Gabriela Sukalova is a famous Czech biathlete. He is a multiple prize winner of the World Cup, an Olympic medalist, winner of individual and team races. What merits did Gabriela Sukalova become famous for? Personal life, photos and biography of the athletes will be considered further.

early years

Gabriela Sukalova: biography, career, personal life

Gabriela Sukalova, whose photo can be seen in this material, was born on November 1, 1989 in a small town of Jablonec nad Nisou in Czechoslovakia. The girl's parents were professional athletes. Father was a member of the national team for ski jumping from a springboard. Mother was engaged in skiing and also played for the Czechoslovak national team, took prizes at the Olympic Games.

Gabriela Sukalova, whose personal life has faded from childhood, dreamed of a professional skier's career day and night, wishing to exceed the achievements of her parents. Nevertheless, the girl's excessive concentration on sports did not prevent her from successfully graduating from school. Then Gabriela Sukalova was enrolled in the institute, where she began to get involved in vocal and playing the piano. The main profile in the higher educational institution for her became foreign languages. By the way, today the sportswoman surprises the audience with her fluency in English and uncommon vocal data.

Start a sports career

Gabriela Sukalova, photo of which is presented in the article, came to the big biathlon in 2005. In 2008, a talented athlete was enrolled in the national team. Soon the girl went along with teammates to the Junior World Championship. However, here it was expected the first setbacks and disappointments. As a result of the competition, the athlete was never able to jump higher than the 20th position in any race. However, despite such modest results, Gabriela Sukalova was not sent by coaches to the reserve. Already at the start of the next season, the biathlete took part in the continental World Cup. Here the girl brought a lot of points to the credit of the Czech team, which won the gold medal of the championship.

In 2009 Gabriela Sukalova took part in the Biathlon World Cup race for the first time in her career. The athlete showed good accuracy in the shooting. However, she was let down by a fairly low speed over a long distance.

With the start of the 2012-2013 season. in the life of Gabriela started a band of luck. At the start of the World Cup in Pokljuka, she was among the top ten athletes. From that moment, Sukalova no longer missed the opportunity to hit the spectacle zone. At the next stage of the international competitions in Khanty-Mansiysk, the biathlete won the race three times, which allowed her to be on the 6th position in the overall World Cup ranking by the end of the year.

Olympic Games

At the Olympics, Gabriela Soukalova was first in 2010. Intercontinental competitions were held in Vancouver, Canada. The debut of the talented sportswoman was greased. In personal races, Sukalova showed only the 60th result, and the relay race together with the team-mates finished at the 16th position.

Where Gabriela Sukalova, whose photo you can see above, is more productive, performed at the Sochi Olympics, which took place in 2014. In the sprint, the athlete took the 29th place. In the pursuit of the biathlete was not enough seconds to be in third position. In the individual race, Sukalov again became the 4th.

The most successful for Gabriela was a mass start. The Czech biathlete took second place here and for the first time in her career received the Olympic medal. Sookalova won her second silver medal in the mixed relay race.

Gabriela Sukalova: personal life

Almost all the time the athlete spends on training and participation in the start. In view of the loaded schedule, she practically does not have to be distracted by anything else. However, Gabriela Sukalova, whose photo can be seen in this section, still found time to start a relationship with a young man. The Czech badminton player Peter Koukal became the chosen sportswoman.

In the spring of 2016, the couple played a wedding. It is noteworthy that the ceremony of marriage took place on Friday, the 13th. However, such a frightening date did not stop future spouses, since it was not possible for Gabriela Sukalova to postpone the wedding for another time. Photos of the pair are presented above.