In 2013, on March 13, a new pope was elected with the name of Francis, who became the 266th head of the Catholic world and the first pope of the Jesuit Order and from the New World. And already in late August 2014 Francis - the Pope - told reporters that due to health problems, he could renounce the throne. Then he took up the reform, which simplified the process of recognizing the marriage as invalid.

In February 2016, a grandiose event took place in the Christian world - at the Havana airport, Pope Francis met with Russian Patriarch Kirill. This was the first meeting of this level in the history of the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Francis, the Pope: biography and photos

One time, the public was attracted by the statements of the pontiff in an interview with the well-known correspondent of the Italian publishing house La Repubblica Eugenio Scalfari, where the pope touched such acute topics in the Catholic Church as pedophilia, the problem of celibacy (compulsory celibacy in the clergy) and involvement in the mafia. Concerning celibacy, the pope promised to solve this painful problem for Catholic priests.

But speaking of pedophilia, Francis - the Pope - clearly stressed that this shame is now in our house, this is the "leprosy" that struck the church. According to the data provided, 2% of pedophiles are priests, and among them there are bishops and cardinals. Many people know about this, but prefer to keep quiet. It was to this problem that the pontiff swore to approach with all gravity and severity that she deserved.

Further about the mafia, the pope noted that our denunciation in this matter will be permanent. Once, during a pastoral visit to Calabria (Italy), he excommunicated the Mafioso from the church. Francis said that he knows that the same Mafiosi also go to church and receive communion, and therefore noted that the mercy of our Lord is boundless, but will never fall into the trap.


As for the newly elected president of America, Donald Trump, Francis - the Pope - said that he does not want to give assessments to people and politicians, because he wants to understand the suffering that they bring to all the disadvantaged and rejected, and he will assess the work of the American president in his attitude towards refugees and emigrants. After all, they face hostility and aggression from people who are worried and afraid to lose their jobs. The Pope believes that this problem reflects an unfair global economic system where money works against refugees and immigrants and where the poor of rich countries are afraid of the arrival of their companions in misfortune from poor countries. Therefore, the only correct solution will be to break this wall, which separates them all.

But as it became known, Trump is preparing to sign several anti-immigrant bills, and among them - a significant restriction for refugees.


In addition, Francis - the Pope - believes that inequality is the greatest evil that exists in the world. The blame for this is money, and this is contrary to the necessary measures that will promote equality.

Journalist Scaflari noted that such statements of the pontiff are close to Marxism, but Pope Francis said that this is just how the Communists think like Christians. As a result, Scalfari wrote that Francis behaves like a revolutionary, but all this is beyond the scope of the revolution.

Pope Francis: photo, biography

Jorge Mario Bergolo was born on 17.12.1936 in the Argentine capital, the city of Buenos Aires. His father, Mario Giuseppe Bergolo, was an Italian emigrant, a railway worker. His mother's name was Regina Maria Sivori. He became the fifth child in the family and, having studied for a chemist-technologist, went to study at the seminary of Villa-Devoto Buenos Aires. In 1958 he joined the Order of the Jesuits. Obedience (novitiate) the future pope passed in Chile, after raising his education in Buenos Aires, in the College of St. Joseph, and became the owner of the degree of a licentiate in philosophy. The Pontiff speaks three languages: Spanish, Italian and German.

The last pope Francis - a big fan of Argentine football and is a fan of the team "San Lorenzo".

Francis himself admitted that shortly before the beginning of the service, he worked as a security guard in a nightclub, and was also a laboratory assistant and a cleaner. When he was elected as Pope, the white smoke coming from the pipe of the Sistine Chapel, announced on the second day that the decision had been finally taken. Bergolho, among the electoral cardinals, was the only one of the Jesuits, and he was not on the list of favorites. However, in 2005, as it turned out, he was the main rival of Pope Benedict XVI, who in 2013 disowned the head of the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Bergolo

In May 1992, Bergolio became the so-called auxiliary bishop of the Argentine capital, in June 1992 he was ordained bishop by Cardinal Antonio Quarracino.

In February 2001, in the Vatican, John Paul II himself (the then head of the Catholics) dedicated him to the cardinals, and he received several administrative posts in the Roman Curia.

Cardinal Bergolo was distinguished by modesty and doctrinal conservatism, as well as loyalty to the cause of social justice. Once he lived in a small apartment that did not at all resemble the archbishop's palace, modestly dressed, did not use a limousine with a chauffeur, chose public transport, and even prepared food for himself.

The Pontiff is a magnificent theologian who immediately distanced himself from the "theology of liberation". In his worldview, he is close to the Catholic intra-church movement called Comunione e Liberazione, founded in the 1950s by the priest Luigi Giussiani.

Cardinal Bergolo called upon his spiritual brethren and lay people to actively oppose abortion and euthanasia. He recognizes church doctrine and condemns homosexuality, in 2010 the pope became an opponent of the law that allows same-sex marriages in Argentina. However, in doing so, he believes that it is necessary to show respect for sexual minorities.

Pope Francis: Last Christmas

I would like to remind that in 2015, the Pontiff made a very depressing statement about the fact that this Christmas may be the last for all people. The chaotic state of the world, hunger and destruction priznannoy the beginning of the "end time", and maybe next year it will be unrecognizable. Earlier, he announced the beginning of the third world.

At the end of 2016, after wishing peace to the countries where the war is going on, and mentioning Syria and Ukraine, Pope Francis (Christmas as a holiday of love and kindness contributed greatly to this) urged the international community to make every effort to peacefully settle the conflicts. The Pontiff called for urgent assistance to the inhabitants of Aleppo, wished peace to the Palestinians, Israelis, residents of different African regions, and people of the whole planet.

The Vatican promised to send humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine in the amount of 6 million euros.