Abdusalam Gadisov is a famous fighter who acts in freestyle for Russia. He is a multiple winner and champion of a huge number of competitions. He is known by numerous admirers of martial arts, not only in Russia, but throughout the world. In his youth, he was engaged not only in wrestling, but also kickboxing and wushu. But in the end, the athlete preferred a more classic sport.

Brief biography of the fighter

An outstanding athlete is Abdusalam Gadisov. His biography began in 1989, March 26th. His hometown is Makhachkala. He studied the future fighter in the branch of the Economic University in Rostov. In his youth, he represented the Dynamo sports school in his hometown of Makhachkala. And still he is engaged in this building.

He spent all his free time in the gym, but then he realized that it was not only strength training, but also good technique. After all, muscle mass does not play a decisive role in wrestling. During the junior competitions Gadisov could not catch the stars from the sky. But the coaches tried to calm the boy down. They told him that you should not give up, that you need to do a lot of work and do your best.

Thanks to his efforts on the carpet and, of course, his talent, such a strong and agile fighter as Abdusalam Gadisov became an outstanding athlete of Russia. His nationality is Avar, since he was born in the Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. But he managed to get a higher education, although he chose a completely non-athletic training profile. Abdusalam wanted to learn as an economist for security in the future.

Gadisov Abdusalam - champion in freestyle wrestling in Russia and the world

Early career Gadisova

Abdusalam already at a young age won his first important victories. In 2008, he managed to get the championship in wrestling in Russia, and a little later in the world.

When his debut among adults took place, the athlete immediately entrenched in the role of leader. He received the champion title in single combat single style in Russia. But for a long time to keep this title he failed. The obstacle was an unusual injury. His eyebrow was cut too often. In addition, the wrestler had problems with overweight.

Diversity in the sports life of Abdusalam

Gadisov Abdusalam during his career participated in a variety of competitions and championships. In 2012, he was part of the wrestling team at the Olympic Games, which were held in London. He managed to take only ninth place. But in this case, experts attributed part of the blame to the tournament grid, since at the initial stage of the fights she brought young Gadisov with the strongest athlete in the world - Reza Yazdani from Iran. In 2015, the championship was held in freestyle wrestling in Russia. Abdusalam fought against Vladislav Baytsev. The wrestler won this fight. As a result, he became the winner in the competition.

Athlete achievements

Gadisov Abdusalam is a Russian freestyle wrestler. Four times he managed to win wrestling championships in Russia, twice in Europe. In addition, he won the title of world champion, which brought him international fame. From the very beginning of sports, he managed to win the championship in the World Junior Championships, which was held in 2008. In 2010, he won the World Cup. In 2015, Abdusalam was awarded the honorary title. He became the Honored Master of Sports of Russia. In addition, he received the Ramzan Kadyrov Cup, and also won the Grand Prix of the Ivan Yarygin Cup.

The personal life of the Russian wrestler

Abdusalam Mamatkhanovich Gadisov made a decision to say goodbye to his bachelor life in 2013. Amina Mutalieva, a law student, became his chosen one.

Before marriage, Amina and Abdusalam met for two years. And young people met much earlier. The girl was born in the Avar village of Kuletsma. It was there that the father of Gadisov grew up, and the athlete himself often visited this village. The wedding was played according to folk traditions. Among the invited guests were all coaches and sports leaders of the wrestler. Gadisov even decided to call on the celebration of the entire Dagestan wrestling team. Interestingly, the marriage did not adversely affect the athlete’s career, and vice versa. After the wedding, he won victories in several important and prestigious fights.

Interesting Facts

The wrestler Abdusalam Gadisov is known in Russia and all over the world. Height, weight of the athlete - 181 cm and 97 kg, respectively. It should be noted that the wrestler was repeatedly invited to participate in professional MMA championships, in other words - in wrestling tournaments without rules. This is a spectacular sport that requires not only sports training, but also skills in playing on stage images. At the moment, an athlete from Dagestan refuses to participate in this sport. But he does not deny that in the future he may agree to compete in MMA. Gadisov Abdusalam is considered one of the best fighters in Russia and the world. He deserved respect and popularity, as he put a lot of effort on the path to success in freestyle wrestling competitions.