If the owners of the luxurious head of hair think what kind of hairstyle to do, then we recommend paying special attention to all varieties of braid. Long since the braid was considered the standard of femininity, and the longer it was, the more beautiful its owner. But is it really enough to make a braid of three strands to be beautiful? Today there are a lot of other equally interesting styling options, and one of them is the French braid, on the contrary.The French braid, on the contrary, is a practical version of the hairstyle for all cases of iron.It is distinguished by its special attractiveness and style, large volume and original appearance. But how to make such a hairstyle to yourself? What is her weaving pattern?

The French braid is the opposite. Phased parsing instructions

Braiding is not just the original look of a hairstyle, but also a convenient option at the same time. When the hair is collected in a braid, then neither running nor jumping will not be able to pull the hairstyle. Neat appearance will be as long as the owner of the spit does not dissolve it independently.

But how to create such a hairstyle? To learn how to make French braids, you must first get the hand weave the classic braid on the contrary. Its essence is that 3 strands are shifted not from top to bottom, but vice versa - from bottom to top.

  1. All hair is carefully combed and divided into three parts.
  2. Taking three strands, carefully separate them from each other and shift the side strands in the middle of the bottom, directing the strand up.
  3. Doing this way to the end of the tail, secure the end with an elastic band.

After this technique will be studied, you can try the complicated weaving of braids. The French braid, on the contrary, is made on the same technique, but with several additional points.

Stylish styling is an integral part of the image.

When the reverse braid technique is learned, you can already combine such weaving with a “spikelet”. The French braid, on the contrary, is made precisely on the basis of the “spikelet”. In principle, the technique is quite simple, but the newcomer will still be difficult at first.

  1. First you need to carefully comb your hair and comb them all back. The parting on the head should be completely absent.
  2. The French braid, on the contrary, is very stylish, braided diagonally, and if we consider this variant of weaving, then the first part of the hair should be taken on the right or left temple. Where it will be more convenient to weave on the braid.
  3. Divide the selected part into three equal strands and make one binding of the usual braid, on the contrary, that is, shift the strands from bottom to top.
  4. After the first binding to each side strand you need to add part of the hair on the head in the type of "spikelet", but at the same time all the strands must also be shifted from the bottom and displayed upward.
  5. Thus weaving is carried out to the very end of the tail. To fix the braid is better with a rubber band or barrette.

Secrets from professionals

There are several recommendations on how to weave this braid. Experts strongly recommend that prior to the creation of such hairstyle to thoroughly wash and dry hair. In this case, the hairstyle will last much longer, and even braiding such strands is easier. When the braid is braided, it is advisable to comb the hair on the head with a comb with large teeth and pin all the invisible sticks sticking out.

The classic version and its variations

If you want to make a three-dimensional braid or try other interesting varieties, then you can consider how the wide French braid is made vice versa. How to weave this hairstyle? It is easy, because the scheme is absolutely identical, and the only difference that will appear is the stretching of individual strands on the spit itself. To make the stretch, you need to take one binding, or rather even one strand in a spit, and pull it a little to make the “eyelet” as large as possible. In this case, the end of the braid should be secured with a rubber band, but very weakly so that individual hair can be pulled out of it.

Thus, the pulling of the eyelets occurs throughout the entire spit, due to which it turns out to be very large and voluminous. If you want to decorate this hairstyle with some accessories, then small beads are great, which can be inserted along the middle of the braid along its entire length.

The advantages of such braiding over other interesting hairstyles

Girls really like braids in all their manifestations. First, this hairstyle easily masks the lack of volume. Secondly, it is suitable for hair of any structure: straight, wavy and curls. Thirdly, such styling is done very quickly, and they are kept in excellent condition all day.

That is why among girls is so popular the French braid on the contrary. Photos of many models, show business stars prove that the described hairstyle never loses its relevance. It can be done at any event, and it will always be relevant. This braid is made on medium and long hair. As for the short head of hair, here the minimum length of the strands must be at least 10 centimeters, otherwise it will simply be impossible to braid: the hair will fall out of the braid.