Tie is present in the wardrobe of almost every representative of the strong half of humanity. It is an attribute of masculinity and style. The question of whether you can combine a tie with a shirt with a short sleeve, often pops up in men, guys, their wives and moms. Therefore, this article will consider this topic.

Tie with a shirt with a short sleeve for release

Rules for the etiquette of wearing short-sleeved shirts

According to business etiquette, there is an opinion that such a combination is permissible, but only if the man does not take off his jacket. But this is not always convenient for the representative of the strong half of humanity. Another opinion is that such a duet is welcomed in the summer. He does not provide for wearing a jacket. A tie with a shirt with a short sleeve according to another rule of etiquette presupposes a positive attitude to this aspect. However, the condition is that the shirt should be selected only monophonic, without any patterns. According to etiquette, you need to wear a shirt with a long sleeve under the jacket. Cuffs in this case should be 1 - 2 cm. In this outfit a man looks stylish, elegant and in accordance with the business style.

Do they wear a shirt with a short sleeve on etiquette? This is a question from the same sphere as the women's dilemma about whether one can not wear a summer dress under a dress in stockings. There is no definitive answer. Here, each person decides how to act. Therefore, let's just say that the question is, is it possible to wear a tie with a shirt with a short sleeves according to etiquette, refers to rhetorical themes. And the right of choice lies on the shoulders of the man himself. There is another little nuance here. It is very important that a person feel comfortable in his attire. Therefore, he can wear a tie with a shirt with a short sleeve for release. This option also looks stylish. But, of course, it is suitable only for an informal environment.

What shirts with short sleeves to choose a tie?

As already mentioned, the advice is to choose one-color garments. A tie with a shirt with a short sleeve will be combined if you follow simple recommendations on the selection of colors. So, it is necessary to take into account the tone. In this case, the tie is better not to pick up variegated colors, with drawings or screaming patterns. In this case, the standard table on the combination of tones will help. Also, if you want to wear a tie with a shirt with a short sleeve, photos of the successful options can be viewed below. You can always choose for yourself something suitable.

Successful color solutions

If nothing comes to mind, and the variety of options just confuses you, you can give preference to a win-win version of the outfit. Classics of the genre can be called a combination of a white shirt and a dark blue tie. This duet looks great and is appropriate in many situations.

Wearing a tie with a shirt with a short sleeve will be a pleasure if the details of the clothes are successful in color. Also, the tie can be matched to the color of the shirt. In this case, it should be on tone - two lighter or darker. It should also be remembered that such a shirt is designed for summer time, early autumn or late spring, when the heat is on the street. Therefore, its color should not be dark. In accordance with the tie and select it, based on this factor. Knowing these simple rules, every man can look stylish. The attire will indicate the presence of taste in its owner.

Holiday options

A tie with a shirt with a short sleeve for graduation from an educational institution, for a wedding, for a corporate party or other holidays is not entirely the right choice. Such events require solemnity. It is unlikely that she will be able to provide such a choice. However, there is good news. It comes from the fashion trends of modern times. Some fashion houses at their shows offered a tie with a shirt with a short sleeve as an option for festive events. So now the bravest men can combine fashion and comfort.

Features of short sleeve shirt styles

There are also certain nuances concerning the shirt itself. This concerns the style. It is best not to select a wide-cut shirt. Sleeves also should not be free. Best suited for a tie shirt with a short sleeve, which intelligently covers the body and hands. So, the image will look stylish and youthful, appropriate and impressive.

Features of ties suitable for shirts with short sleeves

It is also necessary to take into account not only the style of the shirt, but also the design of the accessory itself. The gurus of the fashion industry are advised to choose narrow ties, not standard sizes. Thanks to this feature, the image becomes easy and not overloaded. There is a certain brevity. The man looks in such clothes strictly and in a businesslike way. Also one more fashionable advice is the selection of a knitted tie model, which has become very popular these days.

A short digression into the history

Where did the shirts with short sleeves come from? Who invented them? There are two versions. According to the first, such shirts became popular due to the fact that long-sleeved shirts were far too expensive for all men. By the presence of cuffs, by their type the status of this or that person and his family as a whole was determined. Therefore, shirts with short sleeves were more accessible to the general public.

According to the second version, the wives of workers cut off their sleeves to their husbands, so that later they would not suffer from washing and sewing. Thus, the shirt in question became a sign of the poor who belonged to the working class peasant class.

To be or not to be?

So what are the conclusions to be drawn? What is the opinion to adhere to? Can I wear a tie with a shirt with a short sleeve? This choice is strictly individual. Given all the features of such a combination, you also need to know the following nuances.

A good addition to this image will be accessories. It can be a men's bag in the tone of a tie, giving charm and style. Pants are better to choose a narrow cut. They should be more similar to narrower models. Also a good choice will be jeans, if a tie with a shirt with a short sleeve is worn not for business situations. This will be appropriate for everyday, walking out into the light. This outfit will look very impressive.

And the most important thing is to be guided by your feelings and taste! After all, in the first place, a person should be comfortable in their clothes. And if there is such a feeling, then the spirit is raised, and confidence is present!

So, remembering several rules in a combination of things and colors, adding a little imagination, every representative of a strong half of humanity can feel like a king of fashion and style. It remains to add that today you can safely experiment. Perhaps this will find your own style.