So I want to look perfect in the spring, but there is absolutely no time for hiking in the gym! Familiar excuses? If so, then it's time to change something. Why do not you start training at home, at a convenient time, when household members quietly do other things? At once there is no question, where to put the child, he can be with you and even take part in training. All that is needed is a spirit of achievement, a well-planned schedule and willpower. A stimulus can be the results of another weigh-in or your own photo in your underwear. Fitness for losing weight at home - it's not just possible, but also very convenient, profitable and interesting, the most important thing is to start.Fitness for losing weight at home for beginners: exercises and recommendations


The first thing you need is to choose the time when one of the rooms is at your disposal. And it should be definitely not a kitchen. The minimum size of the room is two meters square. At first, without the accompaniment of a professional coach can be a little difficult, but it does not matter. Download the right video tutorial for yourself. He will make the classes more effective and interesting. In addition, since you are much more likely to finish the lesson completely.

There is another important advantage of using a ready-made lesson. This is the accompaniment of a virtual trainer, explanations and an illustrative example, as well as a musical accompaniment that will make the lesson much more fun. However, even the best lesson will not turn you into a model one or two times. Therefore, consider immediately that fitness for losing weight at home should become a way of life.

And the last important condition is a positive attitude in the process of training. Work should be persistent, but not hard labor, otherwise it will quickly turn into a heavy routine and will be abandoned. Fitness for losing weight at home should be a pleasant ritual, and for this you need to increase the load gradually, adding to the training bright details. It can be a fashionable form, a comfortable rug, vigorous music.


Many justify their forms by the fact that they do not have time to go to the gym. A small activity in the home - the lack of necessary equipment and simulators. In fact, nothing special you will not need, and only on you will depend on what exactly will be fitness for weight loss. At home, you can master a dance program, take away strength exercises or focus on cardio loading, it all depends on your desire.

So, you need free space and a special mat for classes. And you can not spend on it, but take a blanket. Exercise for weight loss will be beneficial in and of themselves, but they will be most effective when using dumbbells weighing 2-4 kg. In addition, you can supplement your sports equipment with a fitball, aluminum or massage hoop and a good rope. And ask your neighbors what time you will not disturb them.

But simulators do not necessarily have to. Effective training for losing weight at home can be fully organized without them. However, if you have a free amount of money and a place in the apartment, you can get a treadmill. If not, it may well be replaced by jogging in the fresh air.

Length of home practice

This is an urgent issue, as housewives often complain about the lack of free time (but at the same time allow themselves to get up at 10 am and watch an hour or two for morning transfers, but this is a digression). Fitness lessons at home for weight loss will help you slightly adjust the daily routine, become more energetic, have more time and less tired.

So, in order for lessons to be effective, their duration should be at least one and a half hours a day. Not everyone can afford such a temporary cost. However, this is the main advantage that different fitness classes for losing weight at home. The entire training can be divided into several approaches. For example, cardio exhalations (20 minutes) can be performed before breakfast. The power load on the upper part of the body (25 minutes + 5 minutes per workout) is carried for lunch, and equivalent strength exercises on the muscles of the lower body can be performed in the evening. In this case, cardioion can be replaced by an intensive walk, if it lasts at least two hours.

Fundamental rules

Exercises and video lessons can be found mass, for every taste, but any fitness training for weight loss at home is designed to strengthen and tighten the muscles and reduce the amount of fat in the body. The most problematic area is the stomach, so the muscles of the press need to focus on. However, you need to remember that exercises for these muscle groups need 3-4 approaches, 15-20 times each.

But before you start training, choose the optimal diet for yourself. As a result of regular sports loads, the appetite grows, and you yourself will not notice how the layer of fat grows under the growing muscles. Only by combining sports loads and proper nutrition, you will make your body beautiful.

Common Mistakes

Do not expect results to appear immediately. Usually, at first the face grows thin, then comes the turn of the decollete zone, the arms lose weight, then the stomach and finally the hips and buttocks. It is extremely important to understand to maintain personal motivation and not quit practicing fitness at home. Exercise for weight loss for beginners is best chosen from professional lessons, which are made by specialists in their field. Otherwise, you can make a typical mistake: choose exercises for the press and wait for the fat deposits to begin to come off the sides. The best and most intense pressure on the press will not yield results without additional cardio exercises and a healthy eating system. Our body is a single system, excess weight is recruited and reduced evenly, so you need to work out for yourself the optimal program.

Stage one - warm-up

Do not neglect it, because it is the key to success. The right warm-up will prepare the muscles and ligaments for the loads. This stage takes from five to ten minutes. In order to warm up, you can choose easy running or jumping with a skipping rope, swinging hands and feet, body slopes and neck turns. In general, exercises that are performed without a load. With a warm-up you need to start each lesson and any morning, even if there is no workout today.

Basic workout

This is the main block of exercises that a person who practices fitness at home should choose for himself. Exercises for weight loss should start with small loads, half an hour of exercise, including a couple of basic exercises on the press, arms and legs, hips and buttocks.

After the warm-up, you can proceed to push-ups and exercises with dumbbells. Then draw a complex with the slope of the body, and you can engage the muscles of the press. Lifting the trunk, lifting the legs, lifting the body with turning and pulling the legs. After that, you are waiting for the complex on your feet. It's squats, swings and attacks.

It is this block that falls most often if we are talking about fitness for losing weight at home. For beginners, it is important to know that stretching must necessarily complete the workout. It allows the muscles to cool and fix the result. In addition, stretching allows you to make training 20% ​​more efficient.

There is one more important point. This block of exercises makes the muscles and ligaments more pliable. As a result, you will perform the basic exercises more effectively, and, therefore, get rid of excess weight even faster. In addition, stretching allows you to effectively rest between approaches and normalize breathing, minimize stress for the body.

Seven troubles - one answer

And today, many believe that in their case, physical activity and diet will not help. Some have chronic diseases of the endocrine system, others have a slow metabolism, some are simply accustomed to eating stress with sweets. In fact, diet and sports will help everyone, you just need to get off the couch.

In the case of systematic overeating, sports loads contribute to the normalization of appetite and the acceleration of metabolism. As a result, even if you consume the same amount of food, you do not accumulate weight, but lose it. With endocrine disorders, the diet will avoid deterioration. Gradually, the activity of the endocrine glands is being adjusted, and the very cause of the problem disappears. If food was for man a way to relieve stress, then sport makes him morally more stable. Now you will look for support in the gym, not in cooking.