The attractiveness of women today is the category of its success. The appearance of the skin in this case is not the last. Not only fat, problem, but also dry, thin and very sensitive skin brings a lot of trouble to its owners. Fiziogel, whose reviews recommend him for delicate care for a thinned dermis, helps restore the lost lipid layer, and also starts a process of continuous active moisturizing.He was called the "new century of dermatocosmetology" for advanced technology, for the ability to gently and delicately care for the over-dried dermis. Deep moisturizing with it restores the structure of the skin, gives it a healthy color and prevents premature aging.

Innovative cream "Physiogel": composition and characteristics of the effect

Unlike the usual moisturizers that create a lipid film on the surface of the skin, which prevents the evaporation of moisture, the physiogel cream does not mimic the saturation of the skin with moisture until the first wash, but restores its natural barrier layer, protecting it from dehydration or dehydration. For those who carefully select cosmetics for thin, sensitive skin, the manufacturer of the "Physiogel" line with the innovative DMS technology - a dermoembrane structure - has created an "intelligent" formula. It contributes to the independent restoration of the protective barrier of the skin due to the natural lipid layer, as well as the preservation of moisture inside the tissues and organizes the start-up of the self-hydration process.The main ingredients of the "Fiziogel" cream are the instructions for use: ceramide 3, unsaturated hydrocarbon-squalene, glycerin and caprylic triglycerides, shea butter, hydrogenated soy lecithin and coconut sodium isotene sodium, which has excellent cleansing properties. The abstract also notes the absence in the gentle consistency of the cream "Fiziogel" alcohol compounds, soaps that dry the skin.

Reviews of girls with combined or oily skin claim that the anti-medogenetic factor of the "Fiziogel" cream is exaggerated. Some of them talk about the appearance of black dots, but they write off this for the individual reaction of the skin. Experts also argue that the light texture of the cream does not allow clogging the pores, so the appearance of black dots is caused, most likely, by the use of decorative cosmetics (inexpensive powder or foundation).

The ruler of grooming means "Physiogel" (Physiogel)

To date, scientists-dermatologists of the company Stiefel Laboratories developed several types of caring cosmetics "Physiogel" for dry and sensitive derma: cosmetic milk, shampoo, cream and moisturizing lotion. In addition, for a very dry, sensitive skin created cream "Intensive" for the irritated dermis - A. I. Creme, and for the sensitive skin of the body - moisturizing cream-fluid AI "Fiziogel."The reviews accompanying these cosmetic novelties are generally positive, especially people with dry skin type admire this cosmetics.

Advantages of the "Fiziogel" cream for daily care

The main advantage of the innovative cream "Physiogel" is the identity of its plant lipids to the natural composition of its own human lipids. In addition, "Fiziogel" cream does not contain substances (emulsifiers) that wash and damage skin lipids. Also there are no preservatives, flavorings, dyes and substances provoking the formation of comedones in this cosmetics.

Who fits the "Physiogel" cream? Feedback and recommendations

This cosmetics, as is known, is intended for people with dry and sensitive skin. In addition, judging by the reviews, it can be used with the emerging age-related dryness (constitutional), as well as caused by excessive use of anti-acne agents, exposure to negative natural factors, after aggressive peeling and other cosmetic procedures.Correction of skin dryness with the help of "Fiziogel" cream dermatologists recommend to carry out for chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis and others).

What is the result. Feedback on effectiveness

Cream "Physiogel" is characterized by a light, delicate texture and low fat content - 29% (another modification - "Intensive" - ​​41%). Reviews of the majority of customers of Irish cream with gratitude tell us about the deep hydration of the skin, even structure, vanished fine wrinkles, pleasant velvety face. The protective lipid barrier, they said, persists for a long time, even if it is necessary to contact with water.To everyone who complains about the "fluidity" of the cream "Physiogel", reviews of cosmetologists and experienced users advise to reduce its amount when applied 2-3 times compared with conventional means. The owner of cosmetics "Fiziogel", whose price initially seems high, note the high profitability of the cream and its profitable payback.

Cosmetic milk Dermo-Nettoyant for deep cleansing of the skin of the face

This product is suitable for any type of skin, including for the thinned dermis in the ophthalmic area of ​​the face. Used Dermo-Nettoyant or emulsion-physiogel for the face without the use of water for morning and evening washing. The product does not dry out the skin and does not create a comedogenic effect (appearance of black dots). Positive feedback indicates a good result after using a gentle emulsion for peeling, irritated skin, which is contraindicated with chlorinated water for washing. In this case, the remedy, like other Cosmetic "Fiziogel", does not leave a greasy film on the face, moisturizing, matting the skin, quickly absorbed and creates a sense of purity and comfort.

"Physiogel" -lion - cleansing and toning up any type of skin

This is a unique product that has an equivalent to cream DMS structure, modeled on the basis of natural barrier functions of the skin.The only difference between the "Physiogel" tonic is a low lipid content (no more than 17 percent), which allows it to be effectively applied to patients with normal and combination (mixed) skin. The drug is physiologic, does not clog pores, is safe, is approved for use even for infants. Tonic "Physiogel" is often prescribed to patients in the complex treatment of acne.


The minimum of components that ensure high efficiency of the "Physiogel" cream, the price payback in a short time, the complex effect on dry and dry skin prone - all these factors influence the choice of this cream. Even pampered by a wide range of cosmetic preparations, residents of large megacities note the excellent combination of price and the excellent quality of the moisturizer. Cosmeticians not only recommend clients to carefully and regularly take care of the skin with the help of preparations "Physiogel", but also enjoy using themselves.