Socionics is an interesting science that allows deep penetration into the inner world of a person, learns his aspirations, desires, the ability to express feelings and control emotions. This is an opportunity to characterize who is before you. For these purposes, the simplest method that socionics developed is the test. Hugo, for example, is an ethical-sensory extrovert. And if the test shows that you belong to this type of sociotype, then, of course, you are the soul of the company, talkative, open, impulsive, emotional and cheerful person.

Characteristics of men

Usually it is a large, imposing, imposing member of the stronger sex. She likes to dress fashionably and stylishly, she pays a lot of time to choose her outfit. The haircut is short, but the hair is always well-groomed and beautiful. Bliss, optimism and fun are what socionics Hugo stands out for. The man is active and energetic, he keeps with dignity in any society, he can support the conversation on almost any topic. Movement free, light. Such a guy is overly smiling and open. Without problems, he will show his interest, sincere participation.

Ethical-sensory extravert - Hugo (socionics)Emotional field creates around him a man-Hugo: Socionics characterizes him as a man who can not keep inside himself inner experiences. He constantly actively gesticulates, his facial expressions are lively and multifaceted. He likes people crazy. Since not only knows how to have fun in their company, but also to take care and patronize. In his house you are always deliciously fed, heated, created comfort and coziness. Only one thought that you feel good, already pleases Hugo and makes him as happy as possible.

Childhood and youth

Little Hugo is an invaluable mom's assistant. He is happy to go to the grocery store for food, and he remembers all prices, cares for younger brothers and sisters, removes and even sometimes prepares simple dishes. He goes to school with pleasure, he has many friends there - not just classmates. And younger, and even older students with pleasure communicate with this cheerful and open boy. He is kind and charming, trouble-free and non-leather, clockwork and beloved.

This is how Hugo grows up. The description of socionics gives him the following: "A young man is open and sociable. He takes the initiative if he sees a pretty girl. " As a rule, he likes company ladies. They must go with him to concerts and discos. In turn, Hugo will make leisure interesting and diverse. With him you do not get bored. The only drawback is non-punctuality. Do not criticize for this cavalier, for him, believe me, it's very difficult not to be late for dating. He is such a person.

An economic and caring husband is the definition that sociologist gives to this humorous man. Relations with your beloved wife are easy, gentle and trusting. He is warm to her, loves to receive her numerous friends and relatives. The doors of Hugo's house are open to everyone: this is exactly the person whose company in the kitchen gathers in the evenings a company of friends with guitars and soulful conversations until the morning. He likes to poke - so it is more interesting and more fun for him to live.

Despite the rather frivolous way of life, he carefully follows the order in the family. His refrigerator is always full of food, the wife and children do not need anything. He tries to get the family on weekends and holidays to gather at the dinner table, talking and sharing the impressions of the current day. When everyone is close by, Hugo laughs a lot, tells anecdotes, cheers up those present. If someone from the household misses such a meeting, he will be very upset. It will in every way shame the "truant", accusing him of indifference and carelessness.

Hugo's type socionics refers to those people who hate routine. Work on clearly defined patterns, he will not, he is disgusted by a variety of frames, rules and canons. By nature it's a rebel who does not want to follow the principles of bureaucracy. Therefore, he will work with a free schedule, where he is his own boss and subordinate. It should be an activity where he can throw out his activity and energy, realize his desire to communicate and have fun all the time.

Therefore, it is not surprising that without problems his career will develop in the sphere where one constantly needs to contact people. The crowd does not tire him. On the contrary, it causes infinite curiosity, the desire to study and analyze. Ideal positions for Hugo - an artist or a singer. In the extreme case - a cameraman, entertainer, the head of the recruitment agency. Of course, he can work as an accountant or supernumerary. But this will require so much spiritual strength from him that his bright temperament will suffer first. Hugo will become depressed and sad. The maximum time that he will be able to hold out on such a boring job is a few months.

Description of the woman

Such a young lady has a beautiful figure, a beautiful posture. He moves confidently and stately, often men escort her with interested looks. Big eyes, clear features and turbulent emotions stand out among the other girls Hugo. Socionics, the woman according to which belongs to the ethical-sensory extrovert, characterizes it as a clockwork, brisk and assertive personality. She has a strong energy that fascinates and attracts many people.

The girl speaks aloud and a lot. For a word in his pocket will not climb: she always has something to say. It happens mocking, ironic. But often it's a laughing fellow who can stand up for himself. A woman is always well-groomed, very fond of beautiful long hair. Therefore, her lush and shiny head of hair is often the object of envy in other girls. Hugo dresses also with great taste. Buying outfits brings her pleasure, often shopping is accompanied by entertainment, but it always happens on a professional level. Clothing and footwear are selected according to several criteria: they must be in a trend, perfectly combined, be comfortable and emphasize the dignity of its shape.

At school, the girl is a diligent student. Teacher's favorite, neat and diligent, is the first impression produced by the little Hugo. Socionics argues that, first of all, it takes magnetism and charm, and only then analytical abilities. More like humanitarian subjects, but can receive excellent marks in physics, chemistry, mathematics. Better than others, he writes essays. In addition, she is a very athletic girl. He prefers gymnastics, dances, figure skating and swimming. He often plays in the school theater, where he can fully express his emotions.

Has a strong will. If a girl needs to lose weight, she will make every effort to do this and will not get out of the race. Is able to create around him an atmosphere of celebration and fun. She likes smart knights - this is the main criterion for selection. Also, a man should be polite, courteous and tidy - then he just falls into her soul. To cause her to have tender feelings, the gentleman should be talkative, active: do not sit on the sidelines, but try to cajole his chosen one. Even an elementary proposal to dance will make Hugo's girl more happy and happy.

The Hugo woman, whose socionics has many positive aspects, becoming married, turns into a real hostess. Household chores and cares bring her only pleasure. She is proud of her new role and demonstrates it in every possible way. She nevlenivaya, on the contrary, the energy of this active young lady will last for three. Although her mood largely depends on the emotional mood: if she is not in the spirit, then not even a plate will wash. The spouse needs to constantly support in her enthusiasm, then he will not need anything.

The woman-Hugo houses cleanliness and order. Her husband's shirts are ironed, linen - fragrant, pots - shine. Living in her house is a real paradise, and it's nice to go to visit. This is the type of ladies who are ready to sacrifice sleep, getting up at 5 am to bake their beloved spouse hot pies for breakfast. In the pantry, the girl always has an untouchable supply of food in case there are sudden guests in the middle of the night. She will pull out all the food and organize a real feast for half an hour.

For her, they are light in the night. Very caring mother Hugo (socionics). The woman constantly participates in the life of children, monitors their education and development, mental and physical characteristics. This is an enthusiastic mom, trying to ignite her offspring with interest in a particular activity. She inspires them to exploit, because she is sure: her kids are no worse than others, they should all get better than her own. In this case, she never presses, but only prompts and advises.

For her children, the Hugo woman is always the most kind, energetic, cheerful and beautiful. They do not like the soul in it. But it's hard to get out from under her wing sometimes. The young lady does not let the children go to the open life voyage, considering them not strong enough and adults - even if they are already over 30 years old. Having dispersed with the child, she is involved in his affairs for the rest of his life. But the grandmother from it turns out very bad. Having given her son or daughter all care and custody, she remains indifferent to the education of her grandchildren.

Professional activity

The girl-Hugo, whose socionics focuses on excessive activity, is the real engine of the working process. She does not know fatigue and plows like a horse. She especially likes activities related to organizing events and caring for people. Therefore, the profession of art director, toastmaster, presenter, teacher, social worker will suit her. It is laid out one hundred percent, being an indefatigable propagandist. Capable of attracting anyone to her side, so she also suits the profession of speaker, politician, lawyer and journalist.

The Hugo woman is the leader, socionics says. Her relations with her colleagues are equal and friendly, but they, without knowing it, follow her everywhere, obey, inherit. She is able to light the crowd and lead her along. The young lady is a born revolutionary reformer. Despite this, she is an excellent employee who conscientiously performs duties. He finds himself in a bright activity, unencumbered by routine. Such a young lady can reach great heights, whatever she does.