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   Fashion \u0026 Style

Natalia Bestemyanova: biography and personal life

"A woman is a fragile being, which must be weak. For me, such a state is a luxury "- admits the Olympic champion. Although, it would seem, Natalia has a happy marriage and a wonderful husband, next to whom you can afford to relax. But not in the nature of the athlete - calm and inaction.

Bicycle carriage: where is it, functions, how to remove

Cyclists who rarely ride out, probably did not even hear about what a bicycle carriage is. Even if they heard, they do not even know where it is and what it is. But for those who often use a bicycle for their own purposes or engaged in cycling, this site is of great importance. What is a bicycle carriage, what are its functions and how to fix it now and find out.

Bermuda shorts and modern fashion

Initially, the Bermuda shorts were part of the uniform of British soldiers serving in the tropical colonies in the 19th century. For the long history this kind of clothes has gone through both deafening success, and undeserved oblivion. Today, Bermuda again became the favorites of designers, and they are increasingly using them in their collections.

30 Days Weight Loss Program Gillian Michaels: Feedback

Today, almost all visits to the gym are available, but where is the motivation for hiking? How to force yourself to leave a cozy house and go where you have to dedicate a few hours of exhausting physical labor? But you can not achieve a good figure without sport. Stimulates to the accomplishments the program "Lose Weight in 30 Days" by Gillian Michaels. The responses of the fans are positive, and the results are surprisingly good. Let's try to delve into the topic and clarify the rationality of following the program.

Dior Fahrenheit: reviews

One of the best fragrances of our time is Dior Fahrenheit. This masterpiece is a genius of high fashion. He is loved by millions of men and women on the planet. If the toilet water is not yet familiar to the reader, then this injustice should be immediately corrected. And why - we will tell.

Artem Dzyuba: biography, photos, achievements and interesting facts

Spartak's school brought up a lot of good players. Among the new generation stands out bright football player Artem Dzyuba, a photo of which is often available for football fans. In his native club, he did not succeed, but moving to other teams, he was always their leader. This football player in his career has often faced difficulties, but he always overcame them.

What to wear with a denim vest? Advice

Initially, a denim waistcoat was part of the working form of mechanics. Like many things from denim, it was the subject of an exclusively male wardrobe. But thanks to its practicality, comfort and undeniable sexuality, moved to ladies' cabinets, becoming almost an integral part of the image.

How to use protein competently? Types of proteins for muscle mass gain

Many modern sports involve not only regular physical activity, but also require adherence to a certain diet. To understand how to use protein, you need to remember that it is necessary for long and productive employment with such sports as fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting and other similar types of load, in which the importance of muscle strength, because the purpose of doing exercises is to develop them .

How to choose spinning on a pike

The article is devoted to fishing for pike. Questions are considered on how to choose the right spinning for this fish, what bait to use and how to make an amendment to the weather conditions and time of year.

Burdock for hair: application, recipe, reviews

The beauty of our head of hair depends not only on proper cosmetic care, but also on the health of the whole organism as a whole. To have beautiful, thick and strong hair, you need to eat right, exercise, avoid stress, and also correctly select shampoos and caregivers. Of course, we should not neglect the use of natural components. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of burdock for hair.

Offset Hooks

The supply of fishing equipment with a correctly selected hook can be called the key to successful fishing. Each element of the equipment contributes to the efficiency of the process, but the hook is the most crucial part of the kit. The attention of fishermen, especially beginners, is mainly focused on the material of manufacture and the dimensions of this component.

Shampoo Cies: reviews, types

Several years ago, a line of funds from the German company Schwarzkopf appeared on the shelves of various markets, which the manufacturer advertised as "professional care accessible to everyone".

Lose Weight in 30 days Gillian Michaels: program reviews

Author of the program "Lose Weight in 30 Days" Gillian Michaels is famous throughout the world. The secret of the popularity of the American fitness instructor lies in the incredible effectiveness of her method of training. Positive feedback - thousands. However, there are those who remained dissatisfied with the methodology.

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