Many people have permanent income from sources that are not documented for any reason, therefore they are officially classified as unemployed. How to get a loan for the unemployed? This issue worries certain segments of the population who urgently need money, and document their income they can not.

Also, no one is immune from the fact that one day he may be left without work, replenishing the ranks of unemployed citizens. At this point, the money begins to run out of money. In our country, this problem is not uncommon, since it is associated with low salaries. People simply can not save money for a minimal airbag. In this regard, a feverish search for funds by banks begins.Where and how to get a loan for the unemployed?

Why do banks issue loans to the unemployed?

To date, different categories of citizens can receive credit, including unemployed. Banks have become more loyal to their customers. This is due to the great competition in the banking sector. Bankers are trying to maximally omit the bar of the package of documents that the borrower must provide to the bank to obtain borrowed funds. This policy is aimed at the category of citizens who at the moment can not provide documents to the bank confirming their solvency.

"Where can I get a loan for an unemployed person?" Is the main issue of an unofficially employed worker. Below we list the main banks that work with such categories of citizens.

List of banks issuing loans to unofficially working citizens

I want to note right away that the state creditor of Sberbank will not provide a loan to the unemployed in the near future due to unreasonable employment of citizens due to high risks of non-return of funds. Exceptions are only unemployed pensioners.

In addition to the Savings Bank, there are many other banks ready to turn a blind eye to the lack of necessary certificates and issue a loan on one trust. These include: Bank Home Credit, OTP Bank, Russian Standard Bank, Alfa-Bank, Orient Express Bank, Bank of Moscow and many others.

Detailed information about each of the listed banks and their product line can be viewed on official websites.

Where can I get a loan for an unemployed person who does not have a permanent income?

This category of citizens includes:

  • Students who receive a scholarship. If there are bad grades, you can stay without it.
  • Women who are on parental leave because the care allowance is paid to the child, not his mother.
  • Persons working for an unregistered employer, that is, an individual, and his activity is difficult to track.

People who do not have a permanent stable income, banks, most likely, will be refused. But you can try to turn to online loans, pawnshops and microfinance organizations. The listed organizations, mainly, issue loans for short terms - up to 30 days.

The concept of "cash to the unemployed" in the professional banking sector does not exist. It is usually called "express credit" or "loan without certificates and guarantors".

It should be understood that for bankers unemployed customers are a risky category of borrowers, because they have to give out a loan based only on trust. Below we will look at the categories of citizens who can count on a positive decision from the bank, even without officially incurring income.

A client who has an informal job

Often, heads of small organizations take employees to work without entering into a labor contract, that is, unofficially. It is beneficial for employers that they do not have to pay any insurance premiums and taxes for employees. As a rule, the main reason lies in the financial aspect. For start-up entrepreneurs to arrange a person to work officially comes out very costly. The employer, in turn, must be registered as an individual entrepreneur, monitor compliance with the correctness and fulfillment of the terms of payments to employees, and pass relevant reports. Of course, this is costly and difficult.

For employees who work without registration in the company, there are many shortcomings and advantages. The main advantage will be that he will not be taxed at 13% of his salary, and the drawback is that he can not prepare the necessary documents for obtaining a loan from the bank, as they receive money from the employer unofficially, "in the envelope." At once there is a question: whether it is possible to receive credit to the unemployed? The answer is yes.

The client, who works on his own without the registration of an IP

As stated earlier, own business is a costly exercise. Many businessmen, when they start their own business, are not ready to pay high taxes. Therefore, at the beginning of the road, they do not hurry to open an IP or an LLC. Therefore, they are often interested in the question of how to get a loan for an unemployed entrepreneur for personal needs. Banks go to meet the following businessmen:

  • Seamstress. They can request a notebook with a list of orders. Make an analysis of the regularity of orders and their payment.
  • Providing services (hairdressers, specialists in nail extensions, eyelashes and others). The client database is checked.
  • Freelancer. You may be asked to open a personal profile in order to analyze the withdrawal of funds for the work done.
  • Driver. Documents for the car must be issued for you. Analyzed contracts with organizations for the transport of goods.
  • Tutor. Having a diploma. Lists of students.

Will the unemployed businessman give credit to the bank, but everyone can apply. The main thing is to be prepared in the question of where the unofficial cash flows come from.

Loan to an unemployed pensioner

This category of citizens make out almost all banks, because pensioners can provide a document confirming their solvency. He is a certificate from the Pension Fund about the amount of pension. It follows that it is not necessary to choose a product with an overvalued interest rate. Providing this document, you can rely on milder conditions.

The most favorable conditions for pension loans are provided by Sberbank. On average, the annual rate for unemployed pensioners is 20%. The conditions are quite acceptable. Non-working disabled persons of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd groups who receive a pension are not included in the number of bank customers. They will be denied, but other commercial banks will gladly consider the applications of such categories of citizens.

What do you need to get a loan for the unemployed quickly?

First of all, you must apply to the bank. You can do this in various ways: via the Internet, by phone, to come personally to the bank. In the column "work" you need to fill out all information about the employer. Know the name of the organization, address and telephone number. As a rule, employers confirm information about the employment of an employee, even if it is not arranged officially. When you are invited to the bank, be prepared to provide additional contact numbers for your relatives, friends, acquaintances or colleagues. A loan to the unemployed, urgently issued, is often issued at a high interest rate. Before entering into a loan agreement, you should carefully read the terms of the loan.

What kind of loan can I take for an unemployed person?

For any purpose, without collateral and guarantors, without certificates from the place of work - this is express credit. Issuing such a loan, the bank is at risk associated with the loan default. It is issued exclusively on trust. The Bank thereby expresses its respect for the client and expects further cooperation with him. The borrower, in turn, should treat the loan with equal respect without delay.

The client is recommended to preliminarily calculate his chances for a positive decision from the bank without a certificate of income. To do this, it is necessary to fill out orders in different banks at the same time. As practice shows, the probability of obtaining a more favorable offer from the bank is higher.

Once the borrower starts working with the bank on an ongoing basis, the requirements to it are reduced, because the risk is lower. Accordingly, the interest rate on the loan also decreases.

How to get a loan for the unemployed on the Express-Credit product?

To obtain an express loan, you need a minimum package of documents. Two documents are required: a passport and one additional document for the choice of the client, identifying the person. They include: a passport, IIN, insurance certificate, driver's license and others.

The borrower receives the loan as soon as possible. The Bank takes a credit decision, analyzing:

  • Customer credit history. It must be positive.
  • Answers to a credit interview. Should coincide with the answers that the client provided earlier when completing the application. All answers, of course, must be truthful and reliable.
  • The information provided by the employer about the borrower, and other contacts that the client left the bank.

Express loans are a very useful and profitable system for issuing loans.

At the moment, the topic "Where and how to get a loan for the unemployed" is very relevant for unemployed and unofficially working citizens, as some of them, like those who work officially, want to get credit for their use. This article gives a detailed answer to this interesting question.