Olexandr shovkovskyi is one of the most titled football players of Ukraine. He has football records not only in the country but in the world, which until now failed to beat any athlete. Unlike many of his contemporaries who played in different clubs in the country and abroad, SASO, as it is affectionately called by the fans, has dedicated his life to one club, Dynamo Kyiv. And as many of his interviews, he was happy at the club. Who is Olexandr shovkovskyi, player and person?

Player Olexandr shovkovskyi: biography, achievements, awards and personal life

Beginning of Sasho football career

If to speak about love in football, Olexandr shovkovskyi monogamous. Being the pupil of DYUSSH "Dynamo" Kiev, he carried the love for this club throughout his life. Starting in childhood to protect its color, SASO has not changed this love into adulthood. The only team, except for “Dinamo”, where he gave the love – the national team of Ukraine. Alexander was born in the last century, in 1975. Having lived 41 years, Shovkovskiy is the oldest Ukrainian footballer. Goalies are long-term in football, and many examples. In 1992, Alexander was at the gates of the Kiev team “Dynamo-2” and since that time 24 years played for various clubs “Dynamo Kiev”. And his first match in the highest League of Ukrainian football he spent literally the next year. And from that time he never missed a season without playing for the main team “Dinamo”.

Football Achievements of Alexander Shovkovsky in Dynamo Kyiv

Starting with the season of 1993-1994, when Alexander began to play for the club up to the present time in Ukrainian soccer, he played twenty-three seasons. While playing in the championship more than four matches. In addition, he participated in nearly one hundred and forty appearances for the club in the various European Cup competitions. At the present time in Ukraine there is no current player who many would have played in both domestic and international arena. And observing the condition of Ukrainian football currently, it can be assumed that it is unlikely that the person will appear. Also achievement of this player are more than one hundred matches played in the UEFA Champions League. Such goalkeepers in modern football only four. So shovkovskyi Oleksandr among the world's goalkeeping elite. In the last ten years, Alexander is the undisputed captain of Kiev “Dynamo”.

Alexander is the goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine

The career of Dynamo goalkeeper-a goalkeeper in the national team of Ukraine began almost simultaneously with the beginning of the game in the Prime League of the Ukrainian championship. Alexander for the national team spends about a hundred matches, speaking at major international tournaments and qualifying rounds. Very fast Alexander becomes the permanent captain of the national team of Ukraine. In the entire history of the Ukrainian football national team failed to win trophies in various tournaments. However, the UPS is largely associated with the participation of SASO in these teams. The only year in which Alexander did not play for the team, was 2010. Then many said that he completes the career of a goalkeeper in the national team. Some even said that he gave an interview to the press. But next year Sasho denied this and defended a goal against in five games.

Records Oleksandr Shovkovskyi

Having spent many years in the Ukrainian and world football, Alexander has become a real champion. In the last year of the last century, SASO, the only Ukrainian goalkeepers, was nominated to receive the “Golden ball” and entered the top 50 best players in Europe. The following record Alexander set in the 2006 world Cup in Germany. In this championship the national team achieved its best result for all history of participation in the competition. In the group tournament, she took second place, losing to Spain. Playing in the playoffs, the team wins the team of Switzerland and first enters the quarter-finals of the world Cup, where inferior future world Champions. This victory is a significant contribution belongs to the SASO, in which penalties have yet to concede a goal. This record was not broken until now.

In addition, he was the only current goalie who has participated in fifteen European Cup tournaments. And in these tournaments he was the only one able to defend 33 matches, without conceding any goals.

End of football career

As described above, the decision of retirement was made in 2010. However, it was the decision to finish performances for the national team, but it was premature. Oleksandr Shovkovskiy, the biography which is fairly heavy, could finish his career several times. And it's not because more young goalkeepers to win the goalkeeper of the team, but because of the injury began to bother too often Shovkovsky. Now in the press an interview of Alexander, who said that he was already quite tired from such a long football career and is not going to renew the contract, which ends in December 2016. But you must wait until next year to see completed if shovkovskyi career.

Personal life sosho

Oleksandr Shovkovskiy, the personal life which is the same intense as football career, was married twice. The first wife of SASO was the presenter of the Ukrainian channel STB, eighteen-year-old Vlad. At this time, Alexander still played for “Dinamo-2”. The marriage was relatively short, in ten years, SASO will secretly play a second marriage and marrying a Ukrainian designer Olga Lanovoy. And, as I like to tell fans of Alexander, he rescued the wife of the American businessman.

The personal life of any active sportsman has too many potholes, calm it is impossible to name. Therefore, prior to the completion of sports career players or try not to get into a serious relationship, or trying to carry wives with them, which almost never happens. Olexandr shovkovskyi, whose wife was also a public person, some time been able to maintain a harmonious relationship, but it is not long enough. As a result, after ten years of marriage, Alexander divorced Olga.

Children of Alexander Shovkovsky

Alexander after more than twenty years of marriage, two children were born. One child from each marriage. Oleksandr Shovkovskiy, whose children with him is not currently live, support them with a close relationship. From his first marriage, a son, Vladislav, which is very similar to his father.

The second marriage gave birth to a daughter, Alexandra, whom her father really loves. Her photo with her father can be seen below.

Will there be a third marriage with Alexander?

Once again a free man, Olexandr shovkovskyi remained single. In such a big city as Kiev, a man so popular as SASO, impossible to hide his personal life. Therefore, journalists have identified who owns the heart of the goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine. All hard to declare that Alexander met his first love.

So the question that interests most of the fans of football, not only whether to speak SASO for your favorite team, but will next year once his wedding. And if so, how successful will be the marriage.