"Feminal" is a dietary Supplement that is prescribed for women during menopause at the onset of health problems. It's a good alternative to hormone replacement therapy. To use dietary Supplement can even women who have endocrine disease. To normalize the activity of female reproductive system in menopause, it is recommended to take a homeopathic remedy "Feminal". Reviews of oncologists composition displays as a set of components that are useful for women with cancer.
Was feminal: doctors, composition, instructions for use

Menopause is accompanied by a first strong reduction in the number of hormones produced by, and eventually the complete cessation of this process. In this period there have been some changes in the physical and mental condition of the woman. Usually appear sweating, seizures, tachycardia, facial flushing, anxiety, irritability. In addition, when menopause mood changes dramatically, Breasts become sensitive and the skin is dry. The tool copes with such manifestations of menopause. Because the Supplement contains no sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, women with diabetes can safely use "Feminal". Reviews in Oncology the drug is described as a mixture that does not contain chemical and synthetic components that allows the use of gelatin capsules to ladies with cancer.

Pharmacological action "Feminale"

Active substance "Feminale" – an extract of red clover. Isoflavones, this plant estrogen and human body have a similar structure. Thanks to this similarity, the red clover isoflavones can reduce menopausal symptoms. Such biologically active substances include the following:

There are also some excipients in the product "Feminal". The doctors indicate that these ingredients are gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and microcrystalline cellulose.

Women the drug is prescribed to menopause, during menopause and after it. As a dietary Supplement the product is used in the following forms:

  • nervousness
  • irritability
  • mood swings
  • the attacks of tachycardia and sweating
  • tides
  • the sensitivity of the mammary glands
  • headache
  • sleep disturbance.

After entering into a menopause, even in the absence of undesirable symptoms, experts recommend taking "Feminal". Reviews show that the appointment of this drug is necessary in the presence of:

  • dizziness and light headaches, the cause of which has not been established;
  • depressive disorders, irritability, apathy;
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse, abdominal pain;
  • the menstrual cycle, when experiencing heavy bleeding with dysfunctional character.


Capsules is not appointed during pregnancy and lactation, hypersensitivity to their components. "Feminal" is not used in estrogen-dependent tumors.


Understand how to use the tool "Feminal". Application reviews are recommended to exercise for 30 days, as the capsules contained in the package, enough for one month. If necessary, the drug can be used for a long time. To improve well-being during menopause daily is recommended to use 1 capsule "Feminale". The drug has to be taken with food. Necessarily need to consult a doctor before you begin using the "Feminal". Instruction manual, reviews allow us to understand that when using this drug you must take breaks of at least 3 weeks. Only in this case dietary supplements will bring the desired effect without harm to health.

Side effects of the drug "Feminal"

Overall the tool is well tolerated, side effects occur in rare cases. Some women may develop allergic reactions, which are caused by the intolerance of some components "was Feminale".

If an allergic reaction occurs, stop taking the drug and consult a specialist. To avoid the development of undesirable effects, it is necessary to visit a doctor before using the product.

Drug interactions

What reactions of the body are observed when combined with various preparations of “Feminal” products? Instructions, reviews report the absence of data regarding the joint use of the drug with other dietary supplements.

Overdose "feminal"

The use of large doses of the drug at a time can lead to the development of such phenomena:

  • slight dizziness and great weakness;
  • drowsiness
  • chills.

In addition, the use of the drug in doses that exceed the recommended by doctors, can lead to gastralgia and dyspepsia. In this case, it is necessary symptomatic treatment.

It is important to know what to do in case of overdose means "Feminal". Reviews contain the following information: identification of symptoms of overdose requires discontinuation of capsules and immediate gastric lavage, as well as visiting specialists, who will select the more appropriate treatment of complications of menopause.

Reviews of doctors

Should be familiar with the recommendations of doctors before using dietary supplements "Feminal". Reviews contain a lot of useful information. The doctors claim that the isoflavones present in the composition of the drug, have a positive effect on a woman's body, and normalize estrogen levels. The action of these substances minimizes symptoms of menopause. As a result of regular use of the capsules many patients are able to get rid of sweating, chills, hot flashes and many other uncomfortable symptoms.

Specialists are allowed to use the tool for a long time, but subject to important conditions, which is the need to take breaks between courses of nutritional supplements. With regular visits to the doctor can take several months or even years the drug "Feminal". Reviews of the doctors show that the homeopathic medicinal product should be not less than three months.

Some women, upon learning that clover extract is useful for the female body, begin to accept "Feminal" alone to improve well-being and health. However, doctors recommend use only if there are indications that allow to use it. It is necessary to consult a doctor.

The drug "Feminal" completely safe for women's health. The instructions have to be observed. Many patients helps "Feminal". Reviews of oncologists show that when the myoma to use the tool is with the utmost caution. Its use without consulting a doctor can cause harm to the body.

So the effect of the drug was maximum and managed to avoid the development of side effects, you need to follow all the recommendations of doctors. With the appearance of adverse events must quickly inform the doctor.

Analogs "Feminal"

Analogs of food supplements, which have the same structure as the “Feminal”, do not exist, because the drug is unique in the natural substances that are included in its composition.

Here is the list of analogs "Feminale" in the pharmacological group. Funds that mitigate the unpleasant symptoms of menopausal conditions that include: "ethinyl estradiol", "Estrofem", "Estrogen", "Astravel", "Astramax", "Cyclo Proginova", "Ciklum", "Chlorprothixene", "Phlogenzym", "Femoston", "Triaklim", "Sinestrol", "Sibazon", "Sagenit", "Remains", "Relanium", "Proginova", "Premarin", "Pouzauges", "Ovestin", "Ovarian", "Nospam", "Novopassit", "Nikoshpan", "Narwhal", "Napton", "Microfollin", "Monopas", "Crataegus", "Crayon", "Kliogest", "Climodien", "Klimen", "Climar", "Limaland", "Klimaktoplan", "Climact Hel", "Climaxed" (homeopathic), "Klimadinon UNO", "Klimadinon", "Individu", "main", "Digitran", "Divigel", "Diazepams", "Dermestril", "Deprem", "Grandaxinum", "Gynodian Depot", "Vitaprost Forte", "Vinpocetine", "Bradenton", "Beres Plus" (drops), "Aliter", a sedative sedative herbal tea.