Let's talk about fashionable now aspiration of parents to name the newborn babies in honor of the first terrestrial woman. Everyone knows that she was called Eve. The meaning of the name is not clear to everyone. In this article, we will fill the gap and tell you what character the author will absorb in the future. Parents who have already called their child Eva, it will be interesting to compare the behavioral aspects of the child with research scientists.Eve: meaning of name for a girl

Literal translation from biblical Scripture

Having set out to find out what the name Eve means, we turn to the Bible. In the literal translation of Holy Scripture, the word is treated as "life", but a more comprehensive meaning is considered to be the version of "giving life", in honor of the goddess of spring. In some interpretations and contexts the word is translated as "mischievous", "mobile".

We ask philosophers and theologians

Scientists, examining the combination of sounds, can calculate the energy of a name. The consonance we are considering today has a centuries-old rich history, firmly rooted in religion, so it is not a sin to listen to theologians. Philosophers, interpreting the meaning of the name Eve for the girl, note the purity of its possessor and perfection without any flaw. Eve is endowed with inner beauty and harmony and is the ideal creation of God, personifying the feminine principle. Poets glorify the woman who bears this name, as the progenitor of all mankind, as a symbol of life and its origin, treating with trepidation and piety.

Sound energy

So, the name Eve. The origin and meaning of it will be even more understandable if we consider sound energy in detail. The word is short, capacious, which indicates the specifics of the actions of the possessor, and the stress on the first syllable is on decisiveness and purposeful character. Despite the fact that there is a soft vowel in the name, two other letters, capacious and solid, are considered as the presence in the character of some alienation and sometimes coldness.

Halo of mystery

Due to the fact that Eve (name) worries the minds of people throughout the history of mankind, girls named so will always be shrouded in a certain aura of mystery. And let the present "ancestors" are often far from ideal (like all people), but an irrepressible desire for knowledge in them is still present. Eve will always seek the truth and strive for independence. And such traits of character as stubbornness, perseverance and principledness are laid already in early childhood.

Main Character Traits

From the side, Eve may seem like an ideal and obedient child. The thing is that the girls, named so, are accustomed to cautiously treat strangers and do not show their true faces to strangers. Eve's parents will not obey. It will firmly stick its line and achieve its goal in any way.

All these qualities are already capable of singling out such girls from the crowd, and unbending will and does make the owner of the sonorous name a born leader.

The meaning of Eve's name for a girl can bring good luck to a future destiny. After all, despite the leadership qualities, diplomatic notes are by no means alien to her. And, despite the fact that the girl, growing up, will try to dominate the man, in global disputes and conflicts, she will find the strength to give in to the partner. Intent on the conflict, Eve will never go, considering himself above the constant quarrels and swearing. A man who lives with Eve was lucky, because his lady does not liken hysterics and, if possible, is silent better than puts the truth in his eyes.

All of the above character traits indicate the intelligence that Eve's name contains. The origin and meaning of the word reveals one more trait of character - diligence, which, combined with the mind, will make it possible to choose only a favorite business as a future profession.

Being a true woman, the owner of such a name is not at all inconsistent. She is secretive, selfish, keeps resentment in herself and does not splash unnecessary emotions. True, seriously offended, never take revenge.

The origin of the name Eve itself is mysterious and primordial. Therefore, the owner simply can not have ordinary appearance by definition. As well as the church ancestor, Eva is feminine and desirable, besides, she is not afraid of experiments with appearance, keeps up to date and strives to stand out from the crowd.

However, a pedantic sense of taste, most likely, will not let you go to extremes. Therefore, Eve can prove herself in the field of clothing design, she will make a good stylist, teacher. In the field of medicine and jurisprudence, she too can achieve great heights.

Friends and girlfriends

Eva from childhood attracts peers with her activity and love of life. However, with age, physical activity develops into stubborn diligence, and the remaining energy will be given to useful (including public) cases. Successful career allows you to feel the owner of the name self-sufficient, so she is not in a hurry to acquire a bunch of friends and girlfriends in order to listen to their advice and cry about their own life. Such women always know what they want, and adequately assess the situation. That's why Eve - the name given to the girl at birth, imposes her imprint of some alienation and independence from friends. And others may not have the right impression about excessive self-confidence and secrecy.


Since Eva is not accustomed to splashing her inner energy in trifles, and besides she is friendly with reason, she is selective enough in the choice of a partner in life. Uncontrollable love affairs and the frequent change of partners are not in the nature of the possessor. Although the biblical origin of the name Eve might point to the opposite.

Women who bear this name, of course, want to get married, but in their youth career self-realization is at the forefront. And only then, having got on their feet and having received a treasured post, they can afford to have children. By the way, motherhood in the original interpretation of the term is literally programmed in Eve. She is a good, caring mother who does not shy away from caring for other people's children.

Proceeding from the fact that these women have an authoritative leadership character, they need a man, on the contrary, soft and gentle, capable of warming the heart of their lady and revealing her sensuality to the full. Harmonious pair will be two halves, two opposites: Eva (the meaning of the name we have learned) and Alex, Eugene, Pavel, Mikhail, Vitaly, Semyon, Maxim. The ideal man for the heroine of today's text is the one who will not aspire to leadership, but, on the contrary, will love and cherish his lady, yielding to her in small things.

For this reason, with such natural egoists marked by a seal of success, like Oleg, Anton, Yaroslav, Georgy, Arthur, Vladislav and Albert, Eva will have extremely difficult relationships.

Eva (name) and her secrets

Not everyone around you can understand the decisions that today's heroine is taking. And all because her intuition is developed at her highest level, and to share her experiences, and even more so to ask for advice from others, Eve will not. So it remains for the people until the last moment a mystery. To influence such women is useless, they are firm and unshakable in their decisions, although some of these decisions are not entirely clear.

Despite his confidence and unbending willpower, Eva (the meaning of the name may suggest this) is quite vulnerable. She is very much experiencing aggression from outsiders, and only a loving man can protect her from outside influence. As a child, this function is performed by the father, in adulthood - by the husband.

Symbols and Talismans

  • The Sun is the patron saint of the name.
  • Zodiacal (the same leader) sign is Aries.
  • Red color will become a symbol of the name throughout life.
  • The ideal talisman stone is ruby.
  • A plant that characterizes Eve is a magnolia.
  • The tree is a date palm, feeding its wanderers with its fruits.
  • A totemic animal is a fleet of sheep.

Today we learned a lot about who Eve is. The meaning of the name helped uncover some of the mysteries and mysteries of her character.