Today we have to understand what epilation and depilation are. The difference between these two concepts, to be honest, is not particularly large. Sometimes young girls think that this is the same thing. And in vain. These processes differ in their action, as well as in the methods of conducting the procedures. But we can say one thing: all this helps a woman to remain beautiful and watch her body. More precisely, for unwanted hairs in certain places. Let's try to figure out what a difference between depilation and depilation can be seen. And then you can talk about the methods of conducting these procedures.

We will begin with a well-known process. This is hair removal. This word in many women is associated with a huge pain and discomfort. And this is quite normal phenomenon. After all, hair removal is by no means the most pleasant process of removing unwanted vegetation in practice.

If you are thinking about the issue "Hair removal and depilation - is there a difference or not?", You can try to do these two processes yourself. But in order not to injure yourself, it is better to ask about it from other girls. They will definitely explain to you that there are differences. And the principal.

The thing is that epilation is the process of removing hair on the body by affecting the hair follicle. That is, the root of the hair. In other words, you do not simply remove the vegetation, but take out even its root. This is the result of slower growth. And in the case of long and regular procedures - the complete disappearance of vegetation in the treated area.

But there are two different concepts - hair removal and depilation. What is the difference between them? Let's try to deal with you in this difficult issue. After all, for women it is very important.

It's time to get acquainted with the definition of the second term. It's depilation. To be honest, this word causes more sympathy and preferences among the weaker sex. And feedback about the process is usually quite positive, which can not be said about epilation. But with what do we have to deal?

There is hair removal and depilation. The difference between them for many girls is fundamental. With the first concept we have already met. But the second is now known. Depilation is the process of removing unwanted hair on the body without destroying the hair follicle. That is, you can say that the root still remains when you delete it. But in the case of epilation it will not be.

Usually depilation is a systematic procedure. About a month later you will have to repeat it again and again. And so every time, once the hair again grow in undesirable places. Now you see the difference between depilation and depilation. Next, you can find out what pros and cons of these methods of getting rid of excess hair, and also think about how to conduct these procedures.

Fighting pain

Let's start with the fact that we recognize the shortcomings of each method. After all, they are the best way to show the difference between depilation and depilation. And start with a method that acts directly on the hair follicle. Many women consider it to be extremely effective. It would seem that hair removal and depilation - what difference does it make? And the one and the other method was invented for getting rid of hair. But in fact the differences are visible.

Of course, it's about epilation. It, to be honest, has quite a few drawbacks. But we will only discuss with you the most common reasons that may influence the decision to use this process. Let's start with the most important - it's pain.

The whole point is that if you are thinking about the topic "Hair removal and depilation - there is a difference or not?", But for all that they have not used any of these methods, we will have to take into account the following fact. When epilation, you will feel pain. And as during the process, and after it.

Also, the minuses of this action often include redness of the skin. This is a rather unpleasant moment that can spoil your mood. For all this, inflammation can not go on for a long time. And, of course, these parts of the body will hurt.

In addition, this process, to be honest, is not as effective as we would like. It is positioned as a method that helps to permanently get rid of hair in undesirable places after a whole course of procedures. But in fact it turns out differently. You just all the time will "pull out with a root" new otrosshie hairs. And they, contrary to expectations, grow back again and again.

Inefficiency of action

Epilation and depilation - what's the difference? This is the question we have already studied. But now we need to understand the disadvantages and advantages of both methods of getting rid of vegetation on the body. And if we have already dealt with the epilation, then with depilation - not yet.

The first drawback of this process is a small effectiveness against hair growth. The thing is that during depilation you simply remove the upper part of the hair. And over time they grow back. Though slower. And so you will have to constantly depilate.

It is also very difficult to choose the right method for hair removal by this method. Here you can count a lot of alternatives: both creams, and wax, and a razor. Depending on the chosen method, the result will be visible. So, for example, the most popular method of depilation at home today is the use of a specialized cream. It slows hair growth very much, and also makes the "vegetation" on your body softer.

Positive moments

So we learned with you what epilation and depilation are. The difference between these two processes is not particularly noticeable. In reality, only those who have already practiced both methods can feel it. We understood the shortcomings of each reception. But what advantages do they have?

For example, epilation is suitable for hair removal for a long period of time. Usually the procedure should be repeated only after 2-3 months. In practice, it is advised to do hair removal a little more often. Plus, at least a little, but this process slows down hair growth. And in rare cases (in small areas of the skin) completely eliminates vegetation.

Depilation is a fairly cheap and habitual method for all the removal of hair on the body and skin. It is more sparing and accessible. Plus, it does not cause excessive redness, as well as irritation. Also, if a depilation cream is used, there will be a marked slowing of hair growth in the treated areas. This is what modern women need. A great way to get rid of hair quickly.

How to Epilate

Now we are already fully aware of what epilation and depilation is. The difference in these processes is especially visible directly in the conduct of these. That is, they are conducted with some differences. Let's start with epilation.

This is the oldest and time-tested method of affecting the hair follicle, which destroys it. For epilation, you can choose several methods of carrying out. The first is at home. In this case, you have to buy a special epilator. It turns on, and then it is carried out on the necessary parts of the body. Hairs are torn out, which slows their growth.

You can also make hair removal in the beauty salon. There are several options. This is photoepilation and laser hair removal. In the first case a special lamp is used, which acts on the roots of the hair, and in the second - a laser. It is laser hair removal that is considered more effective and effective. But it is not so cheap.

We do depilation

We have met with you such concepts as depilation and depilation. What a difference between the two processes, they also saw. In addition, we understood how the epilation is performed. Now it's time to talk about depilation.

There are so many options that will help get rid of hair growth. This process is often carried out at home. But also in beauty salons there is also such procedure. The most common options are:

All these procedures are easily carried out at home. But the most popular method was the use of depilatory cream. It happens of different types and actions. For intimate areas usually used "for sensitive skin" and "moisturizing" option. Apply the cream to the desired areas, and then wait a while - from 3 to 15 minutes. Then rinse off the remains of cream and hair. That's all. Nothing complicated.

So, today we have got acquainted with methods of removing hair in undesirable places. This is depilation and depilation. The difference between these processes can be understood only after you independently test them in action.

Modern methods of depilation are becoming more effective and popular. For the feet, face and underarms, you can use wax, and for intimate areas - cream. These methods will not bring you much pain or inconvenience. In general, try all the vozozhnye options for action. Only after that you will be able to say that for better.