Many people have permanent gains from sources that are not supported by any reasons documented so officially belong to the unemployed category. How to get a loan unemployed? This issue is of concern to certain segments of the population who urgently need money, and to document the income they can not.

Also, no one is immune from the fact that one moment can remain without work, adding to the ranks of the unemployed. In this moment you start rapidly running out of money. In our country this problem is not uncommon, as it is connected with low wages. People just can't save up money on minimum safety cushion. In this regard, begins a frantic search of funds for banks.Where and how to get a loan unemployed?

Why do banks give loans to unemployed?

Today is extended to different categories of citizens, including the unemployed. Banks became more loyal to treat their customers. This is due to the high competition in the banking sector. The bankers are trying to lower the bar of the documents which the borrower must provide the Bank to borrow money. Such policies aimed at categories of citizens who at the moment will not be able to provide the Bank with documents confirming their solvency.

“Where can I get a loan unemployed?” – the main issue informally employed worker. Below are the main banks that operate with such categories of citizens.

List of banks issuing loans unofficially working citizens

Just want to note that the state lender Sberbank loan for unemployed in the near future to provide will not be due to the large risk of defaults means informally employed citizens. The only exceptions are the unemployed and pensioners.

In addition to Sberbank, there are many other banks that were ready to close eyes to the lack of necessary information and to give credit to one trust. These include the following: “Bank home Credit”, “OTP Bank”, “Bank Russian Standard”, “Alfa-Bank”, “Orient Express Bank”, “Bank of Moscow” and many others.

Detailed information about each of the listed banks and the range of their products can be viewed on the official sites.

Where to get a loan unemployed, no fixed income?

For this category of citizens are:

  • Students receiving scholarships. If there are bad grades, you can remain without it.
  • Women who are in holiday on care of the child because the care allowance is paid for the child, and not his mother.
  • Persons working at unregistered under the law of the employer, i.e. natural person, and its activities are difficult to track.

People who do not have permanent stable income, banks will likely refuse. But you can try to contact the Internet loans, pawnshops and microfinance organizations. These organizations mainly give out loans for short periods – up to 30 days.

The concept of “cash loan unemployed” professional in the banking sector does not exist. It is called “Express-credit” or “credit without references and guarantors”.

It should be understood that for the bankers, unemployed clients – risky category of borrowers, because to give them credit is based only on trust. Below are categories of citizens which can count on a positive decision from the Bank, even without having officially subject to income.

The customer, having an informal job

Often the leaders of small organizations get employees to work without employment contract, that is, informally. It is beneficial for employers because they will not have to pay for employees, no insurance premiums and taxes. As a rule, the main reason lies in the financial aspect. For budding entrepreneurs to make a person officially comes out very expensive. The employer in turn must be registered as an individual entrepreneur, to monitor compliance with the correctness and time of payments to employees who pass the appropriate reports. Of course, it is costly and difficult.

For employees coming to work without registration of the company, there are a lot of disadvantages and advantages. The main advantage will be that he will not deduct tax at the rate of 13% of wages, and a lack — the inability to prepare the necessary documents to obtain a Bank loan, since the money from the employer they receive informally, the “envelope”. The question immediately arises: is it possible to get a loan unemployed? The answer is Yes.

The client running on itself without any registration FE

As mentioned earlier, your own business is a costly exercise. Many businesses when starting a business, are not willing to pay high taxes. So in the beginning do not hurry to open IE or LLC. So they are often interested in the question of how to get a loan unemployed entrepreneur for personal needs? Banks are to meet the following business:

  • Seamstress. Can request a notebook with a list of orders. To make the analysis of the regularity of the orders and their payment.
  • The provision of services (hairdressers, nail extensions, eyelashes, etc.). Checks customer database.
  • Freelancer. May be asked to open a personal profile to perform the withdrawal amount for the work done.
  • Driver. The documents should be issued to you. Analyzed contracts with organizations for the carriage of goods.
  • Tutor. The presence of a diploma. Lists of students.

Will give you credit for unemployed businessman to solve the Bank, but contact everyone can. The main thing is to be prepared in the question, where are the informal cash flows.

Loan for unemployed retired

This category of citizens register almost all banks, because retirees can provide proof of their solvency. It is a certificate from PENSIONNOGO Fund the pension. From this it follows that it is not necessary to choose a product with a high interest rate. By providing this document, you can count on more lenient terms.

The most favorable conditions of the pension credit gives the savings Bank. The average annual rate for unemployed pensioners is 20%. The conditions are quite reasonable. Unemployed disabled persons of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd group receiving a pension in the Bank are not included. They will be refused, but the other commercial banks will be happy to consider requests of such categories of citizens.

You need to get a loan unemployed quickly?

You first need to apply to the Bank. It can be done in different ways: via Internet, telephone or come in person to the Bank. In the “work” you need to fill in all the information about the employer. Know the organization name, address and phone number. As a rule, employers confirm information on the employment of the employee, even if that is not arranged officially. When you are invited to the Bank, be prepared to provide additional contact numbers for your relatives, friends, acquaintances or colleagues. Loan for unemployed, urgent feature, often issued at high interest rate. Before you sign a loan agreement, you should carefully review the terms of lending.

What we can take credit to the unemployed?

For any purpose without collateral or guarantors, without certificates of employment is an Express loan. Giving out such a loan, the Bank takes the risk associated with repayment loans. It must be made solely on trust. The Bank expresses thereby their respect for the client and pre-supposes the further cooperation with him. The borrower in turn should be the same with respect to the payment of the loan without delay.

The client is advised to pre-calculate your odds for a positive decision from the Bank without income certificate. You have to fill the application in different banks simultaneously. As practice shows, the probability of obtaining a more favorable offer from the Bank above.

Once the borrower begins working with the Bank on an ongoing basis, the requirements for it go down because the risk is lower. Respectively, and decreases the interest rate on the loan.

How to get a loan unemployed the product of "Express-credit"?

To receive the Express credit the required minimum package of documents. Definitely need two documents — a passport and one additional document on the client's choice of identity. These include: passport, TIN, certificate of insurance, driving license and others.

The loan the borrower promptly. The Bank makes credit decisions by analyzing:

  • Credit history of the customer. It should be positive.
  • Answers to the credit interview. Must match the answers that the customer has previously provided when filling out the application. All answers must be truthful and accurate.
  • The information provided by the employer of the borrower, and other contacts that the customer has left the Bank.

Quick loans — a very useful and beneficial system of issuing loans.

At the moment the theme of "Where and how to get a loan unemployed" is very relevant the unemployed and informally employed citizens, because some of them, as persons working officially, I want to obtain credit in their use. This article details the answer to this interesting question.