French Guiana belongs to the possessions of the named European countries located in very different parts of the world. The country is called the old fashioned way – because a number recently (in the historical scale of course) there were British and Dutch Guiana. These Guiana eventually became independent States, and the colony remained dependent on the mother country and retained its name in French Guiana.French Guiana - a modern reserve and resort area

The continent known as South America, was discovered by the Spanish sailors in the late 15th century. But then this land is not very interested in the conquistadors – they attracted the more affluent coast. In 1604 on the coast of South America there appeared the first French colonists. In the 17-19 centuries, they successfully repelled the attempts of the Dutch and the British to join the French lands to their territories. Finally, the French flag was raised over the territory in 1817.

History of the country

The new colonizers planted here plantations of coffee, tea, cotton and wanted to force them to work for the local residents. But for some reason they did not agree, and those who were captured quickly died. In addition, the relatives of the natives perfectly mastered the art of shooting poisonous arrows, which made the life of the settlers almost unbearable. Refusing to think of inducing the Indians to work, the French began importing Negroes from the Black Continent.

But even these measures did not help build a flourishing agriculture. The French had to pass laws abolishing slavery and introduce a normal pay. They were not very eager to go to these places - French Guiana remained a place for the disgraced and exiled.

Guiana Gold

In 1855, French gold deposits were discovered in French Guiana. A mysterious metal attracted tramps and adventurers from all over the world. Some of them have been enriched, but the overwhelming majority of gold diggers found their grave here. Gold fever has claimed more than 40 thousand lives. With a population of 220 thousand, this is quite a rather big figure.

Government location French Guiana

On the world map this country can be found in the North-East of South America. Beautiful nature and openness of ports has allowed this site to become a resort Paradise for many tourists. The capital of French Guiana – Cayenne. He is a worthy example of colonial culture, there is a lot of interesting places. Among the narrow cobbled streets and colonial buildings you can find modern facilities, only accentuates the architectural ensemble of the city.


There are seven modern airports operating in the country, which accept planes from all corners of the world. Coastal roads are not inferior to European motorways, but in the interior of the country there are relatively few good roads. Tourists are attracted by the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful ocean beaches and wet tropical forests, which in many places have been preserved in a wild, primordial form.

One of the most interesting attractions is the beach of Hates, located on the river Marconi. This beach is the birthplace of a number of leatherback turtles, which are some of the largest amphibians in the world.

French Guiana can invite its guests to admire the waterfalls of Forgasier and Voltaire. They are in the green tropical corners of the country, and without a guide to get to them is almost impossible.

Cayenne Attractions

On the territory of this colony is remarkable spaceport, which is one of the most significant sites on the American continent. To control the level of air pollution, the capital of French Guiana were able to obtain a permit for construction of a regional center to monitor air quality. Since then, residents and tourists can get daily summary of the status of the air and the level of contamination in any province of this country.

French Guiana Islands

For tourists who prefer to enjoy alone, there are tours on the protected Ile du Diable and Saint-Joseph. Both Islands had previously been a prison where he was serving a sentence the most dangerous criminals of France. Now remind me only remnants of the huts and stone buildings, hidden behind the greenery.

Visit French Guiana - a paradise on earth for those who appreciate nature and silence.