Before a lot of consumers today, the question arises as to which equipment is best used for making cabinet furniture. Based on the opinion of experts, we can conclude that as an excellent acquisition can make a format-cutting machine, which is also called a circular saw or circular saw with a carriage. If you also decided that you need such an assembly, then you can collect it yourself.

Format-cutting machines have the following elements:

  • the bed;
  • movable additional table;
  • working fixed table;
  • carriage;
  • support frame;
  • separator;
  • the trolley;
  • ruler;
  • saw assembly.

The latter consists of guides and two saw blades.


Form-cutting machine with own hands

A format-cutting machine is used for longitudinal and cross-cutting at a certain angle. This equipment can be used to work with shield billets, to remove overhangs after facing, for the purpose of cutting full-size plates into individual elements. Today, the format-cutting machine has found its wide use in the production of cabinet furniture. With its help you can produce high quality products.

The function of these devices is the possibility of giving the basic parameters to the details for subsequent processing. Such machines can be used for batch or piece cutting. Homemade or factory models are able to work with different materials:

  • Fiberboard;
  • MDF;
  • plywood;
  • wood;
  • composite sheet materials;
  • laminated paper sheets;
  • film materials;
  • melamine;
  • veneer.

The equipment is used for a material that has precise geometric dimensions.

Manufacturing technology of the machine: preparation of tools

You can easily execute a format-cutting machine on your own. The principle of its operation is quite simple, however factory models have an impressive cost. To carry out the work, it is necessary to prepare:

  • channel bars, metal;
  • pipes;
  • metal corners;
  • electric motors;
  • shafts from agricultural machinery;
  • scoring and saw blade;
  • fasteners;
  • welding machine;
  • tools for working on metal.

Work on blanks

A pipe is used for the guides, the dimensions of which will be equal to 60x5x6500 mm. Making a format-cutting machine with their own hands, it is necessary to perform a mobile working table, which will move along the guides. This will allow feeding the sheet during cutting. The master should provide the length of the cutting line, which will be a limit of 3000 to 3200 mm. If necessary, this parameter can be reduced or enlarged, for this purpose the length of the guides changes.


When is the vertical panel saw machine, it should be hung two saws, one of them will be primary, while the other is scoring. These items should be placed on the cutting block and rotate toward each other. Movement will be provided by asynchronous motors. It is important to provide the ability to tilt the unit at an angle of 45 °. The saw unit that is supplied with the rotary mechanism.

Recommendations for choosing an engine

A good place where you can buy inexpensively enough format-cutting machine - Avito (site ads). However, if you want to save to perform this equipment yourself, you should correctly approach the choice of the engine. The efficiency of the saw's motion will depend on this element. That's why the motor should have a power of 2.9 kW.

The engine will rotate the main saw at a speed of 5000 revolutions per minute, but as for the scoring saw, it will rotate at a speed of 8,000 revolutions. Saw blades must also be present in the design, their diameter is 250 mm, which will allow cutting sheets and cutting laminated chipboards.

Safety of use

In order to use the machine safely for health, exhaust ventilation should be provided so that dust particles from the wood do not ignite from the small spark that arises when the engine is running.

Once the machine is finished, you can start processing the material. For the reason that the sheets usually have large dimensions, before installing the canvas in the mechanism, it is necessary to make a marking in the places where the cuts will be made. The size of the workpiece must be greater than about 8 mm on each side. Once a small stack is ready, you can start cutting.

Recommendations for manufacturing

The format-cutting machine Filato will cost the customer 230 000 rubles. If you do not have this amount, then you can perform the equipment yourself. To do this, you need to make a basic support frame, on which the canvas is laid. On it will go the metal corners, which are sometimes replaced by a profile. On the frame is laid the blade with the cut for the discs. The surface of the fabric should be smooth to ensure the slip of the workpieces. In the next step, you can start making a carriage from chipboard or any other similar material. With it, you can fix the saws and move them along the guides. The sheets join each other in four corners with a conical shaft, the distance must be such that the shaft can move along the guides.

Quite often the masters scan format-cutting machines before making the described devices, 3200 is the value that indicates the length of the roller carriage. WoodTec equipment has such parameters, which costs $ 4,500. The device weighs 900 kg, and also has a large protective cap on the bracket. The main emphasis is complemented by the construction mechanism, which ensures the accuracy of sawing and speed during tuning. If such a price does not suit you, then you can start making such an assembly yourself.

At the next stage, at the top of the carriage, the machine for starting the sawmill is installed. The first and second saws must be fixed under the carriage. In this case, the disks will be located front. They close the screen, for which you can use any transparent material.

For the guides will need two tubes of large diameter. Connect them with a metal strip, the surface must be smooth and have no defects. On the edge of the shelf will be blank. In height, he must bear the sheet or part. There is a metal ruler, level zero which needs to be at the point of cutting the fabric. This will determine the size on the sheet.

It is necessary to place the clamping mechanism perpendicular to the stop. It is made of a metal profile and fixed with bolts. A corrugation is attached to the top of the carriage screen, the other end can be brought to the ventilation hatch. As soon as the start-up automat is installed under the hood, the machine can be operated and cut-off. Before switching on the equipment, it is necessary to connect the hood, which will allow to keep the room clean.


Saws for format-cutting machines will be necessary for you if you plan to perform the equipment yourself. For example, a circular saw with parameters 300х3,2 / 2,2х30 will cost the consumer 4800 rubles. But for a cutting saw 120x2,8 / 3,6x20 it will be necessary to pay 2800 rubles. The circular saw from the manufacturer FREUD with the parameters 300х3 / 2х30 will cost 3400 rubles.