Inspection pit need almost any motorist. With it, you can make a routine inspection of the car and its partial repair. Such a structure is especially important if there are no TO stations nearby.

What is the design for?

As already mentioned, if you have a car, then there may be some problems with the mechanisms. Not all breakdowns can be fixed right in the garage. Sometimes you have to climb and under the car. Naturally, doing repairs lying is not very convenient. It was for this reason that the overpass was invented.

It’s not difficult to make such a construction with your own hands. It is only necessary to determine the design and collect all the necessary materials. It should be noted that for the construction of buildings you can apply everything that is in your household. For example, a trestle for repairing a car can be made of metal stairs (an elevated version), bricks, or simply dug in the form of a hole (an underground version).

Overpass with their hands: making different options

What tools might be needed?

To construct such a structure is quite simple. You must first draw a diagram on paper, calculate its dimensions, and also select the necessary tool:

  1. Welding (if the metal version is built).
  2. Bulgarian (for cutting materials).
  3. Spade (if you want to make a hole or fix above-ground stands).
  4. Brick and sleepers.
  5. Cement (so that the product does not “drive”, it should be fixed with concrete).

From this list you choose what you need depending on the materials.

How to make the simplest version of the design?

It is a structure on which the car can go only the rear or only the front wheels. Such an overpass for a car consists of the same structures that can be made of metal or wood. Note that the width of such products should not be less than 40 cm. Otherwise, they may be unstable or too narrow.

You can weld this design from the corners. At the same time, the cross section of the elements is about 2.5 cm. In order for the car not to slip off the overpass, limit stops should be fixed on the racks. Their height is at least 7 cm. After all welding work is completed, sharp corners should be removed with a grinder. In order for the product to last as long as possible, it must be coated with a special anti-corrosion compound or painted. Consider that one element of such a structure will have a sufficiently large weight.

How to make the design of the stairs?

Such a flyover with their own hands is also done quite quickly. It is a more advanced option than the previous one. For work, you will need two metal stairs with a length of at least 3 meters, a welding machine and corners.

First you need to handle all the components of anti-corrosion composition. Further, 4 vertical supports should be welded to the edges of the stairs, on which they will stand (like benches). Their length must be sufficient for it to be partially dug into the ground. Naturally, in this case it is better to choose angles or pipes. In any case, these elements must be strong enough to support the weight of the car.

After the basic structure is assembled, it is necessary to fix it in the garage. Place the future overpass so that you can comfortably drive into it. Racks in the ground must be fixed with a concrete solution. In order for the car to be able to enter the structure, another 4 corners (on both sides) should be welded to the stairs at an angle. Between themselves, it is better to combine crossbars.

Features of the arrangement of the viewing pit

The construction of this type of overpass is the most common. However, it is possible under one condition: you have a lot of free space. Such an inspection pit should have a depth of at least 1 meter. This parameter depends on the height of the person who will be engaged in repair or inspection of cars. So that the earth does not crumble inside, the walls of the building should be sheathed with boards. In order to descend into the pit was convenient, you need to either dig up the steps, or put a ladder. Note that the steps should be equipped with anti-slip pads.

Consider that the edges of such an overpass should be located slightly above ground level. The length of the pit should match the size of the machine. In this case, after the arrival of the car should not overlap the stairs for the descent. As for the width of the ditch, it is about 1 meter. To this distance you need to add safety flanges.

As you can see, the overpass with their own hands is built quite quickly. You just need to draw a scheme in advance and pick up materials.

Overpass Construction

Naturally, the workplace must be appropriately equipped. For example, there should be a workbench with all the necessary tools. Everything that will be necessary for repair, has to be at arm's length.

You will also need to organize good lighting. It is better to use LED or fluorescent lamps. Inside the inspection pit, you can make additional shelves on which tools will be placed. Consider that they should be fastened as well as possible, and at that level so that in the event of the fall of any products, they could not harm you.

Inside the pit, you can overlay bricks. Better to equip the foundation. The surface on which the car will stand must also be fixed as much as possible. It is better to install it on pipes, dug into the ground to a great depth.

If you need an overpass, you can do it yourself in just one day.