Almost any woman in their lives wonders: how many children will I have? The question is not idle, and very natural. Girls are internally preparing to leave and other important chores that last until Sedin. They are pleasant and exciting, many consider them the most important in life. Let's look at the "How many children". Experts advise to trust of palmistry. If you are able to properly dispose of the knowledge, then the future will not throw up unpleasant surprises. On divination by the hand, and stop in the first place.

Divination How many children will I have

Palmistry: subtleties and nuances

Before to explain, where on the palm the line of children, it is necessary to make preliminary comments. Guessing on the arm, "How many children" has certain subtleties. We all have two hands. On the left of the line indicate the life that we planned before birth. This can be treated in different ways, but it cannot be denied that there is a divine plan that is adjusted will of man.

That managed to earn inscribed on the right palm. Therefore, asking the question: "How many children will I have?" – look at both. Line many vary considerably. And the point here is how you managed to influence the fate decisions and actions. And the left hand is also corrected. That is constantly present not only affects the future but also the past, although to a lesser extent. To determine the number of offspring is possible only in the present moment. For most of the forecast will remain in force until old age. There are exceptions, when the palm is changing dramatically. But this requires a serious, momentous event. An example would be the salvation from the death or aid in the preservation of life of a large number of people. Such cases are written off karma, changing fate and the like.


You think that only girls are asking: "How many children will I have?" Men are also interested in the question, but not so clearly. Young people think about it in solitude, trying not to show his concern. So, on their palms, too, there are corresponding lines. But the meaning of them is somewhat different. Men allowed to scatter their seed. At all times there were situations when they did not even know how many women impregnated. This is happening now. Because on the hand of a young man contains information about all the possible babies, and just about anyone in the education which he actively participates. These include not only biological offspring but rather those which will arise a spiritual connection in life. And such may well be the wife's children from her first marriage, nephews, grandchildren or relatives. Young people should take this fact into account when trying to independently perform the divination. How many children marriage will give, also look at the left palm.

Where the line of offspring?

Start the process of divination. Consider the left palm. Under each finger it is obviously eye-catching bump. Under the little finger – the place that you want to spend the divination by the hand, “How many children”. Photo of the palm print (see above) shows this area (outlined in red). Need to find it and count the stripes. They tell you about how many descendants can a woman conceive and bear. And men they portend those children whom they raise. You need to pay attention only on the clear strips. Specialists use the print or a magnifying glass. Consider other hand, compare with the first. Often such a simple way to determine the load of karma. This factor depends on the difference of the bands. It is considered a good omen if there is no difference, that is, the right hand contains the same characters as on defining divination hand. Along the lines of how many children will be born, we can predict only for the current period. Sometimes it is necessary to verify the information, not whether there has been change.

The decrypted line

Trying to demystify the question: "How many children will I have?" – do not stop halfway. The hand tells a lot more. So, the sex of the child shows the length of the line. Brief indicates on girls, longer – boys. Note that this factor is extremely individual. You should compare only lines own palm, not the pictures or the wrong hands. If you find a tick, that is, the two strips converging in one place, wait for the twins. Their gender is also determined by the length of the lines. The clarity of markings on the skin says the fate of the offspring. If the line is there, never interrupted, so the fate of the child will be happy, he has greatness in life. Weak, barely visible stripes portend poor health or problems. By the way, the intermittent line indicates the probability of miscarriage.

If the palm of the guidance on abortion?

These marks will be found on the right hand. From birth are planned only on the issue of health, i.e. miscarriages in women. Abortion is the solution to most failed mom. Such signs, despite popular opinion, does not exist. The lack of lines in the specified location speaks to karmic issues. And no matter how he thinks of people, infertility is a punishment for past transgressions. It is quite possible to work in the current incarnation, then the pattern on the hand will change.

Other ways to read children

Note that the above method is considered to be the most truthful. Sometimes, though, you have to resort to professional help, as independently it is impossible to understand. But not everyone has the opportunity to find a normal witch, who would honestly held divination. How to know how many will be children? It can be done in other ways. Not necessarily to give a lot of money questionable specialist. Perform the ritual with the wedding ring. He gets a lot of rave reviews. People are talking about a large percentage of matches. To do so: link to ringlet thread length of not less than twenty inches. Hold the loose end in your right hand, raise them high. The ring itself hold in your right hand. The thread pull. Carefully release the ring and watch his movements.

Deciphering divination

After a quite short time, the pendulum will begin to swing. If moving from one to the other side (regardless of direction), it's a boy. When the ring describes a circle – girl. When clearly established the result, again clamp the ring in his hand. Wait a bit and release again. This should be done until, until it finally stops. This behavior indicates a lack of ability to conceive. The results are different: some can't wait to stop, the other ring does not want to move. All here individually, however, as our fates. Recommended divination done in a relaxed, friendly mood. Excitement affects the reliability of the results, reducing its. In addition, it is better to guess not more than once a year. It is believed that every attempt is about more than the previous one. And this divination heralds only future children. About already available it says nothing.

Fortune telling with stones

Finally we present another way to look into the future. This divination is performed with stones. You need to collect ten pieces. Well suited smooth pebbles. On each stone write a number, including zero. Enter the water in a bowl or pan. Place in container of your stones. Watch the figures. They will start to fade slowly. You can put a container under the faucet to create a flow. The latest figure, which would be clearly visible, and predict the number of children. If the stones, it is impossible to write, the number is applied on small pieces of paper. Glue them to the rocks and spend everything as described. Wait for the latest figures. If you get "zero", do not worry. This information is for the decisive person is also useful. Engage in the study of karma. After some time the situation will change. But once a year, do not guess, the results are deceptive, incorrect.