The Russian school of goalkeepers is rightfully considered one of the best to this day. There are a number of footballers among players who have experience in top European championships among Russian goalkeepers. One of them is the goalkeeper of “Krasnodar” Stanislav Kritsyuk, who on himself tried all the power and style of Portuguese football.

Football childhood

Kritsyuk Stanislav Vasilyevich was born on December 1, 1990 in Tolyatti. From the time of going to primary school, the parents sent the boy to the football section, from where he soon transferred to the Yury Konoplev Football Academy. The goalkeeper's talent was very noticeable to the school's mentors, and after completing the training, in 2008, Stanislav Kritsuk was invited to play for the team of the Second Division - “Academy”.

Coming to adult football

For the first adult team, Stanislav played only 4 meetings in which he missed 4 goals, after which he changed the club, signing an agreement with FC Togliatti. The first time the goalkeeper took the place of the second number, most of the games being on the bench. But in the second year, the coaching staff began to trust the player more, who eventually took part in 18 meetings in two seasons, conceding a total of 36 goals, which was not very pleasing to the club management. Nevertheless, the potential and great talent of the player allowed the coaches to count on him, and sometimes Stanislav Kritsyuk showed an incredible reaction and game on the goal line.

Return to the “Academy”

Football player Stanislav Kritsyuk: biography, achievements and interesting facts

At the beginning of 2010, due to the merger of FC Togliatti with Akademiya, the goalkeeper was back in his own club, but, being already a more experienced player, he increasingly got a chance to prove himself. During the first season alone, Stanislav Kritsuk, a football player who regularly invited to youth and junior teams, took part in 20 meetings of the Togliatti club, conceding 22 goals. Despite the bright game of the goalkeeper, in the next two seasons, the club mentors did not often let the player to the base. Dissatisfied with his position, in 2013, Stanislav decided to change the team.

Travel to Portugal

The Portuguese “Braga” decided to sign the talented Russian. The first half of the season Stanislav Kritsuk played for the second part of the club, where he tried to prove himself in order to get into the foundation. During this period, Kritsyuk showed a decent game, for 12 meetings he played three times “to zero”, but due to the presence of more experienced masters, he was forced to take the second part of the championship out of the team. At the request of the goalkeeper, the club management agreed to rent a player to another club of the Portuguese Championship - “Rio Ave”.

However, the goalkeeper almost did not get the match practice there - for all the time in the club from the city of Vila do Conde, he appeared on the field only in three meetings, in each of which he missed one goal. However, after returning to “Braga”, the Russian began to get a little time playing in the championship. On August 17, 2014, the goalkeeper found out a good news for himself - Stanislav Kritsuk will take a place at the gate against the Boavista club. The goalkeeper spent his debut match for “Braga” very confidently, not allowing the opponent to never hit the gate. The Russian held 4 more meetings in a row in the starting lineup, after which he was again on the bench. In the course of the season, Kritsyuk went on the field 18 more times, having spent most of the games as part of the Portuguese cups, and completed the next football year with 8 “crackers” from 21 meetings.

He showed good results in the 2015/16 season. Having played the entire first half of the championship, the Russian in 18 meetings missed only 13 goals, in 9 matches he left his goal intact. This result attracted attention from a number of European clubs, and at the end of 2015, the goalkeeper received an offer from the Russian Krasnodar, where he went on loan for half a year with the right of redemption.

The game for “Krasnodar”

At the time of Stanislav’s arrival in the Krasnodar club, the team already had two experienced gate guards - Andrei Dykan and Andrei Sinitsyn, but from the very first match Stanislav Kritsuk won a place at the base. For “Krasnodar”, he played the rest of the season, in 12 meetings, 8 times, keeping his goal “dry”, conceding only 6 goals. The club’s satisfied management refused to return the player to Portugal and took advantage of the right of redemption, signing a contract with the goalkeeper until the summer of 2020.

2015/16 Russian season also began as the first goalkeeper of the club. Regularly appearing on the field both in the Russian Championship and in the European League, by the end of 2016, he was one of the leaders of the Premier League in the number of “dry” matches - he had 8 of them in 17 rounds. As part of the European Cup series, Stanislav played two meetings of qualification “to zero”, and then in 5 games of the group stage he became one of the creators of the club’s exit to the playoffs, conceding only 6 goals, once retaining zero on the opponent’s account. In the winter transfer window of the 2016/17 season, the goalkeeper was interested in Petersburg “Zenith”, but the player’s transfer did not take place.

National successes

And in 2016, Krytsyuk was waiting for an invitation to the main national team. In March, the goalkeeper was called for a friendly match against the Lithuanian team, but did not appear on the field, and six months later, on November 10, the goalkeeper made his debut. As part of a friendly match with Qatar, Stanislav replaced Igor Akinfeev on the field, who was injured, and recorded 33 minutes of spectacular saves, but missed one goal.

Personal life

Stanislav Kritsyuk, whose personal life was poorly covered by the media, and the goalkeeper himself rarely published his photos on the Internet, was completely absorbed in his career.

At the moment, the goalkeeper of the Russian national team and “Krasnodar” is single, but for a long time he has met with a girl, Yulia, in whose company she loves to spend most of her time.

Successes in the Portuguese and Russian elite

For 9 years of professional career in the composition of 5 different clubs spoke Stanislav Kritsyuk. Statistics goalkeeper every year shows a steady growth in his level, and the call to the national team in 2016 is another proof of this.

In the second division of the championship of Russia, where the Russian goalkeeper began his career, Stanislav spent 61 matches for the “Academy” and “Togliatti”, in which he missed 76 goals. The next stage in the career of the goalkeeper was the Portuguese championship. As part of the second team, “Braga”, he played 12 meetings in the second league of the championship - Ledman League Pro, where he retained the gate on the castle three times, conceding 14 goals. In the Sagrish League, where the Russian managed to play for “Braga” and for “Rio Ave”, there were 30 games with Stanislav, exactly half of them he played “to zero”, 19 times took the ball out of the net.

As part of the Portuguese Cup and the League Cup, the Russian has 12 meetings with 19 goals and 4 “dried breadcrumbs”. For a season and a half in the Russian Premier League, where Kritsyuk came in 2015, while only 28 matches were listed, in 16 of which the opponent was unable to print the gates of Krasnodar, and only after breaking through the goalkeeper 19 times, and in the Russian Cup, Kritsuk appeared only twice, conceding three goals. In the main competition at the moment of Stanislav - the League of Europe, to his credit only 7 meetings with 6 goals and three matches “to zero”. In total at this stage in the statistics of the goalkeeper 152 matches in which he missed 149 goals, and 47 “dry” meetings. For the main Russian national team, Krytsyuk has only one match and one missed goal.