How and from what should I use the drug "Furazolidone"? Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues of this drug will be described below. We will also tell you about what components are included in the composition of this medicine, in what form it is produced, whether it can be given to children and so on.Furazolidone: reviews, instructions for use, price, analogues

Composition, packaging, form

What is included in the composition of the considered drug "Furazolidone"? Reviews of doctors say that the active substance of this drug is furazolidone. The drug can be purchased in the form of tablets, which are placed in blisters and cardboard boxes, respectively (can be sold in paper blisters).

Pharmacological features of the drug

What is the drug "Furazolidone"? Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues of the drug are presented in the materials of this article. According to this information, it can be concluded that the agent in question is antiprotozoal and antimicrobial. It has a bacteriostatic effect against many different microbes.

The principle of the drug is in violation of the activity of the enzyme systems of some bacteria. The drug is highly effective against gram-negative rods, gram-positive cocci and protozoa.

Among the causative agents of intestinal infections, causative agents of typhoid fever dysentery and paratyphoid are most sensitive to this medicine. At the same time, their stability develops very slowly.

Pharmacokinetic parameters

What pharmacokinetic properties of the drug "Furazolidone"? Reviews of experts indicate that when taken orally, the drug is rather slowly absorbed and inactivated in the intestinal tract.

Only 5% of the drug is excreted from the body of the patient along with the urine (in the form of metabolites or unchanged). At the same time the preparation can paint urine in brownish color.

Indications for use

For which diseases can Furazolidone be prescribed? Instructions, expert reviews indicate the following indications for use:

  • dysentery;
  • food toxicoinfection;
  • paratyphoid;
  • giardiasis.

Prescribe the drug for such diseases should only the attending physician. In this case, the doctor must rely on the results of medical tests and the general condition of the patient.


What contraindications should the patient be aware of before using the drug "Furazolidone"? Instructions for use, reviews of doctors highlight the following prohibitions:

  • chronic renal failure in the terminal stage;
  • period of bearing a child;
  • deficiency of glucose 6-dehydrogenase;
  • lactation time;
  • human hypersensitivity to a group of nitrofurans;
  • kids up to 1st year.

Drug "Furazolidone": instructions for use

Price, patient reviews about this medication will be described at the very end of the article. As for this section, we will describe in detail how to take the medicine and its dosage.

Tablets "Furazolidone" prescribed to patients only inside. For the treatment of diseases such as dysentery, paratyphoid and foodborne diseases, adults are prescribed 0.1-0.15 g of the drug after meals four times a day. Take the medication is recommended for 6-10 days. The duration of treatment depends on the severity and nature of the pathological processes.

In similar doses, the medication in question can be taken in cycles. For example, for 3-6 days with intervals of 3-4 days.

It should be particularly noted that the drug "Furazolidone" is extremely recommended not to use for longer than 10 days.

In the treatment of diseases such as giardiasis, adults are prescribed 0.1 g of medication four times a day. For children with the same diagnosis, the drug is given depending on body weight (10 mg / kg per day). In this case, the daily dosage is necessarily divided into 3-4 doses.

The maximum amount of the drug per day for adults is 0.8 g, and one-time - 0.2 g.

Adverse reactions

What undesirable effects can the drug furazolidone cause? Reviews of experts indicate that this drug is often the cause of vomiting, loss of appetite and nausea. Also, in some cases, the patient may develop an allergy while taking this medication.

In order to reduce the occurrence and intensity of side effects, it is recommended to take Furazolidone before meals with a large amount of warm water. If necessary, the dosage is reduced, and the patient is prescribed antihistamines and vitamins of group B.

With pronounced adverse reactions, the medication should be completely stopped.

Drug interaction

Is it allowed to take Furazolidone along with other drugs? Reviews of doctors say that the considered agent is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Therefore, its use should always observe the same precautions as with other monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

It should be noted that the tetracyclines and aminoglycosides significantly enhance the antimicrobial properties of the drug "Furazolidone". It also sensitizes the human body to ethanol. In addition, this drug is able to increase blood inhibition in the background of the joint reception of "Ristomycin" and "Chloramphenicol."

special instructions

What you need to know about the drug "Furazolidone"? Children (reviews of medication are more positive than negative) and adults are prescribed such medication in limited quantities and with extreme caution in case of diseases of the nervous system and chronic renal failure.

In order to prevent neuritis, especially with long-term medication, it must be combined with group B vitamins.

According to the experts, Furozolidone tablets have the ability to sensitize the human body to the effects of alcohol. Therefore, this tool is often used to treat chronic alcoholism. Especially often it is prescribed for the ineffectiveness of other drugs or the presence of contraindications to their use.

Before taking the drug, it must be borne in mind that it is an inhibitor of MAO. In this regard, patients should be respected all the same precautions that when using similar means.

Drug "Furazolidone": price, reviews, analogues

There are many drugs that have on the human body the same effect as "Furazolidone". These drugs include the following drugs: Befungin, Negram, Finer, Gepar Compositum, Bi-Tol, Confizim, Norbactin, Vis-Nol.

Presented analogues of antimicrobial drugs can be more expensive than the considered drug, and cheaper. It should be noted that the tablets themselves "Furazolidone" have a relatively low cost. Thus, 50 mg of the drug in the amount of 10 pieces can be purchased for only 70-80 Russian rubles. Agree, this price is quite acceptable and affordable for many patients.

As for the reviews, most people talk about the drug "Furazolidone" only from the positive side. According to patients, this tool manifests itself highly effective against many bacteria and microbes. However, for the best therapeutic result, doctors recommend taking it in combination with other medicines. To do this, you must consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination.

As for the negative reviews, in most cases they are associated with the manifestation of side effects. How to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence, was described in detail in the section "adverse reactions".