Natalia Bestemianova: biography and personal life

"Woman is a fragile creature who must be weak. For me, such as – luxury" – says the Olympic champion. Although it would seem, Natalia has a happy marriage and a wonderful husband, next to which you can afford to relax. But not in the nature of women peace and inaction.

The carriage of a bike, where is, functions, how to remove

Cyclists who rarely go to ride, probably not even heard about what the carriage of the Bicycle. Even if heard, do not know where it is and what it represents. But for those who often uses a Bicycle for their own purposes or is engaged in Cycling, this site is of great importance. What is the carriage of a Bicycle, what are her options and how to fix it now know.

Beautiful tattoo designs for girls on shoulder

Beautiful tattoo designs for girls on shoulder choose is not so difficult. Today there are many different sketches. However, this is a plus and a minus. What to choose? Which style is better? For these and many other questions worth knowing the answer.

Bermuda shorts and modern fashion

Initially, the Bermuda shorts were part of the uniforms of the British soldiers serving in tropical colonies in the 19th century. Over its long history, this kind of clothes has experienced a resounding success, and undeserved oblivion. Today, Bermuda again became the darlings of the designers, and they are increasingly using them in their collections.

Program Lose weight in 30 days Jillian Michaels reviews

Today, almost all of the available visits to the gym, but where to find motivation for Hiking? How to force myself to leave the cozy house and go to a place where a few hours will have to devote to the grueling physical labor? But without sports good figure to achieve. Encourages the accomplishments of the program "Lose weight in 30 days" Jillian Michaels. The positive reviews of fans, and the results are surprisingly good. Let's try to delve into the topic and to clarify the rationality of following the program.

Dior Fahrenheit: reviews

One of the best flavors is considered to be Dior Fahrenheit. This masterpiece was a stroke of genius of Haute couture. It is adored by millions of men and women on the planet. If toilet water the reader is not familiar with, then you should immediately correct this injustice. And why – we will tell you.

Artem Dzyuba: biography, photos, achievements and interesting facts

Spartakovskaya school brought up many good players. Among the new generation stands out with bright footballer Artem Dzyuba, photos which often have football fans. In my home club, not everything worked, but moving to other teams, he was always their leader. This player in his career not once faced difficulties, but he always overcame them.

Exercises with dumbbells for shoulders for men and women

Any professional athlete will agree that the exercises with dumbbells for the shoulders are the most effective strength training for beginners who want to make a beautiful figure. Because the shoulder girdle is not only revealing, but also serves as the basis for the development of the muscles of the arms and torso.

Body wrap for weight loss at home: recipes, reviews

We know a lot of wonderful stories, when girls and women apply the body wrap for weight loss and got a stunning result. The loss of four centimeters in volume in just two sessions is really impressive, but what's the catch? Recipes, contraindications, and reviews read our review.

What to wear with a denim vest? Tips

Originally a vest of denim was part of the work form mechanics. Like many things from denim, she was subject exclusively to the male wardrobe. But due to its practicality, comfort and an undeniable sexiness that made its way into ladies wardrobes, becoming almost an integral part of the image.

Coil Daiwa: review, variety

Spinning spinning reels available on the market by numerous manufacturers. A constant leader in this field for several years, remains high quality Japanese equipment brand Daiwa.

How to use protein correctly? Types of protein for muscle gain

Many modern sports provide not only regular exercise but also require adherence to a specific diet. To understand how to consume protein, you must remember that you need it during a long and fruitful lesson, such sport activities as fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting and other such variations of load, in which great importance is muscle strength, as the purpose of exercises is to their development.

Antiperspirant Odaban: doctors

Sweating is a huge problem for many people. And with her struggling with deodorants. Today we are going to see what physicians and customers about such items as "Odaban".

How to choose a spinning rod for pike

The article is devoted to pike. Examines the question of how to choose the right spinning rod for this fish, what bait to use and how to do the amendment on weather conditions and time of year.

Burdock for hair: the use, prescription, reviews

The beauty of our hair depends not only on the proper cosmetic care, but also the health of the whole organism. To have a beautiful, thick and strong hair, you need to eat right, exercise, avoid stress, and correctly to pick up shampoo and skin care products. Of course, should not be neglected and the use of natural components. In our article, we will discuss what benefits carries burdock for hair.

Offset hooks

Supply fishing snap right angled hook can be called the key to successful fishing. Each piece of equipment contributes to the efficiency of the process, but the hook is the most important part of the kit. Attention fishermen, especially beginners, are mainly focused on the material and size of this component.

Shampoo Kapus: types, reviews, how to choose

Shampoo "Kapus" – available professional tool, which at least once has to try each. The shampoos are composed of natural ingredients, plant extracts, vitamins, and most importantly, do not contain sulfates. Consider the types of shampoos and customer reviews.

Shampoo Cies: reviews, types

A few years ago on the shelves of various supermarkets appeared the line of products from the German company Schwarzkopf that the manufacturer advertised as "professional care available to everyone".

Lose weight in 30 days Jillian Michaels: comments

The author of the program "Lose weight in 30 days" Jillian Michaels is famous all over the world. The secret of popularity of American fitness instructor lies in the incredible effectiveness of its training method. Positive feedback – thousands. However, there are those who were dissatisfied with the procedure.