Fleur is the name of a light, airy, almost invisible fabric. The basis for its manufacture are the finest silk threads, twisted in a special way and wavy intertwined with each other. Unlike conventional fabric, whose threads are horizontal, the veil has an individual structure.

Another name for this amazing fabric, more common among people, is “crepe”. This term is much broader and includes a number of different from each other, including ordinary, non-silk fabrics.

Fleur is a thin transparent fabric, surprising with rare lightness and grace, combined with a rather high strength and elasticity. In most cases, this fabric creates beautiful dresses for women and accessories for them. However, there is also men's clothing from the veil.

Fleur is fabulous fabric


Fleur is usually the favorite material in tailoring. Skilled craftsmen create original dresses and costumes that amaze the imagination with their grace. This fabric underlines the grace of the figure as well as possible, turning the person dressed in it into a real aristocrat.

Many modern designers continue to give preference to such a wonderful material. Thanks to its amazing properties, it can be used to sew elements that are superior in strength and lightness to almost any fabric.


With the development of technology, people have learned how to create not only pure fleur, but also various kinds of it. Now it is not just a transparent silk fabric, but also cotton, half silk, wool and even wool blend, with the addition of synthetic components.

The most famous fabric that uses fleur is crepe de chine. So called subspecies durable silk fabric, characterized by a slight sheen. This material is widely used in the USSR. It was used in the manufacture of blouses, skirts, men's suits and shawls. Soviet craftsmen produced amazing dresses, and sometimes woolen or polyester yarns were added to silk crepe de chine.

Fleur in the decoration

Fleur is a rather expensive fabric. The cost of one meter can reach up to one and a half thousand rubles. But despite this, designers around the world use it to create a unique picture in the living room.

A striking example of the original approach can be considered silk curtains. Dense, weightless curtains of delicate colors look very modern and stylish. The softness that can be achieved with the use of tapestry weaving, combines incredible practicality and ability to shade.

The density inherent in these curtains does not make it too heavy. She is very pleasant to touch and gives a great feeling. Products have a high margin of safety, do not crumple, and delicate colors are perfectly combined with absolutely any classic headsets.

Fleur is a fabric that is unpretentious in care, it is perfectly washed and easily ironed.

Its brightest advantages are:

  1. Wonderful linen texture.
  2. The so-called breathable composition.
  3. The palette of colors that can satisfy the most demanding esthete.

But on this application are not limited. Fleur is a great material for draping. Speaking in this capacity, he can elegantly ennoble furniture, decorate a canopy, or complement a canvas painting on the wall.

The composition of the pieces of the veil of different colors can be an original decoration of the ladies' or children's room. Especially popular are canopies made of pale pink veil. Hiding and at the same time teasing with obscure images, such decoration will emphasize the delicate taste of the owner and will become the central element of the classic bedroom.


Choosing a fleur, you first of all acquire the weightless, almost unearthly beauty, combining the strength of a rough canvas and the tenderness of the lightest silk. In all industries related to the use of fabric, the veil occupies a well-deserved place of honor. Truly wonderful material will fit every connoisseur, and interior decorations will emphasize the exceptional taste of the owner.

It is difficult to find a suitable analogy for the veil. Easy cobweb? Fleeting breeze? No verbal description can reflect the true picture.