Any person, regardless of his status and social status, always wants to look into the future. The great rulers did not neglect this either. Catherine II loved mysticism very much and was happy to host witches from all over the world. Divination, Catherine Solitaire has always been popular with both the ladies of the palace and the common people. It is known for certain that in ancient times even some vagrants always carried a bag with figures. When they found themselves in a difficult situation or at a crossroads, it was Catherine's fortune-telling that helped them find a way out.

Catherine's fortune-telling will reveal the secret of the future

Subtleties of divination

Essentially, Catherine's fortune telling is a kind of solitaire. Some contemporaries argue that you can only add solitaire through cards. However, it is not. For this ritual can be used any figures or cards with the image. The main thing - to be able to correctly decipher the resulting alignment. There are many variants of solitaire with 40 characters. One of them is Catherine's fortune-telling on three cards. In order to correctly understand the alignment, one should not only learn the interpretation of symbols, but also be able to intuitively understand the situation.

How to guess

Catherine's divination should be carried out in complete silence. Guessing is desirable to be in the room alone, so as not to mix energy. Then three cards or figures are taken out of the bag and put them on the table in the same order in which they fell. This is very important because the correct interpretation of events depends not only on the meanings of the symbols, but also on their sequence.

Catherine's fortune-telling does not give clear answers, it only describes the situation. It is necessary to understand and try not to be nervous when you cannot understand what exactly the higher forces say to you. So, you are not yet ready to accept this situation, everything will come with time.

Catherine's Divination: the meaning of symbols

  • Heart pierced by an arrow - you will have heart experiences.
  • The image of the heart - very soon you will be recognized in love or you have a secret admirer.
  • United wedding rings - your feelings are mutual, soon you should expect a marriage proposal.
  • Flower - unfortunately, your feelings are not mutual.
  • Bow - an intimate relationship.
  • Church - in the near future we should expect serious changes.
  • The image of a man - a male person will appear in the life of a fortuneteller. And it can be both an old man and a child.
  • The image of a woman - a new man will appear in the life of a fortuneteller. Also this figure can mean gossip.
  • Door lock - you will learn a secret or someone else will trust you.
  • The bell - very soon you will have an important conversation, which can have unpredictable consequences.
  • The key is you will find the right answer to your question.
  • Car or carriage - a business trip or a trip on an important matter.
  • Drum with flags - a successful completion of the case, a victory over an opponent.
  • The book is paperwork.
  • A knife or dagger is a betrayal, a quarrel with a close one.
  • Anchor - guessing will be able to achieve the goal, only by showing character.
  • Bridal veil - to the wedding.
  • Cross - hard work that can negatively affect health.
  • Horseshoe - to the happy completion of all cases.
  • The crown is an overbearing person or a quick promotion, giving almost unlimited power over subordinates.
  • Candle - sadness.
  • Damn - seduction, deception.
  • The skull is a serious illness.
  • Money - fast profit.
  • Hair - family relationships.
  • Scales - fluctuations, indecision.
  • Swan - loyalty, love.
  • The starry sky and the month - a new acquaintance, which will turn into a close relationship.
  • The ship is a pleasant trip.
  • Rainbow - love date, scheduled meeting.
  • The envelope - the news.
  • Bonfire - the excitement for loved ones.
  • Chains - something is stopping you from reaching your goal.
  • Tree - a meeting that will bring a positive result.
  • The arrow is an unexpected event.
  • The sun - everything will clear up soon.
  • Snail - a secret desire to come true in the near future.
  • A glass is a feast.
  • Sultan - patron.
  • Hand - you are ready to assist.

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