From time immemorial, a man, regardless of sex, tried to decorate his body with jewelry, including drawings on the body - tattoos. Later, tattoos became not just an ornament, but also symbols-amulet or a reflection of social status.

History of the origin of tattoos

Where can I buy henna for tattoos? Henna for mehendi

According to cultural scientists, the tradition of tattooing their bodies has more than 60,000 years of history. And it arose simultaneously in different parts of the world, and each tribe had its own special techniques and patterns. So, our ancestors-Slavs used drawings on the body as amulets. Drawings, most often they were runes, were inflicted by magicians for a long period of time on 9 (!) Human bodies - physical and energetic. By the way, the minimum age for tattooing in the Slavs was 33 years - when the personality is already fully formed. Patterns were applied with special medicinal herbs mixed with pigments, among which, by the way, henna was also used. Therefore it is incorrect to consider that the drawings of henna on the body came to us from India quite recently.

What is Henna Tattoo

Tattooing with henna, unlike conventional techniques, is a non-invasive and painless procedure. In fact, it's just a drawing on the skin, and you can make it even at home. Success will depend only on your artistic abilities and correct execution.

Technics of tattoo henna

  • Degrease the surface of the skin with alcohol.
  • Remove the hair.
  • Make peeling (better mechanical - scrub).
  • Then we move on to drawing the picture (manually or using special stencils).
  • Pass the paste on the skin for at least 1 hour.
  • Remove excess paste with a paper towel.
  • Apply to the picture any oil for the body (important - not containing alcohol!).

The main problem when drawing patterns and patterns occurs when searching for materials. After all, henna, which is sold in the pharmacy for dyeing hair, is not suitable for a tattoo. There is quite a natural question - where you can buy henna for tattoos. Which henna to choose? How much will it take? Before answering this question, you should determine the size of the picture, its color. Then you will probably have a question where you can buy a template for henna tattoos, if you are not completely sure of your artistic talents? This will be discussed below. But, of course, there is no universal prescription for all cases of life. There are only a few general rules with which we will introduce you.

Where can I buy henna for tattoos?

The simplest option is a variety of online stores. There is a wide range of products, prices are relatively low and, in addition, as a rule, there are all related products. Before buying, we recommend that you review the reviews.

If for any reason this option does not suit you, pay attention to specialized shops or tents in the markets - from there smells of flavored chopsticks and spices, jingle bells (wind music) and other attributes of the overseas eastern countries are sold. In extreme cases, there you will be prompted where you can buy henna powder for the tattoo. Do not forget to clarify that you need henna for body painting.

Another option where you can buy henna for tattoos - is to contact the specialized salons that offer mehendi services. Wizards will share with you contact details of their suppliers, and maybe even the materials and secrets of the drawing technique.

First, it should be remembered that henna is a dried and shredded herb, and therefore in the natural state it is a small, non-uniform powder of marsh green color. Draw a complex pattern of many fine lines of powder you are unlikely to succeed, but because it is based on it is to prepare a special paste. It consists of strong tea, lemon juice, henna powder and oil (eucalyptus, corn, linseed, olive - which you will find). But not everyone will want to bother with pasta cooking, so, wondering where you can buy henna for a tattoo, specify that you need a ready-made paste, not a dry powder.

In addition, henna can color. As a rule, pure henna is a dye, gold, orange or light brown. But sometimes I wish the picture was a dark brown or even almost black. Where to buy black henna for tattoos? Yes, and does she? Black henna is a mixture of classic henna with Basma, another natural dye, which gives a more intense and darker shade. It can be purchased in the same shops, and traditional henna painting. Black henna for tattoos – this is a mixture of herbs, but in any case not a chemical dye ursol. Be careful and read the label – any impurities in the composition can cause at best an allergic reaction. Also, remember that the natural tattoo stick not more than 2-3 weeks, and then completely rinsed from the skin. If you promise a henna tattoo with "shelf life" more than a month is a reason to be suspicious and refuse.

Tattoo henna is a popular way of self-expression and a very good alternative to traditional tattooing, especially for teenagers and young people. Now you can experiment as much as you like with your appearance without risk to health.