The attractiveness of women today is a category of its success. The appearance of the skin plays an important role. Not only greasy, oily, but also dry, thin and very sensitive skin brings a lot of trouble to its owner. Fizogen reviews which recommend it for delicate care of delicate dermis, helps to restore the lipid layer, as well as starting the process of continuous active hydration. It was called "new age dermatology" for advanced technology, for its ability to gently and sensitively care for dried dermis. Deep hydration with it, restores the structure of the skin, giving it a healthy color and prevents premature aging.

Innovative cream "Fizogen": composition and impact

Unlike conventional moisturizers that create a lipid film on the surface of the skin that prevents moisture evaporation, visiogen cream does not simulate saturation of the skin with moisture before the first wash, and restores its natural barrier, protecting against dehydration or dehydration. For those who carefully chooses cosmetics for delicate, sensitive skin, manufacturer of the line "Fizogen" using innovative technologies DMS – germanembassy structure has created a "smart" formula. It promotes self-restoration of the protective barrier of the skin due to the natural lipid layer, as well as to preserve moisture within tissues and procures the launching of a process zamovlennya. The main components of the cream “Fizogen” application instruction calls: ceramide 3, unsaturated hydrocarbon is squalene, glycerin and Caprylic triglycerides, Shea butter, hydrogenated soy lecithin, and derived from natural coconut oil substance (Cocoyl isotroin sodium), which exhibits excellent cleansing properties. The abstract also notes the absence in the delicate texture of the cream “Fizogen” alcohol compounds, Soaps that dry the skin.

Reviews girls with combination or oily skin say that the factor of anticomedogenic cream “Fizogen” exaggerated. Some of them tell about the appearance of black spots, but chalk it up to the individual skin reaction. Experts argue that the light texture of the cream is not allow to clog the pores, so the blackheads is caused, probably, by the application of decorative cosmetics (cheap powder or Foundation).

Line of caregivers “Fizogen” (Physiogel)

Today scientists and dermatologists of the company Stiefel Laboratories developed several types of skin care cosmetics “Fizogen” for dry and sensitive dermis: wash, shampoo, lotion, and moisturizing lotion. In addition, for very dry, sensitive skin created cream "Intensive" for the irritated dermis – A. I. Creme, for sensitive skin – moisturizing cream-fluid A. I. "Fizogen".Reviews accompanying those cosmetic innovations, which is generally positive, especially impressed with this makeup, people with dry skin type.

The advantages of cream “Fizogen” for daily care

The main advantage of the innovative cream “Fizogen” is the identity of its plant lipids the natural lipid composition of a private person. In addition, the “Fizogen”-cream does not contain substances (emulsifiers), Stripping and damaging the skin lipids. Also absent in this cosmetics preservatives, flavorings, colorings and substances that trigger the formation of comedones.

Suitable for cream “Fizogen”? Reviews and recommendations

This makeup, as you know, designed for people with dry and sensitive skin. In addition, judging by the reviews, it can be used in the emerging age of dryness (constitutional), as well as caused by excessive application of acne remedies, the impact of negative natural factors after aggressive peels and other cosmetic procedures. Correction of the dry skin with cream “Fizogen” dermatologists recommended for chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis and others).

What is the result. Feedback on performance

Cream "Fizogen" has a light, delicate texture and low fat content of 29% (another modification – Intensive – 41%). The opinion of the majority of the buyers of Irish cream gratefully tell of the deep hydration of the skin, smooth structure, small wrinkles disappeared, pleasant velvety face. The protective lipid barrier, according to them, can be preserved for a long time, even if you have to contact with water. Anyone who complains about the "fluidity" cream "Fizogen", reviews of cosmetologists and experienced users recommend decreasing the amount when applied 2-3 times compared to conventional means. Owner cosmetics “Fizogen”, which price initially seems high, note the greater efficiency of the cream, and the best payback.

Cosmetic lotion Dermo-Nettoyant deep cleansing facial

This tool is suitable for any skin type, including thinning of the dermis in okolovrusno the area of the face. Used Dermo-Nettoyant or emulsion-visiogen for the face without the use of water for morning and evening washing. The tool does not dries the skin and creates a comedogenic effect (blackheads). Positive reviews indicate a good result after using gentle emulsion for scaly, irritated skin that is contraindicated chlorinated water for washing. In this tool, as well as other cosmetics "Fizogen", leaves no greasy prisoner of Ki on the face, moisturizes, mattifies the skin, absorbs quickly and creates a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.

“Fizogen”-lotion – cleansing and toning any type of skin

This is a unique tool that has equivalent cream LCA-structure modelled on the basis of the natural barrier function of the skin. The only difference tonic “Fizogen” – low lipid content (up 17 percent), which allows to effectively apply it to patients with normal and combined (mixed) skin. The drug is physiologic, does not clog pores, safe, approved for use even for babies. Tonic "Fizogen" often prescribed to patients in treatment of acne.

In conclusion...

A minimum of components providing high efficiency of the cream “Fizogen”, price, payback in the short term, comprehensive impact on dry and prone to dry skin – all these factors influence the choice of this cream. Even spoiled by a wide range of cosmetic products a resident of large cities and celebrate a great combination of price and excellent quality moisturizer. Cosmetologists not only advise clients carefully and regularly to care for your skin using drugs “Fizogen”, but also to enjoy themselves.