Of course, every fisherman would give much to get such impressive booty as a white cupid. The fact is that it has amazing gastronomic qualities: the meat of this fish is a storehouse of vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, in a white cupid you will not find small bones, and he himself does not have the smell of mud.

This representative of the ichthyofauna can reach a rather large weight - up to three tens of kilograms. The white cupid belongs to the category of vegetarians, since the basis of its diet is water vegetation. He prefers to stay in a pack and is characterized by high survival. In the winter, he falls asleep, covered with mucus. As a rule, fish spawn in flowing waters in the middle of summer.

Now determine where the white cupid lives. Why catch this fish? You will also find the answer to this question.

In natural conditions, the above fish can be found in the Amur basin. However, he massively divorced by artificial means. Lakes, rivers, pond farms, ponds - all this is the territory where a white cupid is found. Why catch this representative of the carp family? Beginners need to be aware of this. But first about where the white cupid prefers to be. Meet this fish can be found in almost all aquatic ecosystems created artificially. Do you know where to catch a white cupid? Choose shallow areas located near the thickets. Look for wide overgrown plateaus with a depth of 4-5 meters. There is a great chance of catching prey in shallow bays, where there is an impressive length of the edge of the aquatic vegetation. It will not be superfluous to try luck and in wetlands, in which access to water is difficult.

The ideal time for catching

The period of the biting of the white cupid begins in the middle of summer and ends in the middle of autumn.

However, the ideal moment for catching is April: in this month the vegetation has not yet fully formed, therefore the probability of breakage of tackle, hooks, and fish gatherings is minimized.

Of course, few of the newcomers know what the white cupid (fish) is biting. How to catch this representative ichthyofauna, also know the unit. And he can respond well to both bottom and float gear. Great chances to fetch a white Cupid for spinning. What should I remember? That it is a powerful fish that can seriously resist, which means that you should use the most reliable gear. If you have planned to catch from the shore, it is optimal to choose a carp rod in length of 3.15 meters. The coil should be strong, for example, №4000. Do not forget about a reliable monofilament with a diameter of 0.35 m. Hooks are best used with a short forearm - Nos. 5 or 8.

For high-quality fixation, choose heavy sinkers.

Specificity of biting

Experienced fishermen are delighted when it comes to biting the white cupid, as the fish, swallowing the bait, starts to cut itself. However, the process of fishing can be complicated: extraction will make repeated attempts to get lost in thickets and reeds, which is fraught with entanglement of gear. And if the fisherman could not resist it, then the white cupid would surely elude him. The main thing here is not to give him time to rest and constantly keep the line in tension, directing it towards the shore.

The success of catching a white cupid largely depends on how abundantly fed the fish. And the quality of the bait is also important. Experienced fishermen are well aware of the fact that the above-mentioned representative of the carp family is gluttonous enough, so you need to lure it with a lot of feed.

Which products are preferred, so that a white cupid moves to your shore? It is recommended to use mixed fodder and whole grains of corn. It should be remembered that the above-mentioned representative of the family of carp is very cunning: it often happens that after the destruction of the bait, he tries to immediately sail away. And the fisherman must try to keep him.

Bait in its composition should be nutritious and balanced, that is, include both large feed fractions and flavor additives. Throwing a spherical bait into the water, you will see how soon it will start to be split off with flakes, which will surely attract the attention of the fish. Of course, before starting to practice, a beginner should know the exact answers to such questions: "Where does the white Cupid live? What to catch? ". A fish place should also be able to choose. If it is a question of the stocked territory, it is optimal to use a loose bait, which visually creates the effect of a vertical column of small structures. It will not be superfluous to use an additional dye to form turbidity. It is not recommended to spend all the bait at once: leave one third for later to keep the fish in place after it has eaten the other two parts.

Of course, you need to have the experience, skill and ingenuity to catch such a cunning fish, like a white cupid. Why catch it? Another issue that requires consideration. Since the above-mentioned representative of the family of carp herbivores, then the bait should be appropriate. Good bites will be provided by aloe leaves, from which prunes have been previously removed, and young cucumbers cut off after the ovary.

It is noteworthy how the question "What is better to catch a white cupid?" In the past was decided. Fishermen preferred to use exotic bait of vegetable origin: leaves of corn, willow, dandelion, pea pods and beans. They always pecked perfectly at the white cupid. What do you want to fish for yet? You can also use the classic options: a worm, an adobe or a bloodworm.

To increase the chance of success, you can also practice in the method of feeding the nozzle. For example, string 5 to 8 corn kernels on a hook and pull them onto the leash, and then hoist a bead of foam and a corn seed on the hook. In this case, the representative of the family of cyprinids will not resist the temptation to completely swallow the bait. Do not forget to let go of the friction brake, so that when you poke the fish calmly unwinds the line from the reel.

Nozzles in summer

No less relevant is the question of what to catch a white cupid in the summer. Some as bait use a young shoot of reeds. It should reach a length of about 50 centimeters. We clean the young plant from the leaves, but only its lower part. Next, string the attachment onto the hook, which then needs to be well disguised. By means of a fishing line the trunk of a cane is wrapped - and that's all. If you did everything correctly, the reed will stay afloat, but the lower part of the plant will be slightly more submerged in water.

Such homemade bait should be thrown near the reed thickets. You'll see, the fish will definitely bite.

Do not have the faintest idea about what to catch a white cupid in the summer? The best option - cabbage leaves. This product has tenderness and juiciness, which can not help attracting a representative of the carp family. Use only fresh cabbages. A cabbage leaf with a dwelling in the middle with a knife is divided into strips (length - 25, width - 0.8 cm). Do this immediately before you drop the rod. We string the bait on the hook and throw the tackle into the place where the bulk of the aquatic vegetation is concentrated. The white cupid will not ignore such a lacquer attachment.

Of course, catching this large fish is an art that requires a lot of experience. And it will definitely come if you resort to the above recommendations.