Angelika Krylova is known as a talented figure skater, a winner of many competitions, contests, competitions and just how a beautiful woman. Most certainly interested in her personal life and path to fame. That's about it, how it all began and how it developed career skater, will be discussed in the article. We offer to your attention a detailed biography of Angelica Krylova.

Skater Anzhelika Krylova biography, photos and achievements

Little Lika was born in the capital in the hot summer heat July 4, 1973.

My father had roots from the Uzbek people, but through beloved mother was pretty distant relationship with ballerina Berneroy Caraway. Apparently, this relationship and laid the girl craving for beauty and made to devote his life to dance, but not ballet bar in a pack, and ice in the acute snow-white skates.

The first baby steps

In three years the girl has already made their tentative steps on the ice. I must say that the first encounter with this sport was not the best. Lika fell and hurt his head, but, fortunately, the lump was gone soon, but the desire to ride remained.

The first award of the young skater got on the children's competition, which took place in the yard. The girl grabbed the prize – a stuffed toy, of course, joy girls no bounds.

But the important award was received by Lika already at the stadium Young pioneers. The place that managed to win the young athlete was only thirteen, but she drew the attention of the coach Podgornova and called to become one of the mentees in their group.

It was a miracle, because of the crowd of children chose a Saint, a gifted girl. His strict mentor, she worked until the age of thirteen.

Anzhelika Krylova, photos which you see in the article, was always very active, cheerful, creative person. She always stood out among their peers.

I must say that the Faces had very little free time because, in addition to skating on ice, baby I was going to music school.

Mom always dreamed of for their daughter professionally knew how to play the piano, and it would be a good replacement if nothing happens in figure skating. In General, as you know, second career anyone has ever bothered.

By the way, Angelica is perfectly graduated from the music school. Teachers strongly recommend a talented student to study in the Gnesin music school. But to sit for hours in front of the instrument and playing notes not included in the plans of future champion.

Anjelika Krylova: interesting facts. First good luck

Notable is the fact that an important role in the fate of a young budding skater experienced, talented coach Elena Tchaikovskaya. I must say that initially a strict lady refused to train Angelica, but after watching how she rides, I decided to take her under his wing.

Girl the first half was doing all alone, and then she found a pair, his name was Vladimir lelyukh. This young man Lika became part of the team. However, at this time due to certain circumstances Tchaikovsky dissolve their group of young talents and decides to connect his life with ballet.

At this point, a young couple decides to show their performance to another coach, namely Natalia Linchuk. She liked Krylov. It is noteworthy that without Volodya Angelica did not agree to dance on the ice. But time passes, and the Face refuses to be a figure skater because of a conflict with Linuhom, although I must say, it was quite often.

New couple Angelica is getting Vladimir Fedorov, and they continue to train under the watchful direction of Linichuk. It helps the couple to get their first medal, albeit a bronze. It happened back in 1993.

And in 1994, the talented skaters went to the Olympics in Albertville. There they could take only the sixth position.

The coach was not happy with the result and made the decision to change partner Krylova. So in the world of sports will be a new amazing pair.


In 1998, a young figure skater won the bronze medal at the Olympics.

And Anjelika Krylova – skater (photo of her you see in the article), which is a two-time world champion.

Four times in his life, Krylov was the best in Russia and one time she won first place in Europe.

In 1998 he received the order of Friendship, willpower, courage, bravery that had been shown at the Olympics held in the same year.

A couple of Anzhelika Krylova and Oleg Ovsyannikov

This terrific tandem has brought young people, specifically Angelica Krylova, real fame.

But in the beginning they had difficulties. Anzhelika Krylova and Oleg Ovsyannikov just could not find a common language, fighting. Quite often the training was completed due to the fact that the Olympic champion often cried and refused to continue to dance on the ice paired with Oleg.

Sometimes it happens that the Face of just wanted to quit sports. Time passed, and young people accustomed to the society of each other, they make a wonderful Duo.

A little effort and a couple of the leaders, coming on the heels of the celebrated Oksana Grischuk and his Wife Platonov.

Ovsyannikov and his companion on the ice Krylov three times Champions of Russia, and twice they received the recognition of the world in 98-m and 99-m respectively.

And the Duo brought to life the dream of all skaters – a silver medal at the Olympics. But in Japan, for the award fought the strongest pair skaters. Although the guys felt that they did not win, but lost and was upset very much.

But after a time their efforts were rewarded with recognition for their world Champions.

In 1999, Angelica severely injured his back, and the Duo in time to stop their performances.

A year later the girl was treated and recovered, thanks to this pair is once again able to ride. But Krylova is given just like Oh no, trauma has reminded of itself. Willpower helped the skater to continue to dance, even in spite of common sense.

Now the couple is actively involved in various projects, such as "Ice age", and also American show StarOnIce.

But the year 2001 was remarkable for the talented young people, and all because they have achieved the title of world Champions at the professional level.

But unfortunately many fans, the guys stopped dancing and that put an end to their professional activities.

I must say that after that Angelica even tried to become a singer.

In 2009, with Glory by Razbegaeva skater took an active part in the program "Ice age".

Life personal

Anzhelika Krylov – skater, personal life which excites many of its fans. She was always a beautiful girl, so the lack of attention of the stronger sex she experienced. And really, it's hard not to pay attention to perfect posture, Swan-neck, transparent porcelain skin and slim figure, narrow waist.

In dashing 90-e for Lika actively courting Alex Tikhonov, talented skater. The guy made beautiful signs of attention, but the beauty to marry him to get disagreed, believing that it is too early.

But in the championship, held in Europe, the champion meets a charming dance teacher, Giuseppe arena, a young man was Italian.

The age difference from the passionate pair was about 20 years old, and passionate, was at that time already three children. This did not prevent Angelica to move in with him in Newark.

The Italian bought a house with five rooms, where the couple settled.

Went there to marry Angelica Krylova? Personal life as a skater has always been interesting to her fans.

The lovers were engaged to be married, Angelica wanted a wedding, but Giuseppe thought, refused. Third time to tie the knot the man didn't want. For this reason, the couple had to leave. They lived together for six years.

Family Krylova

Anzhelika Krylov – skater, which has always been, is and will be only in the first place.

At the moment the Face is married to Pasquale Kamerlengo. Girl loves Italians, and her husband is pretty famous skater.

At the moment, the family lives in the US and has two kids, Stella and Anthony.

Children Krylova are addicted to figure skating.


Krylova and her husband Pasquale working together with coaches. To them trying to get people from all points of the globe.

The most popular and talented students couples:

  • Fabian, The Burza.
  • Natalie Was Pesala.
  • Andrew Porge.
  • Kaitlyn Weaver.
  • Masimo Scully.
  • Frederick Paella.

All these people began in the period from 2010 to 2012 Champions not only in Europe but throughout the world.

Now the couple is coached by American skaters and hopes that with time they will be able to win a number of prizes and awards.

Such is the interesting and curious about the fate of Angelika Krylova, willpower, courage, talent that can only be admired and to emulate.