In recent years, professional nail salons have appeared in every village. In these institutions, a woman can get good care for her marigolds. However, many women consider it an expensive pleasure. Such a coating, as a jacket with rhinestones, can be quite easily performed at home. This article will tell you about the action algorithm. Fashionable nail design "French with rhinestones", photos, news - all this will be presented to your attention.

French with rhinestones: manicure technique

Where to begin?

Before you apply a white jacket with rhinestones on your nails, the photo of which is presented to your attention, it is necessary to process the plate and skin roller. Only in this case, your manicure will look stylish, fashionable and well-groomed. Be sure to soften the cuticle before processing. This can be done with the help of special compounds, water or oils. If you choose the last type of manicure, then after its completion it makes sense to treat your nails with a degreasing compound.

When the cuticle is cut, file the nails. All plates must have the same shape and length. French with rhinestones looks equally good on long nails and short ones.

Beautiful "smile" nails

French with rhinestones suggests drawing a smile. Pay attention to what the hole has your nail. A smile should have the same shape.

To complete this item, you will need a stencil or thin brush. In the first case, you need to stick a paper base on the tip of the nail. After that, the lower part of the plate is colored. After the final drying of the varnish stencil is removed. If you prefer to work with a brush, then dip it into a color base and draw a line similar to your hole. Paint and dry the bottom part. Remember that the jacket with rhinestones can have a different color. This season are popular glossy and matte pastel colors, bright green, blue and pink. Also does not go out of fashion classic white.

Putting rhinestones on the nail plate

French with rhinestones (photos of some works are presented to your attention) involves sticking stones. Currently, manufacturers produce accessories for nails, which are attached with adhesive backing. There are also rhinestones that require the use of glue. Choose what is more convenient for you.

Before sticking stones, it is necessary to determine the shape and color. Proceed from what color is the smile of your marigold. Stylish classic jacket can be decorated with a vertical track of several lines. Rhinestones can also line the smile line. With the help of stones, various shapes are laid out: flowers, snowflakes, stars, and so on. Remember that filling the nails with stones, you can not overdo it. Otherwise, your fingers will not get a neat feminine look, but a massive cluster of crystals.

Fastener for accessories

French with rhinestones, photos of which are presented to your attention, involves the use of a fixative composition. If you miss this item, the pebbles can simply fall off ahead of time.

To fix the rhinestones in French manicure, you must use a clear varnish, gel composition or a special solution. Apply it over the pebbles and dry thoroughly. If you are using gel polish, then you need to put your fingers in the UV lamp for a few minutes. It should be noted that this method of fastening will have greater strength than the rest.

How to remove the cover?

If you are tired of a jacket with rhinestones, then you need to get rid of it in a certain way. Never take the pebbles from the nails. This can severely damage your plate. When using gel polish to fix, you will need a special solution in order to remove it. If you put the usual transparent composition, then use acetone.

Dampen a napkin in the prepared solution and apply to the marigold for a few minutes. This substance quickly dissolves the glue used to anchor the stones. Remember that you can not put rhinestones on super glue. This will severely damage your nails. When the jewelry is gone, wipe the nail with a clean cloth moistened with nail polish remover.


French with rhinestones is the standard of fashion and style. Classic never goes out of style. Very often such coverage is preferred by brides. French manicure will emphasize your appearance and give charm. This coating does not lead to certain colors in clothing. The design fits almost any wardrobe. It is also worth noting that the manicure can be worn for a long time. Even with the regrowth of a nail, it will not be strongly evident. Be beautiful and successful!