A few years ago, the most universal, and therefore the most common type of manicure, professionals unconditionally recognized a jacket. Even today, he does not lose relevance among stylish business ladies, among creative people, among athletes, and among teenage girls who have just started painting their nails.

But the world of beauty does not stand still. Masters have thought up not absolutely usual jacket - return. From the classical, it differs in the location of the contrast zone. It is not at the butt end of the nail plate, but near the socket.

French reverse: ideas of design, technique of implementation

Of course, for such a manicure you can go to the salon. This technique is considered basic, and any master of nail design owns it. But if you prefer to take care of your hands yourself, you can cope with the task yourself.

For all occasions

Like a classic jacket, the reverse is appropriate in almost any situation. If you have a business trip, during which meetings with partners and colleagues in the office are planned, visits to various events (presentations, exhibitions, excursions), as well as dinner at a restaurant or a corporate party, this option can be the best. Hands always and everywhere will look stylish. Even a strict dress code is completely loyal to some types of back jacket.

Length of nails

Since this kind of nail design is universally recognized as universal, is it for sure suitable for any length? This is true, but there is one caveat. Reverse jacket on short nails does not always look good. He visually shortens the nail, so owners of round or square short nails should be careful. But on medium and elongated nails, it always looks good.

Basic Forms

There are two varieties of a back jacket. They differ from each other in the form of the selected fragment.

The first variety is the so-called moon manicure, when the colored area near the hole has the shape of an ellipse. Some consider the moon manicure to be a separate species, but, according to the leading masters, it is a subspecies of a jacket.

The second variety is distinguished by an elegant narrow strip along the whole line of nail growth.

In the popular version of the design with "special nails", the reverse jacket often adjoins the classic one. And sometimes some additional nails are applied.

Color combinations

Speaking about the versatility of the back jacket, professionals, of course, do not mean all the colors. Some shades of varnish are themselves rather provocative and are more suitable for noisy beach parties, and not for a strict business environment.

But the "physiological" tone is appropriate absolutely everywhere. These include white, beige, light pink, ivory, Ivory, champagne, cream and the most delicate shades of peach. In short, all those colors that are similar to the natural color of a healthy nail.

The return jacket is black and white, too, is quite strict and stylish. Many refer to the classic and his.

Combinations of other colors make it possible to create a spectacular and bright manicure that will not leave your hands unattended. Different colors are good for everyday and festive style.

Applicators and Brushes

To achieve good results, the accuracy of performance should be the first priority in importance. The traces of lacquer on the cuticle and the skin around the nail plates are unacceptable.

To make a quality return jacket at home, use a simple invention - applicators. They are sold at any beauty store and have different shapes. The essence of use is to limit the space to which you apply the varnish. You can make them and from improvised materials, for example, paper, thick film or foil.

Will help in the work and a fine brush for painting. Do not even try to make an elegant decor with a regular brush from the varnish. Most of them are too large for such manipulations. Do not forget to thoroughly wash the brush after work, then it will last longer.

Markers for manicure

Like many other beauty products, this invention gave the world China. In appearance, the Nail Art Pen does not differ from the usual marker or marker. But this thing is designed for painting nails. A man who is able to write with a manicure marker of every kind can make every woman. Even drawing skills are not required.

The manicure marker is used with the usual varnish. It can be applied also on top of the gel varnish, but on top with a layer of fixer, but this will shorten the period of manicure socks, the varnish will quickly peel off.

But the marker does not draw on the skin, which is also important. With it, you easily make a neat manicure (a back jacket including). A nice bonus is the price. It is worth an average of no more expensive budget lacquer.

Manicure with a simple varnish

Before you start working, put your hands in order: cut and file your nails, treat the cuticle. Be sure to degrease the nail plates with a sponge soaked in a liquid to remove the varnish. If you do not welcome excessive contact of nails with a solvent, replace this product with an alcohol solution of marigold - it is not only safe, but even useful. And degrease is not worse than acetone.

A beautiful jacket (reverse) can be made even without the aid of auxiliary materials and tools. For this you will need only two contrasting varnishes. Cover the entire nail with one of them and allow to dry. Then apply the second, receding 1 mm from the cuticle and skin. If you use a high-quality lacquer, it will lie flat.

To level the surface and extend the life of the manicure, after drying the second formulation, apply a coat of fixer.

Gel manicure at home

The application of lacquer on the gel base will require more time and effort, but the result will last much longer. For work you will need to carry out all the same preliminary manipulations with the nails and cuticle as before the usual manicure. The technology of using applicators is not different, except that each layer will need to be allowed to dry under a UV lamp.

Before you can do the reverse French, degrease the surface of your nails, allow to dry in air. Browse grinding buff to smooth the surface. Before you begin applying nail Polish, top nail base and dry it.

When working, do not forget about applicators. After the pattern is ready, dry the top layer under the lamp (10 minutes) and apply a finishing coat. He also needs to be allowed to dry, minutes 3.

If you do everything right, your beautiful back jacket (gel) will last for about 2 weeks on the nails.