where to take the money immediately to purchase needed real estate?” Not everyone is aware of the existence of social programs aimed at the support of the middle class population. You can use them if you fit certain parameters. For young families there is a program to provide housing.

Do not forget about the maternity capital, which can be fully spent on the purchase of an apartment. For budgetary employees - teachers, teachers, workers in the social and pension industries - special budget programs have been created. For those wishing to relocate and engage in agriculture, a resettlement program with free housing is provided. For military personnel provides military mortgage. It is possible to stand in the general queue for housing as a poor family.

Employer assistance

Some large firms support their employees by paying a down payment on a mortgage of up to 20%. Individual companies extinguish and up to 70% down payment.

Urgent money

Where to get money now, if they are urgently needed? The easiest way is to hand over valuables to a pawnshop. Such organizations take everything from household appliances to gold, but only if they consider this product liquid. That is, if a person does not pay for it at the appointed time, the organization will be able to sell it. Estimate the pledged item at an average of 30% of the real value. The resulting amount still runs at 0.5-1% per day. For registration you only need a passport. Previously, the provision of the document was not a prerequisite in order to lay the thing. Now the police can easily figure out the attacker. You may not return the borrowed funds, but you will also have to part with the subject of the pledge.

So, if you think about where to get money without interest, a pawnshop is one of the best options. However, this is only if you are not going to take the property handed over.


So, we have offered you several options for where to get money for free. As you can see, none of them gives the possibility of lightning, urgent earnings without the application of any effort. Therefore, the question of where to get money for free, often remains unanswered. Many fraudsters offer potential customers to make small contributions, and subsequently receive huge dividends. Undoubtedly, such companies can not be trusted.

It is not necessary to enter into relations with those people who promise you huge sums for small work. Indeed, in such cases, you not only do not get honestly earned money, but also risk losing your own. Therefore, when looking for earnings, always pay attention to the feedback from employees in this field, they will help you to get a complete picture of the activities of a company.

It is best to use time-tested earnings, to give preference to those industries in which you understand.