Andriy Shevchenko is one of the most famous football players of Ukraine and the entire post-Soviet space. In his best football years, he shone in the most famous clubs in Europe and was one of the leaders there.

Shevchenko made an invaluable contribution to the development of Ukrainian football, because he is the only player of the post-Soviet space, which in the 21st century became the owner of the most prestigious individual award - the "Golden Ball". Currently he is the head coach of the Ukrainian team. On this post, he was appointed on July 15, 2016.

Childhood and youth

Shevchenko Andrey Nikolaevich was born on September 29, 1976 in a small village called Dvorkivschina, located in the Kiev region. The father of the future football star Nikolai Grigorievich saw his son as a general. He himself was a military man and wanted Andrew to follow the same path. Andrey's mother, Lyubov Nikolaevna, worked as a teacher in kindergarten for 20 years. She told me that from the age of three little Andryusha literally fell in love with a soccer ball.

Andrey Shevchenko was very active and mobile in his childhood, constantly bruised. As often happens, the future striker started from the position of the goalkeeper. Then he went into defense and only later became an attacker. The first coach of Shevchenko was Alexander Shpakov, who saw the game of 9-year-old Andrew for the school team and immediately took him to the "Dynamo". So begins the path of a great football player.

The first steps in football. Dynamo (Kyiv)

At the age of 16, namely in the spring of 1992, Shevchenko became a player of Dynamo 2. But for a long time Andrei did not stay there, after all, a year later the coach of Dynamo Kiev Josef Szabo took a talented young man to his team.

Footballer Andriy Shevchenko: biography, personal life, sports career

Debuted Shevchenko for the adult team in 1994, November 8, in a match against the Donetsk "Shakhtar". In his first season, the striker scored 3 goals in 23 games, but one of them - in the game of the group stage of the Champions League against the "Bavaria" from Munich. In the following seasons Shevchenko gradually becomes the leader of the club, despite his young age. With the Dynamo Kyiv, Andrei becomes the champion of the country for the first time and wins twice in the Cup.

The popularity of the football player

Widely known as the forward was not for performances in the Cup and the championship of Ukraine, but for the games in the Champions League. At that time, under the guidance of the brilliant coach Valery Lobanovsky, "Dynamo" represented a real threat to the whole of European football. In the 1997/1998 season, a young guy draws a hat trick at the Camp Nou at the gates of the Spanish Barcelona. The name of this guy is Andrey Shevchenko. Footballer got popularity after this game, which is still remembered by the loyal fans of the club.

A year later, the team of Valery Lobanovsky reaches the Champions League semi-final, where the offense is inferior to all the same "Bavaria" in the sum of two matches. On the way to the semifinals, "Dynamo" was able to beat Madrid "Real". Shevchenko scored all goals against the Spaniards.

This year was a turning point in the career of a football player. After this magnificent season the ranks of the Italian "Milan" joined the new forward - Andrey Shevchenko. His biography as a great footballer begins in Kiev, and finds its continuation in Italy, where Shevchenko became a real hero.

Time spent at Milan

Andriy Shevchenko perfectly fit into the scheme of the game, "Milan" and in the first match in Serie A scored a goal. In the debut season, Andrew became the top scorer of the championship, scoring 24 goals. At the same time, he designed the first hat-trick in Italy, scoring three goals for the Roman "Lazio". The next seven seasons were like in a fairy tale. With "Milan" Shevchenko won all possible trophies, and being in the status of one of the leaders of the team.

Fans of the club adored the Ukrainian footballer and gave him the nickname "Tsar". In the 2002/2003 season, he scored the winning penalty to the goal of Juventus, bringing Milan the victory in the most prestigious club tournament. And in 2004 the new owner of the "Golden Ball" - Andrey Shevchenko was named. The footballer was previously nominated for this award, but twice became the third.

There were unsuccessful moments for Shevchenko in "Milan". In 2005 in the Champions League final against Liverpool striker missed a crucial penalty, and the Italians lost the title. However, it should not all the blame for it to hang on the Ukrainian striker, because the best goals of Andriy Shevchenko had scored in games AC Milan.

The game for Chelsea

When Shevchenko turned 30, in 2006 he moved to London "Chelsea". Many experts believe that this was his fatal mistake, since after the transition Shevchenko became a completely different player. Some people think that it's all about permanent injuries, but most still lean toward another option.

The fact is that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich bought Shevchenko without asking the head coach of the team. And, as you know, Jose Mourinho is not one of those who admit such an attitude to himself. Most likely, he simply did not count on him, and so everything turned out that way.

In the first match for Chelsea Shevchenko excelled, but then a very long decline began. Football player injured his back and suffered a very serious operation. However, after the restoration, he still could not win a place in the "aristocracy". Andrei Shevchenko played very rarely, mainly in the matches of the FA Cup.

End of the club career

In 2008, after two unsuccessful seasons in England, Andrei decided to return to Milan on a one-year lease with a right of redemption. For a year he played 26 games, in which he managed to distinguish only twice. The club decided not to buy out a football player, and Shevchenko returned to Chelsea, where he remained a year on contract.

After the contract expires, Andriy Shevchenko returns to his native club - Dynamo (Kiev). From 2009 to 2012 he played regularly, often scoring. In total, he spent 56 games in three seasons, which scored 23 times. In summer, at the European Championships in 2012, the great football player finished his career as a professional player.

It is symbolic that here, in Kiev, one of the greatest players of the national team of Ukraine, Andriy Shevchenko, hung the boots on the nail. His biography as a football player began and ended in the same place.

National team of Ukraine

Unfortunately, for a long time Ukraine could not overcome the qualifying stages to the big tournaments. Three times the team conceded in the play-offs (1998, 2000, 2002). Shevchenko scored in all matches, but the overall level of the team did not allow to break through to the world championships and Europe.

Everything changed in 2006, when the national team still managed to make it to the final stage of the World Cup. The main hero of the selection was Andrey Shevchenko. The national team of Ukraine at that tournament achieved significant success, reaching the stage of the quarterfinals. Here the team Oleg Blokhin lost to the future winners of the championship - the Italian team.

The last tournament in the national team for Shevchenko was the home European championship in 2012. In the first match he made a double, thanks to which Ukraine won a strong-willed victory over Sweden. The last game for the national team for Andrey Shevchenko was a match against England at the same tournament. Shevchenko had minor health problems, and therefore did not have the most outstanding match. This is his career in the team was over.

Family and personal life of a football player

The personal life of a football player has never been the subject of heated discussions. About the striker, you can say that he is an exemplary husband and family man. The family of Andriy Shevchenko consists of 5 people: a wife and four sons. In July 2004, Andrei married the American model Kirsten Pazik, who is two years younger than the footballer.

They have been together for 12 years and bring up 4 sons: Jordan, Christian, Alexander and Ryder-Gabriel. It is noteworthy that a famous Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi could become the godfather of the eldest son of Shevchenko Jordan. However, this did not happen, because according to the laws of the Catholic Church, a godfather can not be a divorced person. Andriy Shevchenko still maintains friendly relations with Silvio Berlusconi, who until recently was the owner of the Milan football club.

Interesting Facts

A few interesting facts from the personal life and career of the great football player:

  • During his second coming in "Milan" Andrey chose the number 76, the year of his birth, as his beloved "seven" was busy.
  • For all the time spent in Milan, Shevchenko was able to score 175 goals, which is the second figure in the history of the club.
  • Besides the breath-taking football career, Andrew has won "silver" at the Ukrainian championship in Golf.
  • Andrei managed to prove himself as an actor. He starred in several documentary and feature films.
  • After football Shevchenko went into politics and even in the party composition of the "SW" participated in the parliamentary elections.
  • Shevchenko is the "Hero of Ukraine", this is the highest award of the country.