History of the brand "Gray Goose"

France in all connoisseurs of alcohol is associated with wine, cognac and champagne, but not with vodka. American billionaire Sydney Frank decided to change this established stereotype. In nineteen ninety-six, he founded the company with the aim of supplying the elite alcohol market of the United States with vodka from France. To develop the formula of the drink, a well-known winemaker from Cognac François Thibault was brought in. Contrary to the laws of marketing, which prescribe to promote a new product at low cost, so that as many consumers as possible can try it, Frank immediately installed high prices on his distillate. And it worked! Vodka "Gray Gus" became a bestseller in the American market for alcoholic beverages of the "luxury" class. The level of sales was not affected even by the global crisis. In two thousand and four the brand was bought by the company "Bacardi".French vodka

Production technology (briefly)

Vodka French "Gray Gus" is produced exclusively on local raw materials. Although it is believed that for such distillates, the grain grown in a cool climate (Russia, Poland, Scandinavian countries) is more suitable, but it turns out that Picardy is not inferior to the countries mentioned in all characteristics. Winter wheat is sown in October, and the harvest is harvested in August. In the same province (Picardy), to the northeast of Paris, the distillation of the drink passes. First, in six tanks located in a cascade, fermentation is carried out. Then the barge is distilled. After five purification steps, the distillate goes to the province of Cognac. There, alcohol of high quality is diluted to forty degrees with water. The liquid is extracted from an artesian well with a depth of one hundred and fifty meters. This water is not only crystal clear, but also saturated with calcium. The best winemakers of Cognac are engaged in filtering the drink.

Types of vodka "Gray Goose"

We have already mentioned that, along with the classics, the Bacardi concern also produces flavored distillates. Raw materials for them are also exclusively French. Vodka "Gray Gus Citron" is made with the addition of lemons, which are grown in the province of Menton. They differ in thick skin with a high content of essential oils and only slightly acidic taste. Therefore, vodka also has a fresh citrus aroma. Sweet, selected oranges from Provence take part in the creation of "Gray Guus Orange". This vodka has a refreshing, slightly sweet taste. And in the aroma you can hear notes of orange blossom and juicy oranges. Vodka Gray Goose La Poire is made with the addition of pears from the region of Anjou. They differ in their juiciness and sweetness. This variety of vodka has a pleasant velvety, mild taste, and in the bouquet you can hear notes of almonds and pears.

Vodka "Gray Gus": characteristic

In the fourteenth year, this drink won in the United States the first place in terms of sales of elite alcohol. And at the Beverage Tasting Industry contest "Gray Goose" managed to earn ninety-six points out of a hundred possible. Therefore, you should not doubt the quality of the drink. Vodka is poured into stylish bottles of heavy frosted glass, and the neck is sealed with a real stopper like wine. The label is not discreet, but it is executed with taste: flying wild geese on a background of mountains. Classical vodka "Gray Gus" has a delicate aroma, in which honey, apple and peach hints are audible. The taste of the drink is silky, oily, roundish. Vodka is surprisingly easy to drink. The drink has a warm vanilla-creamy aftertaste.

Vodka "Gray Goose": reviews

Consumers are important not only the design, but also the quality of this drink. A stylish bottle of heavy frosted glass and a real cork guarantee the authenticity of vodka. And how do consumers evaluate the taste, color and aroma of an alcoholic beverage? The purest water from the underground spring in the region of Cognac gives the vodka a transparency of the diamond. Perhaps this water affects the taste of the drink - soft, roundish, slightly velvety. Reviews argue that, using the "Gray Gus", in general you forget that you drink strong alcohol. This vodka is ideal for cocktails. But she solo a good solo too. Many connoisseurs of the classical taste of vodka have also evaluated the fruit varieties of the Gray Goose.

The cost of this premium drink was never low. After all, this alcohol is produced in France, where the labor is also valued higher. Plus, we need to take into account Picardian wheat, a multiple distillation and filtration process, dilution with water from an artesian spring in the province of Cognac. In Russian magaznah alcohol, vodka "Gray Gus" 0.75 liters costs more than two and a half thousand rubles, and in gift packs and thermo futures and that more expensive - the price of the drink is increased to three and a half thousand. Fruit varieties are also highly valued.