Analyzes for any infection require thorough study. If you follow all the recommendations, you can get the most accurate test result. Today we have to understand how to pass HIV tests. What is this disease? Than it is dangerous? How do they pass tests in this or that case? What advice and recommendations of doctors will help to get the maximum performance? In which organizations can I pass it? All this is told further. In fact, there is nothing difficult in passing the analysis with modern technology.

HIV infection is.

The first step is to understand what kind of infection the patient will be dealing with. This is a dangerous disease. It is transmitted mainly sexually, but there are other variants of infection. During the development of the disease, the body stops producing antibodies to a variety of infections. As a consequence, a person can die from any illness, even from a common cold.

Where and how to pass HIV tests: description of the procedure and interpretation of the results

There is also a more complex form of immunodeficiency, incurable and extremely dangerous. It's about AIDS. This is the final stage of the development of HIV infection. As already mentioned, you can not get rid of it. But in the early stages of the disease is treated in modern medicine. But only with the timely diagnosis of the disease. How to pass HIV tests? What should every potential patient learn before the procedure?

Express analysis

For example, what research options are offered in practice. This is an important nuance. After all, the effectiveness of the final outcome depends on the chosen method of diagnosing the disease.

Sometimes in medical institutions for HIV infection is checked through a special rapid test. To do this, take a little biological material from the patient, then it is applied to a special test strip. By the results of her staining, you can determine the presence of the disease in the body.

Such a study is not very often used in practice. Therefore, many people think about how to pass HIV tests, and where to turn with this request. What other diagnostic methods are there?

Analysis of urine

For example, it is suggested to make a urinalysis. Both general and HIV. Such a technique is not basic, it does not differ in its accuracy. Only in practice, this study helps confirm or disprove the results of previous analyzes.

How is urine given to determine HIV infection in humans? In the same way as for any other study. It is enough to collect a little urine in a sealed container and pass it to a research laboratory.

It is important to remember that the most accurate analysis will be carried out only if the biological material is taken for a study no later than 2 hours from the moment it was received. Therefore it is recommended to take urine to the laboratory as soon as possible.

Blood for antibodies

It is not difficult to pass tests for HIV and hepatitis. The main thing is to determine the methods of diagnosing these or other diseases. The most common method is the surrender of blood and its study for the presence of antibodies to viruses. Such testing allows you to quickly and accurately determine whether the patient has encountered the disease, or not.

Typically, a similar study is called: "HIV test." The patient takes a little blood and conducts appropriate procedures to detect antibodies of the immunodeficiency virus. The results come either positive or negative. They are shown to patients.

Where does the blood come from?

Where can I test for HIV? What is required for maximum accuracy? The blood for the appropriate analysis is taken primarily from the vein. But this is not the only option.

In some cases, you can donate blood from your finger. This technique was extended several years ago. Also, such an analysis is conducted in the diagnosis of HIV and AIDS in children.

Very rarely take blood from the auricle. Nevertheless, as a realistic method of sampling biological material, it is not considered by laboratories.

Where to go

The next important question: where can I take HIV tests? Little is known about the technique of diagnosing a particular disease. It is necessary to further understand which institutions to apply for relevant research.

Analyzes are performed by medical laboratories. It is here that every citizen of the country can come and take biological material for the detection of certain diseases.

If a person thinks about where he can get tested for HIV, he can apply:

  • in the state polyclinics;
  • free hospitals;
  • private clinics / medical centers;
  • private medical laboratories.

They performed this study. In practice often preference for private medical centers and laboratories. For a fee, just for several days the client receives the result of the study with a very clear interpretation.

When to take

Important is the time when a citizen to pass the test for HIV. Not always the result of the research will be as informative and accurate as possible.

If a citizen suspects HIV infection, it is not recommended to immediately run to the hospital and donate blood (or other biological material) for further investigation. After all, antibodies to HIV in the body are not immediately developed. Therefore, the patient is able to get a false negative result. But in fact, the infection will only grow and spread throughout the body.

How much should I take an HIV test after the alleged infection? You can immediately go to the laboratory. But if the result is negative, it will be better to go to the clinic again after 3 weeks.

Another nuance is that the research is carried out later than the deadline indicated. Through how much to hand over the analysis on a HIV? It is compulsory to conduct an examination of the body after 90 days from the date of the alleged infection. If the answer is negative, and the patient has not been in contact with the carriers of the infection, the result can be considered accurate.

Reason for taking the test

So, how to act in this or that case is understandable. And where to take HIV tests anonymously? Such services are usually provided in all private medical centers.

The main problem is that immunodeficiency does not manifest itself until a certain point in time. Therefore, it is easy not to notice it. How many times to conduct an appropriate study? Everyone decides for himself.

It is recommended to think about how to pass HIV tests in the following situations:

  • after rape;
  • if there was any sexual contact without protection with a new partner;
  • the presence of a sharp weight loss for no apparent reason;
  • if a person has used non-sterile needles;
  • with injuries from needles (in the absence of sterility);
  • if a partner has AIDS or HIV;
  • in the presence of any sexually transmitted diseases.

It is also necessary to take into account that all pregnant women must pass an analysis for the immunodeficiency virus. A study is required in order for a pregnant woman not to give birth in observance.

Rules for passing the analysis

So, we found out where it is possible to pass tests for HIV and hepatitis, as well as for other sexually transmitted infections. What rules are recommended to adhere to to get the most accurate results of the study?

  1. The blood must be given out on an empty stomach. It is advisable not to eat for the last 8 hours. The same goes for drinks.
  2. The ideal time for delivery of the analysis is the morning. This is due to the fact that a person will have to endure a hunger strike. It will not have a major impact on the body if the patient is awake.
  3. A few days before the delivery of biological material will have to limit the consumption of salty, sweet, fatty and fried foods. Fast food will also have to be excluded from the diet.
  4. It is recommended to refuse for a week (or better - a month) before researching from bad habits. They can negatively affect all of the listed tests.
  5. For the study of urine it will be necessary to collect the morning portion. It will be the most informative.
  6. 3-4 days before the analysis, exclude sex. Especially in the case of delivery of urine.

All these tips will help to prepare properly for the procedure. Where can I take HIV tests anonymously? For example, in a private network of laboratories "Invitro". In Russia, this clinic is widespread. And all the listed recommendations contribute to obtaining the most accurate result.

Clinical and general blood count

It is difficult to imagine, but an ordinary blood test can also help with the diagnosis of this disease. How exactly? According to the results of the study, one can begin to suspect the presence of an infection in the body.

Before taking an HIV test, it is recommended that a general and clinical blood test be performed. They will help to determine precisely whether there is a probability of infection with immunodeficiency.

All of the previously listed rules concerning preparations for the procedure remain in force. The only thing that is recommended to pay attention to the results of the study. After all, in clinical or General analysis of a blood there will be no mention of HIV. In this research, there are many other indicators. Depending on them may be of interest to disease in the body.


Suppose a citizen decides where to take an HIV test. Anonymous or not - it does not matter. But before this, the patient decides to conduct a general and clinical analysis of the blood. What are the features of this study to pay attention to? Under what circumstances is it recommended to conduct an HIV test?

It is recommended to donate blood for HIV if the following changes in biological material are observed:

  • ESR increases;
  • the number of leukocytes decreases;
  • platelets decrease;
  • hemoglobin is reduced.

It is this interpretation of the general or clinical analysis of blood that should lead to additional studies. Where is the HIV test? In any medical center or polyclinic.

And what if a person came to the result of a test for HIV? You can rely on the following decoding (in quantitative analysis):

  • 20-10 6 copies / ml - HIV infection;

In other cases, usually on the results come the exact presence or absence of the infection being studied. Either "+" or "-" will be marked in the corresponding line.

Results and conclusions

Where it is proposed to take the HIV test anonymously without much difficulty, of course. And what is needed to get the most accurate results too. For the patient, this process will differ little from ordinary blood any research. Preparation process is the same.

Where can I take HIV tests anonymously? This service is provided in medical laboratories and clinics. It is in great demand. In Russia, it is now recommended that you carefully monitor your health and conduct a study at least once a year. Where, can I take tests (HIV) anonymously, how correctly to prepare for the process? The answers to these questions are no longer a mystery.