Every self-respecting woman in self-care should not forget about hands and nails. This does not mean that you need to spend a lot of time and money on salon care. It is enough to have on hand the necessary accessories for a manicure.

Mill for manicure: types of mills and nozzles for home use

Cosmetologists and beauty industry gurus advise you to carefully care for your hands and always find time for manicure and nail care. Manicure is a common cosmetic procedure, without which no woman can do. There are two types of manicure - hardware and edging.

If the features of the nail plate and cuticle require special care, it is better to seek help from a specialist and resort to a hardware manicure. During sanding, defects are removed, and the growth of the cuticle slows down. Properly made hardware manicure will reduce discomfort with fins and the frequency of visits to specialists.

Measures aimed at maintaining the beauty and tidiness of the legs, are also quite popular. Such a procedure is not so much aesthetic as necessary. It aims to remove the various imperfections of the feet, fingers and nails.

Nail Care Basics

First you need to monitor the cleanliness of the nails and apply a softening cream in time. Ideally, after each hand wash. If there is no possibility, then at least in the morning and in the evening.

As you know, the nail plate is most affected by mechanical stress and chemicals. Therefore, during the work it is desirable to use gloves to minimize the negative impact on the nails.

Nutrition also plays an important role for the health of nails. Due to the lack of vitamin A and B, they are stratified, and cracks appear on their surface. In the diet should include meals containing omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids and calcium.

In addition, you can use a variety of home baths for nails. For each case will be useful different ingredients - oils, juices, salt.

Manicure and nail care at home

For proper nail care at home, you need to purchase a high-quality set of manicure tools. When choosing it, you should consider the features of your nail plate. If the nails are thin and brittle, it is better to use a glass nail file. Polishing files are necessary for polishing rough and uneven nails. Such manipulations will relieve them from cracks.

The use of varnishes does not always have a positive effect on the healthy appearance of the nail plate. Products containing acetone dry up its surface, so it is better to select high-quality and gentle dyes. In order to avoid the appearance of yellowness, varnishes should be applied on special bases or reinforcing agents.

Cutters for manicure

The rapid development of the beauty industry, new technologies and materials for manicure require the same innovative tools. They allow you to care for your nails as quickly and easily as possible, while obtaining excellent results. After such professional care, the effect of well-groomed and beautiful nails remains for a long time.

Cutter for a manicure is a special electric tool that simplifies the work of the master. The main purpose of the cutters is the correction of extended nails. But often they are used for processing the cuticle and grinding. To use the tool on natural nails, you should choose more careful attachments, so as not to damage the nail plate.

Benefits of using

Manicure cases masters can tell a lot of interesting nuances and characteristic features of popular cutters and nozzles to them.

For professional work on the nail service using cutters for hardware manicure. The convenience of working with them is quite obvious:

The tool is very easy to level the length and achieve the desired shape on artificial surfaces.

Milling cutter is convenient to form lines for a French manicure that is relevant at all times.

Cutter for manicure and pedicure will easily cope with hard to reach places.

All work on manicure with the help of cutters saves time and effort of the master, and customers get perfectly smooth lines and beautiful cuticles.

The tool market offers a variety of manicure cutters. Description of categories, depending on the purpose of use and power, are as follows:

The easiest option. Cutter for manicure. A set of standard features with power up to 30 W and speeds up to 2000 revolutions per minute. Used exclusively for the treatment of nails on the hands.

Universal milling cutter for all grinding, cutting and polishing processes. The power of the device is from 30 to 60 W, and the speed is up to 35,000 revolutions.

Professional tools for a full range of nail care, with a capacity of 60 to 100 watts and speeds of up to 45,000 revolutions.

How to work with the tool?

During the manipulation of the working hand should be placed on a solid support. The cutter for manicure is quite heavy, and long holding the tool on the weight can lead to discomfort.

When removing the cuticle or polishing nails work should be carried out with smooth sliding movements.

The angle of the handle should be parallel to the surface of the desktop.

The pressure depends on the characteristics of the nozzle and the material. But it should not be very intense. Imagine that you are writing with a pen, and if you make additional efforts, it means that the nozzle is selected incorrectly. For training, you can work with tips covered with gel.

If the surface of the nail is too hot and there is a burning sensation, simply increase the rotation speed to reduce the pressure force on the nail plate.

What cutters are needed for a manicure? How to choose the right device?

If you decide on the need for an electric tool for processing nails and are ready to purchase it, you should study all the information about this tool:

Decide on the purpose and place of use of the device. It can be used both at home and for work in salons. This should determine the dimensions of the router and the presence of additional functions.

Take into account the working power of the device and features of the rotation of the nozzles, working stroke and depth, the presence of additional functions: a vacuum cleaner or spray to collect dust and so on.

When choosing a tool, hold it in your hand. From the ergonomics and weight of the cutter depends on the convenience of work.

Decide how much money you are willing to spend on the router. The price of an instrument usually determines its capabilities and functionality.

An important measure of security when performing hardware manicure and pedicure is to protect the master and the client from dust that scatters and settles on the lungs.

More professional models of milling machines are equipped with additional functions - vacuum cleaners and sprays. The router with a vacuum cleaner minimizes the ingress of dust from the nails on the hands and lungs of the client and the master. Devices with built-in vacuum cleaner can only be used for pedicure. This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of dust from acrylic materials. These particles are scanty, and accumulating in the apparatus, in a month dust particles are able to disable it.

When using spray mills, add saline to the treatment area. The substance prevents the formation of dust, and special anti-fungal additives prevent inflammation and infection of the nails and the skin around them.

Application Board

A manicure cutter is a rather expensive tool, so the selection process should take into account all the details and features. Also, do not forget that it is necessary to periodically change the nozzles, and then your manicure device will serve a long and faithful service.